Open letter and code of conduct from Anonymous

Here are somemore Anonymous Videos. They are interesting. What do you think about this. They say “The more they oppress us the more we will fight back”. “Knowledge is free”.   Open Letter from ANONYMOUS – 17/12/2010         ANONYMOUS – Code of Conduct    

Videos about Tim DeChrishopher court case

  Ill see about posting actual videos in this, but I am kind of illiterate about this stuff. So just click on the links please.   –Peacfuluprising member Better @   –Song what song are you on @ –Krysta @ –Krysta # 2 @ –Hillary Hayes @   –Alexis Baigue [...]

IC community/ off the grid folks

IC Directory/off the grid communities throughout the USA

HTML Code: Intentional Communities Website: provides information on the intentional communities movement including a searchable Communities Directory and hundreds of articles on community. Published by the FIC.

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