I Am Alone – Poem

-Am I Alone-   As I wallow in the abysmal cavern of my soul, shivering and quivering    Screaming for someone to hold me and whisper sweet music in my ears. Nothing… I am Alone I start clawing my face, the depression sinks in further I am Alone So Lonely Lonely? What is Loneliness? What [...]

rawfood-387] To Agree With Life -A POEM

Dabu to rawfood-387-an. show details Mar 30 2011 For those who not consider the book Sidharrtha by Herman Hesse and for those who have consider reading it again.  My third go round has left me stunned and in awe of life exactly as it is and this agreement has allowed me to hear the voice [...]

[rawfood-387] Prophetic Bliss

Vanessa J to rawfood-387-an.   show details Mar 29 2011 Exclusive!_The Beauty and Truth Lab reports the news before it happens!   In this special PNN report, our psychic journalists bring you the stories that haven’t happened yet — but will!   Here are the prophecies the *National Enquirer* refused to publish!   +   [...]

[rawfood-387] I Want To Know

Vanessa J to rawfood-387-an. show details Mar 31 2011 THE INVITATION – Oriah Mountain Dreamer It doesn’t interest me what you do for a living. I want to know what you ache for and if you dare to dream of meeting your heart’s longing. It doesn’t interest me how old you are. I want to know [...]

rawfood-387] What is Real?

Vanessa J to rawfood-387-an. show details Mar 31 2011 I have strong feelings about the position that life is just an illusion and all is well. There is a reason that I dont run around punching people in the face even though I may feel like it …and since its all an illusion anyhow, nothing that [...]

rawfood-387] What Does Considering Seven Generations Look Like?

Vanessa J to rawfood-387-an.   show details Mar 31 2011 To address the inconsistancies of a raw vegan diet in most of the climates on this planet is to become open to taking the next step in this journey of relating intelligently to ourselves and to the world that we live in. As long as [...]

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