The Companies

Companies: This will have the companies that We will be going to and the State and city they are in. I will share some issues we have found with the company. It will have some darker things the company has done, and what the company says about it. You can look at the bottom of the page for similar blog posts for the company, lets say Monsanto, the bottom will have links to info about Monsanto. This also has some links to your senators so you can call them up and raise some of these issues with them. This is slit into two places the corporations of my trip and the Other Corporations that are Unethical/ Have Questionable Practices/ or Are Just Naughty. click on either to find out about them.

-This highlights Corporations who have horrible track records with different things like spreading toxicity throughout nature, funding riots and wars to sell weapons and sell their products cheaper, Creating horrible foods for us because they can make a profit from it, having things like almonds be labeled as a drug so the FDA can make money off it and so regular folks can not sell almonds with a label telling consumers how healthy almonds are and what benefits almonds can give you.  things like that.

-The Corporations of my trip

- Others Corporations That Are  Naughty

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-Contact Senators

- Also corporate dirt and things that should be addressed

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