K-1 Attack Hybrid Supercar, By West Philly Hybrid X Team (high school students)

K-1 Attack Hybrid Supercar, By West Philly Hybrid X Team     Based out of West Philadelphia high school, the West Philly Hybrid X Team is making headlines for their impressive engineering ability in the creation of the K-1 Attack hybrid supercar. Designed and produced entirely within the walls of West Philadelphia High School’s Automotive [...]

Japanese player giving support to Japan

Tue Mar 15 07:41pm EDT Nagatomo tells Japan ‘You’ll never walk alone,’ Materazzi gives rides By Brooks Peck   “The God of Football is strange…” said Inter owner Massimo Moratti after his side took a third-minute lead at Bayern Munich’s Allianz Arena, then went down 2-1 before winning 3-2 to advance to the next round [...]

Players chip in to save coach’s life

Link @ http://sports.yahoo.com/nba/blog/ball_dont_lie/post/Players-chip-in-to-save-coach-8217-s-life-after?urn=nba-wp184  Tue Mar 15 04:00pm EDT Players chip in to save coach’s life after Clippers decline medical coverage By Kelly Dwyer   Seven years ago, former Los Angeles Clippers head coachKim Hughes was diagnosed with prostate cancer, and the ensuing aftermath will change the way you feel about several NBA types significantly. Up [...]

To the New world order

Ok I really love this group now. My message to the new world order. We are coming. We do not agree with what you have done. You will fail and WE HAVE VOICES and that will spread change and WE will create a new future.   Anonymous message to the “New World Order”     [...]

Quotes Page #1

–“Wondering how my life just went so tech so fast and pondering what this all means… Is this what it feels like being god – Robby Woodliff” –“Everyday I remind myself that my inner and outerlife are based on the labors of other men (people), living and dead, and that I must exert myself in [...]

Farmers & Consumers Protest at Monsanto’s Headquarters in St.Louis

Farmers & Consumers Protest at Monsanto’s Headquarters in St.Louis Link at http://www.organicconsumers.org/corp/monprotest.cfm Missouri Protestors Rally in Front of Monsanto’s Headquarters & at Office of US Senator Kit Bond OCA Editorial Note: There is an error in this story. While Monsanto in previous years had predicted that up to 80% of all US soybeans would be genetically [...]

brain on meditation

Neurotheology: This Is Your Brain On Religion http://www.npr.org/2010/12/15/132078267/neurotheology-where-religion-and-science-collide Jan 4th 2011 Listen to the Story Talk of the Nation [30 min 17 sec] Add to Playlist Download Transcript Andrew Newberg… And This Is Your Brain On Buddha: As part of his research, Andrew Newberg studied the brain activity of experienced Tibetan Buddhists before and during [...]

IC community/ off the grid folks

IC Directory/off the grid communities throughout the USA

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