Feds sue big banks over sales of risky investments

Feds sue big banks over sales of risky investments Federal agency sues 17 firms including BofA, Goldman over sales of risky mortgage investments Link @ http://finance.yahoo.com/news/Feds-sue-biggest-US-banks-apf-3066897747.html Companies: American International Group, Inc. Bank of America Corporation Citigroup, Inc. FILE – In this July 13, 2010 file photo, Bank of America’s headquarters are shown in Charlotte, N.C. [...]

Tim DeChristopher Explained

Tim DeChristopher Lost his case??? This is seriously wierd, because they found the actual bidding illegal, so I have no idea why he is still being tried. This seems less about his actual event but about quashing freedom of speach. I do admit what he did was not right but neither was the bidding. He [...]

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