Here are some links into their abuses, unethical behaviors, cover ups, lies  and overall naughty behavior. I also say send Monsanto a fax. Click the link and send them what you thing about them.


Robby comment : Dr Mercola has created this website which offers great news. this link in perticular is all about Monsanto and the abuses and lies they have done and currently do.

One quote is ““At stake are the costs to farmers who produce $80.3 billion a year in corn and soybeans, used in products ranging from Coca-Cola to cattle feed to ethanol. “Monsanto has become such a dominant player in the seed business that producers have real concerns that the price they pay for seed is going to be anywhere near reasonable,” said John Crabtree, a spokesman for the Center for Rural Affairs in Lyons, Nebraska, a nonprofit group that provides services to farm communities. “The fear is that the sky’s the limit.”

- they say ” Millions Against Monsanto. If you’re talking about PCBsAgent OrangeBovine Growth Hormone,water privatization, biopiracy, untested/unlabeled genetically engineered organisms, or persecuting small family farmers, you’re talking about the Monsanto Corporation.Join OCA’s campaign to mobilize one million consumers to end Monsanto’s global corporate terrorism.”.

Robby comment: Amazing resource. these folks are awesome. they have things like send Monsanto a fax (where they have the fax and number and You can add you comments to it), to what Monsanto has been doing like suing farmers to spreading awareness to pescides and PCB’s and other things like that. Amazing site great research

Robby comment: they do nice things also . this link goes to Monsanto site saying “Monsanto’s World Headquarters in Creve Coeur has recently received its Corporate Wildlife Habitat Certification. This two-year recertification presented by the Wildlife Habitat Council recognizes Monsanto and its employees for its demonstrated commitment toward long-term wildlife habitat enhancement efforts”. I only wish Monsanto did more stuff like this and less stuff like and this

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