Which Element created Logic? The 4 Elements and How they each relate to modern logic.

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–Which Element created Logic? The 4 Elements and How they each relate to modern logic–

I am a philosopher and as a philosopher I am interested in logic. I have
many reasons that I like and dislike logic. Those are for another paper
however. Since I am interested in Astrology, and that got thinking about
which Element created logic and how each element might use logic -Fire,
Water, Earth, or Air. I do agree that this is very general, but I find
that by being general we can tease out nuances and universal patterns
into what it means to be human that we might not find being more
specific. It gives us a wider scope and a larger brush with which we may
paint our mural. I will then make the case that Water created logic.I
will describe what Water is and how water deals with logic. After that I
will address the other elements Fire, Earth, and Air, explain why they
didn’t create logic; I will also define what the elements are like while
giving their relationship to logic.

Logic is the “Study of the principles of correct reasoning (1)” and “Logic is the former discipline, and it tells us how we ought to reason if we want to reason correctly (2)”. Logic is for constructing proofs,
which give us reliable confirmation of the truth of the proven
proposition (3). For me this is something along the idea of if A = B and
B = C then C = A.

Logic is also a way, and more important, it is a tool to organize thought.
Once thought is organized than it is widdled down though mental editing
to make it simple and compact. The simplicity is predominantly a way to
give the hypothesis more value than complex issues via Occam’s razor
(4). Once it is compact then we can create a barrier from attacks that
will come against the hypothesis. The barrier is there because attacks
will always come. Every good philosopher knows there are
always two ways to view anything, and if I use logic I can suggest that
my way is best precisely by presenting the best most compact reasons for
it being the best. Lastly I view Reason (a substructure of logic) as
universal way to view the world; reason transcends such petty things as
culture and history, and takes priory of the base human tendencies like
emotions and habits. This is a way to Unite humanity under one common
system that will solve many issues (5) or at least that is what we are

Water – Water is what connects us together. Everybody feels emotional depths. Everybody gets sad, and everybody gets happy. When I am sad and happy there is an overall experience that we all feel. It is a universal emotional roller coaster that connects us to each other. We think of emotion as being a transitory state that can flow and morph into more particular states like happiness, sadness, and melancholy (I have some issues with this way of thinking about emotions, but its not for this paper). However there are emotional states that we don’t usually think about like creativity, imagination, or vision. These states use emotion
like a car uses fuel. This emotion also is our fuel for inspiration and for living in general. There is this feeling among Water signs that everyone has the same depth of range of their emotions. This is a myth because Water signs feel the deepest depths and widest emotional ranges than any other element.This is very similar to the logic myth that Water created that we will talk about later on.  Water is skeptical  of describing our feelings as they feel we lose something when we convey them. Not all elements feel like this; Water can forget this or expect that other people will feel the way they do.

I think that people are feeling something they are not. This is not a judgement it just is. Water is a necessary component to most (if not all) life. Water is expansive and covers 70 % of the earth. On a smaller scale everybody has  close to 70 percent of water in their makeup. If we get below this level we get frail and sick. Because we need Water so much it imprints itself in our psyches – basically Water needs to preserve itself. We need water to survive, and because of that it is the most self preserving of all the Elements. Water holds an understanding that we go through the same life experiences together because we are predominately made of the same thing. Water emphasizes with what someone is going
through just as a body of Water will fit and mold to its surroundings.

We as astrologers tend to think of water as being sort of anti-logical because it rules over emotions and memories. I find this very interesting because a lot of Astrologers tend to lump Water into labels such as  “The feelers of the zodiac” and “mysterious creative psychic
ones”. I do not necessarily disagree with this lumping. I just find it to be very limiting. I find it interesting when we ask water signs about their relationship to emotions – Their answers are fascinating. When I asked one cancer, Shelly, she said  “I am way too emotional, I want to
be more reasonable.I try to make judgements instead of leading with my emotion because I don’t want to be emotionally held hostage or taken advantage of”. This led me to search why she might say this. I think we often forget how Water might want to hide its emotional states. They tend to want to be stoic or put on their  “poker faces”. This occurs for many reasons. I think the predominant reasons are so people will not judge their feelings and tell them they are wrong to feel that way, and/or to let other people use their feelings to manipulate them. They
do not want to make rash decisions that come from their emotions; because of this they can take their time to make a decision. [DO I NEED THIS???You usually hear the cogs moving in their heads as they try to rationalize their choices, or they try and utilize reason to make "better choices". DO I NEED THIS???] They do not want to be talked into something because of their feelings about it. As we can see feelings are the bread and butter of water signs. The question comes where does logic come in?

Water rules things like music, vision, symbols, mathematics,and dreaming. I
want to talk about music. Music can be quite logical and organized. Even in its most chaotic forms music holds a unity that organizes it. Symbols can convey messages into our being which transcend language and talks to us on our most primal level. Symbols are also a way to view reality and how the world works. NPR radio did an interesting piece a couple years ago that said when babies saw symbols they didn’t just see the symbol they heard the symbol – They heard the music of the symbol as well as seeing it. We use music and symbols as a
way to utilize and organize thinking. As far as logic goes it is very

Mathematics is using symbols to understand the world.(((( DO I NEED THIS When we think about mathematics, the way an expert would, we would say math is a way to show laws and constants, movement and motion, and explain our universe using symbols that represent it.))))) Every good Mathematician will tell you that Mathematical equations are a way to view the universal structure, and interact with it on a tangible levels. Mathematics is logic. Mathematics is an expressions of how the world works that transcends boundaries and brings an understanding to anyone who can decipher it. Each of these forms are quite organized and are built into the foundation of  Water. As a side note, the downside is mathematics can show how the outside world works, but a lot of time mathematics only works in the math-dimension. It does not always translate well to everyday life, and in some cases not at all.

When  we come back to logic, logic becomes a way of seeing the world, and
organizing thoughts into a context that can be universally understood and universally right. That sounds like how Water can perceives the universe.  When you feel emotions as deep as Water signs do you want a way to temper your emotions, and use a tool that is more constant. It is perfect fit. The second part of logic is how logic is used to cut through the complexity to make questions simple; the more simple the idea the better. This works well with Water because they can spend a lot of time deciding on what they really want to say. This helps them feel more secure in their statements. Einstein, who was a watery Pisces, once said “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well
enough”.Since Water is very smart and has a propensity to make things simple, and
they generally make very good computer programmers, website developers, they make excellent mathematicians, among other more artistic vocations such as musicians and painters.

Now for the Logic myth. If Water employ logic then they could get rid of
the pesky emotion that tend to runs our life. If i am ran off logic than i will make better decisions, and hypothetically I will not be wrong. The elephant in every logicians () room is the basic tenets that any viewpoint has two (or more) ways to view it, and that I can always bend
any argument to my viewpoint fairly easily.This is one quote I used for logic at the beginning of the paper.  “Reason is universal and transcends such petty things as culture and
history…This is a way to Unite humanity under one common system that
will solve many issues (6)”.

I call this the logic myth. This is very similar to the “Church of Reason” found in Zen and the Art of Motorcycle repair (7). The Logic myth goes like this: If I am right and am employing logic in the right way then I will have “truth” on my side. If people are logical and use logic correctly then they will always come to my side, as it is the only “right” and “true” conclusion.  The Logic Myth  “If everybody employed logic then we would have a common understanding, and everybody would make better decisions. We would all be on the same page”. This is very ideal and very beautiful. It is a way to stop fighting, a way to have peace, and a way for everybody to get along using universal foundation that we can touch, define, and share with each other.However anyone who employees logic knows this is not the case. There are always two (or more) ways to view any argument, so this tends to be a myth. My mentor and Purveyor of Astrology Christopher Renstrom of Rulingplanets.com (8) says “There are 12 ways to view any arguement, or any viewpoint based on the 12 zodiac signs. Being astrologers we say there are 12 unique ways to think, believe, attract, fear, doubt, or feel. If you are not an astrologer the point still is relevant as there are always two ways to view anything.

If anything our current view of logic (predominantly seen in academia) tends to create an isolated arena where two sides throw sticks and words at each other while asking themselves “Why do they not see logic?” Because we realize that logic needs security it should not surprise us that a secure arena like academia would be caught up in the Logic Myth. Water likes to perpetuate the Logic Myth we talked about because they get many things from it. The first thing is to stabilize the water psyche. Remember that Water needs to preserve itself. Water needs comfort and security, and since there are ways to always appear to be “right” the Water can stay comfortable and secure in their “right” viewpoint. If water signs pretend that they can get away from their emotions through logic then it provides a barrier between themselves and whatever else is around. Logic is a way to keep our feelings hidden and is the carrier to hide emotions. It creates an artificial level of security in a world that may not ever have one truth. Logic then becomes a vessel that is comforting, familiar, and cradling.

Now Logic has many amazing ways to utilize it to further everything. It is a
very good tool most of the time. There are many papers that share the
beauty and joy that logic can provide. There are many people who love
logic and rightly so. I am just saying that it has its limitations, and I
want to be sure to dispel the Logic Myth as it keeps us bound in a
horrible box.

Logic can be wielded as both as shield and sword. The shield form of logic
creates a bubble of warmth and protection and the sword does what swords
do and destroys, cuts, and maims.

Logic can be wielded like a shield. Logic can build up walls and pitfalls to stop you from being wrong, and you can pad your argument (they are called arguments in philosophy) against any attack that does not agree with you. The logic shield can also work as a padding event. What I mean is the other side is not taken serious because they are “unreasonable”. You ridicule them by dismissing the other person’s views because they are “wrong” because you are “right”. Being right means having more reasons on your side, and being more reasonable overall. This is not typical logic, but more of a misuse of logic to secure your viewpoint. The Logic Shield can be expressed by trolling. Trolling is calling someone stupid because they disagree with your point, or saying let’s not even take this viewpoint serious because it is illogical. Urbandictionary.com said trolling is

The art of deliberately, cleverly, and secretly pissing (change piss to annoy) people off, usually via the internet,
using dialogue. Trolling does not mean just making rude remarks:
Shouting swear words at someone doesn’t count as trolling; it’s just
flaming, and isn’t funny. Spam isn’t trolling either; it pisses people
off, but it’s lame. The most essential part of trolling is convincing
your victim that either a) truly believe in what you are saying, no
matter how outrageous, or b) give your victim malicious instructions,
under the guise of help. Trolling requires deceiving; any trolling that
doesn’t involve deceiving someone isn’t trolling at all; it’s just
stupid. As such, your victim must not know that you are trolling; if he
does, you are an unsuccessful troll (9).

This is the shield of logic, and is used to deflect and to defend yourself. The logic shield is the mask that hides what we truly feel about an issue. We say we are being emotionless, but every person knows this is not possible. Being objective is probably not possible either. So  What is a better poker face than logic? Much of the time the Logic Shield is done without even viewing the argument much less understanding it. <<<< How do I simplify this???—- solike if you bring ufos in college you will be laughed out of the building.

If you are attacking using the sword of logic you can always say “I am not
attacking I am simply pointing out your flaws because it is the “reasonable” thing to do. This is akin to a silenced pistol shot to the back of the head. It is suddle. In a closed system like academia many students get ahead by destroying other professors careers. the stronger the damage the further the student can get.  The Sword of Logic sets up a battlefield that is very similar to warfare; there are unwritten rules, nuances one only learn through being on the front line, ways to manipulate your opponents like a chess game, and a way to maximize one’s will and gain power by stripping another of their will. It can be very nasty, but can be tempered by the “I am objective, and I am only using logic” arguement.
The Logic Myth pertends to temper emotion because you are not attacking
with emotion you are attacking with reason. If the defender from the attacks ever said “your attacks feel personal and heated” the other person can say calmly “No, I just hold the stronger argument. If your argument was as sound as mine I would agree with you”. In this fashion someone can slice you apart using the logic sword of emotion bundled and packaged as logic.
(((DO I NEED THIS logic trumps emotion in modern thought, so logic is also a way to deny
emotion (at least it seems that way, the denying is a valiant attempt to
trick the defender to not see the emotion and to only see only their
“reason”) >>>>

There is a saying in logic that even though the logic may be sound and valid
you may still be wrong overall. Logic does not always translate into universal truth. So the question becomes why do we want logic to do things that are not possible? Why do we want logic to solve our every need? Why do we want to cancel out doubt and destroy wonder?

 I believe this is because logic was created from Water, and Water at
the end of the day does not care about universal truths, being right, but Water does want to feel safe, understood, and secure. Water wants a stable foundation?  Logic holds this comfort very well, and will fight tooth and nail for it. Think about mafia families (ruled by the moon and
cancer). They care about their own interests first and foremost; if you join their family, and are trustworthy then you get all the rights of the “family” as long as you continue with the “family”. You especially see this is modern academia. There are structures to academia, there are
“right” and “wrong” ways to think and write, there are ways to behave, and if you do this then you are part of the “family” if you do not then you are on the fringe. Academia believes that we are better off if we use logic, and more so that logic is the “right” way to view reality.
This is an important point because if most people believes in one idea or one societal perception than it becomes right – Whether it is right or not. This is because of our herd mentality. There are many studies talking about humans being irrational consumers because we are emotionally driven when we have to make a decision (10).

You can be validated by logic, and because logic is “universal” more people
will be able to validate you. This is unlike a feeling which cannot be wrong because it is felt, but because it is infallible people can disagree with a feeling easier. There is nothing backing up a feeling whereas there is hundreds of years backing up logic. Since there is a
system that “needs” it and “feels” that logic is right then the “right way” has the security of thousands of people throughout history. Logic is the most impenetrable system every created; especially since science and academia back logic, and technically that is the height of human
knowledge. Anybody can always point to the fact that science, and smart people are behind my reason and because logic weighs so much that weight wins the argument. Logic can be employed and twisted to make any reason seem right. You can attack anyone especially if you are crusading logic to be on your side. Logic can become the new crusade against those that do not employ it. When you attack you cannot be attacked. Logic provides strong security as both a shield and a spear. It is like the perfect sports tactic – a strong defence, that will counter when it sees an opening and obliterate the opponent. Logic can employ both strong
defence and a killer offence. Water gets the security it craves from the Logic Shield, and the comfort of logic’s mighty Sword attack.

 Earth - Earth has a very interesting relationship to logic. Earth asks itself the question (christopher renstrom)"How do I survive in a world where everything falls apart". Because of this Earth wants a sure thing. They want to know that tomorrow will either be very similar to today, or that if it is different there is a way to know what is coming so they can plan for it. One reason for this is so they can make predictions about the future. So they know what to expect so they can make a profit, brace themselves from risk, or make something out of it. Predominantly with logic Earth begin skeptical. This makes sure the information they receive is relevant, and is a way to gain the needed information before they move forward. They want to be prepared for any unexpected complication. Earth is scared of things falling apart around them so they will generally think about the worst case scenarios first and work from there. Because of this Earth will more than likely say “No” before “Yes”. No way would they have originated logic because they would have been skeptical about its origin, and about what it could accomplish. Earth generally comes to an issue after the fact because Earth is so careful about how it moves forward. It is not generally the movers and shakers; Earth is more of the perfectors of the element(stablizors)s. It wants to see that they are not wasting their time, their efforts, or their materials. Earth wants constants that they can build the world around them. It gives a sort of comfort that they like, or at least that they know what to expect. Earth utilizes logic much like a tool, and I think Logic fits the Earth signs like a glove. It’s snug and feels just right.An interesting metaphor on how Earth relates to Logic is the tango.Earth did not invent the music, the dance steps, and they did not invent tango; However, many Earth signs have perfected its steps and personify its beauty. 

The element Earth likes systems of thought that my Astrologer teacher
Christopher Renstrom said “ That last the test of time”. Things like the
Scientific Method comes to mind when I think about systems that will
not fall apart. It is a way to test their perceptions and observations
against other peoples data, and their observations to see if it is
repeatable. This is very skeptical at first, but like any good scientist
will tell you “You follow the facts no matter what your beliefs are”.
Data is very dear to most Earth signs. They will trust data much  more
than any individual person or experience. Repeatability is a big thing
to an Earth sign because they want to minimize their risk. If it is
repeatable then we could make predictions into how something should
work. So it seems like Earth has a strong connection to logic, but I
think what is more important than logic is Pragmatism (11).

Pragmatism is bottom line thinking, but more important its practical
thinking. Earth hates for its time to be wasted and logic can waste a
lot time. Pragmatism like Charles Peirce(birthday) (the founder of Pragmatism)
said, “In order to understand a conception in a fruitful way, consider
the practical effects of the objects of your conception. Then, your
conception of those effects is the whole of your conception of the
object” (12). Earth is about utility. How can I use something. Earth has
a flexibility that comes out of the pragmatism they employ. They do not
need to know why something works, just how to use it (although that can
be interesting to themitis useful wheneeded). For insistence laws or universal constant of
life, aka gravity or earth cycles, is proven not to work in a given
situation then the Earth sign can change the system to something that
does explain it better. They will choose the newer version to replace
the older version if, and only if, the new version can explain
everything the old version can, and does it better. You see this
throughout science. Thing like the sun revolves around the earth was
changed to the earth revolving around the sun. This can be a painful and
a long arduous process, but Earth will change if the facts lead them to

is wfar more interested in fact and studies than individual insights.
They feel that just because something happened one way does not mean it
will ever happen again. This is why repeatability is so important to
them. Earth wants to know what it is getting for its efforts. If
something works well and is repeatable, but it is not explainable
through traditional methods like logic or science than they will have no
problem adapting. They are not wed to systems, but to the utility of
systems. Earth is wed to practical endeavours. If we put systems or
event that are tough to repeat like gut reaction, method like tarot or
astrology, or ghost hunting Earth signs typically thumb their noses at
it – or at least proceed very cautiously. Generally speaking they are
thought of as pseudoscience, or fake science. However if Earth sees the
practical and tangible application of something, and it has the option
of giving a good return on investment then they are more opted to figure
out how it works. When Earth invests in something it wants a return and
if Astrology, or some other nontraditional method, gives it more of a
return than something more generally acceptable like science than it
will go with it. Bottom line thinking trumps logic. Earth will use logic
until they find something better, and if nothing better shows up than
they will use logic forever. I think logic is comfortable to Earth as
both a form of organization, and a form or critical thought. It is
something they feel comfortable with, but are not married to.

also think Reductionism comes from Earth. Reductionism does not have
one particular speaker or beginning although many people attribute it to
Descartes (13). Wikipedia states, “Reductionism can mean either (a) an
approach to understanding the nature of complex things by reducing them
to the interactions of their parts, or to simpler or more fundamental
things or (b) a philosophical position that a complex system is nothing
but the sum of its parts, and that an account of it can be reduced to
accounts of individual constituents (8)”. Reductionism puts its own spin
on causality. Basically it says that the universe can be understood by
breaking it down into smaller and smaller parts. In understanding the
parts through specific study of individual parts or their relationship
to each other. The idea is when we understand the part we understand the
whole (14). Again Earth, in my humble opinion, did not create logic but
logic fits into the Earth mind like a glove fits on a hand. Earth is
about observation and practicality. Earth does not need logic, but Earth
mind’s like logic as a tool to use.

 Fire - What is Fire? I think Fire is the other element that could have created logic. Air needs someone to do it for them or with them (collaboration) and Earth would jump on the logic bandwagon but it is too skeptical to draw it up on its own. Fire could have created logic because fire is about inspiration and is all about individuality. Fire is about the human condition primarily what drives a human to act. Why should they do anything? A Fire sign would answer something like to “live life to the fullest” or “to enjoy myself, to find passion, to have adventures, because I will it so, or because I want to”. Fire is passion. Fire is creativity. Fire is dynamic. Fire is action. Fire is authentic. Christopher Renstrom from rulingplanets.com says “Fire is about making the “personal” difference especially because Fire is about finding and giving purpose to life” (15). So when we impose logic onto fire it does not seem to be the tightest fit. Fire would be more interested in the Ideal truths than with sticking with strict logic. I think Fire cares more about how things “ought to be” or how things “should be”. Fire is about finding the right way to live. I believe Ethics come out of Fire. Ethics are about how we "ought to live" in a social context and on an individual level. Concepts such as ”good and evil, right and wrong, virtue and vice, justice and crime (16)” come from Fire. 

the dawn of the first human, humanity have been telling stories and
making myth. It is putting one’s “essence” into the universe. Story telling and mythology is Fire.  I
think personification also comes from Fire. Personification is
basically putting human characteristics on non-human objects like “the
wind whispers” or “the dog thinks”. This comes from the long (odd) name
of Anthropomorphism.

Anthropomorphism is any attribution of human
characteristics (or characteristics assumed to belong only to humans)
to animals, non-living things, phenomena, material states, objects or
abstract concepts, such as organizations, governments, spirits or deities (17). The term was coined in the mid 1700s (18).

Fire can do logic and employ logic, but it is a very different logic
than an Earth or Water. I think predominately logic is used to define
faith and purpose. Faith is a very Fire trait, and so logic is but a
tool to describe life. It is the way to describe the “Leap of Faith”
(19), and how nobody can escape its grasp. Fire would ask a traditional
skeptic “What is point is only employing half of skepticism. Why not be
skeptical of Skepticism? It follows that one should be skeptical of all
things correct”? I think traditional Fire does not like objectivity or
think that one can be “objective”. I feel that Fire has trouble with
such notions as living in a purposeless universe or the idea that “animals
do not have intentions and emotions”. Many branches of science have
avoided the assumption that animals share any of the same mental,
social, and emotional capacities of humans, relying instead on the
strictly observable evidence (20).Fire would say “That is so dumb, just
watch some animal videos on youtube and you can see an elephant painting
a picture of itself, otters holding hands, a sneaky cat that hunts a
camera, dogs that say I love you, and many other traits that are similar
to human traits. A traditional fire response to a cold purposeless
universe would be “let me give it purpose and meaning”. I think studies
like Alchemy tend to fit better with Fire. Alchemy which has such tenets
as “As above so below” and “The observer is part the experiment. They
are both connected and primarily are the same thing”. This thought
states that there is not a way to be objective (21)”.

Fire does not need to be religious. I think studies of thought that are
based on personal experience like Empiricism or Different Romantic
ideals work in a similar way to Alchemy. Empiricism is a theory of knowledge that asserts that knowledge comes only or primarily via sensory experience… “all hypotheses and theories must be tested against observations of the natural world rather than resting solely on a priori reasoning, intuition, or revelation
(22)”. Romanticism was an artistic, literary and intellectual
movement…it was a revolt against aristocratic social and political
norms of the Age of Enlightenment and a reaction against the scientific rationalization of nature (23). Romantic movement also branched such thought systems as Existentialism (24) and Idealism (25).

wrapping up. Fire is active and dynamic. It needs to be moving in some
form. I think traditional logic may be a bit slow and too ponderous for
it. I think Fire likes more active and observational methods towards
knowledge. However, I think when Fire finds logic and decides to dance
with that Fire can employ logic in interesting creative ways to explore
the human condition. Fire did not create logic. Fire can utilize logic,
but fire does not need logic. Fire is more interested in spirit and in
describing spirit any way it can.

 Air - Air has an interesting take on logic and I don’t think Air had a “need” to create logic. Let us address what air primarily is before we jump into why it didn’t create logic. Air is the most important element we have in our reality. We can go without food for around two to four weeks. We can go without water for about one week. neither of those are pleasant. We cannot go without breathing for about five minutes.I believe most people have a hard time holding their breath for one minute much less five minutes. It is incredible how quickly our brain turns off from lack of oxygen. Try to not think for five minutes. People can devote forty years into turning the mind off and not thinking. Even the most strict monk will tell you not thinking is hard, and there is the possibility that it might not even be possible to stop the mind they just might be quieting it. Air is the ghost that is everywhere. We don’t see it. Most of us do not recognize it, but it is the essence of life as we know it. This said since Air is everywhere what need does it have for logic and constraints? Air wants to expand and flow. If anything Air seems to be the building blocks of logic; pre-logic if you will. It was around before logic and is a little too carefree to be restrained by logic. 

becomes the link between the unconscious and the conscious. Air rules
both sides of the brain. This linking does not need to have be logical
since only half the brain employs logic, and half of it thinks it is
better by not thinking logically. Air rules over our voice, how we
communicate, and over thinking.

is information. Everything gives information; from the way an atom
wobbles, to the constant ebb and flow of a wave, to the beauty of a
sunrise. Information has no inherent human characteristics either. Our
reality is constructed by the way we interpret information. Logic is but
one way to organize information, and  it is a really slow process.
There are many other ways to interpret information that are quicker and
more immediate than logic. The way we relate to each other comes from
how we interpret the motive, motivation, and other nuances perceive the
other person having. Christopher Renstrom says “Air is all about you”.
You being others people that are not you. I think this fits with
thinking in the sense of duality. Since Air is about other people it
seems to follow that Air rules things that relate to each other like:  analogies, metaphor,
speculation, creating values, language, universal laws, culture values,
trends, or things that that take the collective society into
consideration become important. Since air is based in duality Air would
rule both universal truths that is beyond human recognition and it also
very entrenched in relative trends that we get by comparing different
values to each other and seeing how they relate. Universal truths
transcend human creation, and that if we follow these than living is
easier. Truth is there regardless of  what I or a zebra think about it.
Truth is beyond human intent ideally; however, when we communicate about
truth or think about truth we begin to superimpose value into Truth.
Truth then becomes a value. Value is a relative worth or importance that
we put on something. The reason for this is the analogies (26) that Air
rules by finding and comparing the similarities and comparability of things. An analogy is a similarity between like features of two things, on which a comparison may be based; an example is a kitten and a tiger are similar because they are both from the feline family. We see other forms of compatibilities by use of metaphor (27) which is a term or phrase is applied to something to which it is not literally applicable in order to suggest a resemblance
of something using another object. An example is Susan is like the sun,
she is magnetic and a big influence in my life.  So any sort of trend
or knowledge that deals with relating will be from the Air element.

people argue that thought is impersonal. Immanuel Kant reasoned that
pure thought is pure speculation, and without the individual (Fire)
there would be no inherent reason to do anything. I however think of Air
as the vessel of life, the universal pattern that makes life possible.
Information that is alive, and becomes a universal expression in-itself.
Air is thought. Thought is something that seems to be outside ourselves
that has no basic human. Air becomes the “Foundation of the mind of
god”. It is something that connects the universe together. As a human I
can only gain an approximation of what that means. God’s mind transcends
my mind and connects us all together through thought. It does not have
creed, race, it is not dependent of a species, and like matter it is
never created nor destroyed it just transfers locations. It just is.

Air rules values. Which according to dictionary.com
means relative worth, merit, or importance. This is because of the
emphasis on relationships and relating to relationships. Air needs to
find a common ground between two views. Relationships can be based on
how we value each other and how we nurture this value on it is defined.
On a tangible level things like treaties, oaths, written promises like
contracts, and other ways to track information like receipts would be
ruled by Air.

we think of values it is more of manners and ways to be caring/ nice to
each other. It is less about what we ought to do and more about
following the Golden Rule. The Golden Rule states don’t do harm (or
whatever) onto someone else if you would not like it done to you (29).
There is something universal about the golden rule that all major world
religions acknowledge and try to follow (30). Do unto others as you
would want to be done to. This is an Air idea just as walking a mile in
someone’s shoes, or getting in someone’s head to understand them. Air is
primarily interested in communication and consensus. They generally
want to make sure that everyone is having a good time. So things like
language and dissecting language would be more interesting than logic. I
think Air would view logic as constricting, and we all know air wants
to expand, and does not do so well being defined unless they are the
ones defining the rules to their games. think lawyers, lobbyists, and
politicians. Air can do logic as traditional logic dictates, but it is
not very comfortable doing this. I think air would wait for someone to
describe what they are saying or want to say before doing it themselves
because Air is not a very independent element. Air needs other people
more than any other element.

summarize the element of Water created logic. Water can use logic to
mask its true feelings. Logic is a way to utilize emotion in the safest
container possible. Logic hide emotion in a construct that is built to
be devoid of emotion. The system and structure of Logic becomes a way to
hide one’s intent under the umbrella of universal appeal. It is the
safest place to be. There is no way to take emotion out from logic
although that does not mean we will not try to. Logic in our day and age
trump emotion, and that is the way Water likes it. The question becomes
why?. Water can be many things : magical, mystical, empathetic,
mysterious, full of depth, but at the end of the day Water needs to
preserve itself. At the heart of Water it is need for security. Water
gives us the need to live. It is an urge that needs to be quenched.
Water has be be alive. On a sidenote, Fire is traditionally thought of
as the need to live. I think this is incorrect. Fire is the will to
live. It is what activates the fight for life. It gives us hope when
none can be found. It drives us from the edge of oblivion. This is a
semantically issue, but becomes very big when we begin to explore the

logic knows no bounds, and will go mafiosa very quickly. They will do
anything to maintain their self preservation. To maim or destroy a
career is nothing. To lie is nothing. It is self preservation at all
costs. Besides this, there has been a lot of research in psychology and
especially in economics that shows that rational choice and logic is
flawed; that humans function from a place of non-reason when making big
decisions (31). Emotions drive our being and our spending habits.
Emotion drives the way we utilize logic. That is important to remember.
This is built into us. Logic was created from that emotional need.
Ideally Logic should be a tool. Logic is a wonderful amazing tool, but
it needs to stop being worshipped. Logic is not a golden idol. Logic is
not a universal truth. There is much beauty and truth in non-logical
ways of interpreting the universe just as there is beauty in logical
viewpoints. In fact I think we need a balance of both. We do not have
that now. I do not think Logic or reason should not be an entire belief
system or worldview on its own. It is ok to employ logic or lean on
logic as long as one does not create a world view or entire belief
system around logic. People should not become dependent on logic. That
is an addiction. Every addict will tell you when they are sober and
ponderous – that their choices are unhealthy and not sustainable long
term. When the drug craving is back; however, they will use every excuse
to reuse. They can always rationalize their choices to bend their
choices to their self interests. This is the same thing with logic.
Logic has been abused. Logic has overstepped its bounds, and needs to
stop taking itself so serious.

are a lot of things we do not know as a society. There are millions of
things I do not personally understand. At the top of the pile should be
the understanding of humanity – the understanding of  “US”. We are
particularly interesting creatures, and I wonder if logic is the right
approach to handle the human condition. I don’t think it is. Humans are
emotional beings, and we make emotional decisions. We are seeing animals
and babies being born with the ability to understand emotion. According
to raisingchildren.net babies are born with emotional understanding.

are emotional beings right from birth. From several different
experiments, we know that babies respond to emotional expressions, like a
big smile on your face, within the first few weeks of life. Many
researchers now think that within three months babies can react to and
express five ‘basic’ emotions:  joy, interest, anger, sadness, and
disgust. Most think babies are born with these emotional abilities to
help them form strong bonds with their caregivers, thus helping them
survive. That really is quite amazing, considering it wasn’t long ago an
infant’s smile was considered to be relatively meaningless. Now we know
better (32 ).

On a funny sidenote crack.com did a funny article on the 5 superpowers that babies have that as adults you do not. These include: Mega Mind, Mutant Metabolism, Hyper Hearing, Extreme Eyesight, and Tiny Telephathy (33).

to Wisegeek.com sluthing research to show that dogs are in fact
emotional. They said “dogs show emotion through their barks. Another
study showed that dogs express emotions such as love grief,  jealousy,
shame, embarrassment, anxiety, pride, anger, and surprise (34).

Dog respond to what you are feeling more than what you are telling them to do. Dogs have an uncanny ability to read and respond to human emotions. This comes from Nova from PBS

Program Description “Dogs
Decoded” reveals the science behind the remarkable bond between humans
and their dogs and investigates new discoveries in genetics that are
illuminating the origin of dogs—with surprising implications for the
evolution of human culture. Other research is proving what dog lovers
have suspected all along: Dogs have an uncanny ability to read and
respond to human emotions. Humans, in turn, respond to dogs with the
same hormone responsible for bonding mothers to their babies. How did
this incredible relationship between humans and dogs come to be? And how
can dogs, so closely related to fearsome wild wolves, behave so
differently (35)?

are smart and will learn key phrases, but it takes a while. Dogs even
know when you are thinking about coming home, and will in many cases
wait at the door for you not from their sense of smell but from the
moment you begin to come back home ( 36).

I think we need to be more honest about our motivations and more
transparent about our actions. Let’s stop pretending that we act as
rational beings. Logic is a learned behavior, it is probably
evolutionally, and it is a mask that humanity should take off. We can
employ logic as long as we are not its slave. The question I leave you
with is “Where would we be without our Logic Myth?” Wherever we go I
guarantee there will be more beauty, art, and creativity. I for one am
perfectly fine with that future.

The Ciation link is below
Logic Citation @ http://www.whereisrobby.com/logic-citation/

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