Canada’s Cannabis Car

Canada’s Cannabis Car By Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield Link @ Published August 24, 2010   |     Motive Industries Motive Industries’ Switch prototype used bio composite similar to the Kestrel As we’re faced with an increasingly large world population and ever-dwindling resources the race is on to produce cars that not only produce zero [...]

Cannabis electric car to be made in Canada around mid 2010

Cannabis electric car to be made in Canada Last Updated: Monday, August 23, 2010 | 4:52 PM ET By Emily Chung, CBC News   Sharewith Add This Printthis story E-mailthis story   Internal Links Man. gives $500K to rural hemp plant Hemp-processing plant to open in eastern Ontario External Links Motive Industries Inc. Project Eve [...]

Sustainability for businesses- Stephenbrammer website

November 27, 2010 Part 1- Where do I start with Sustainability in my business?   I meet many people who have a keen interest in sustainability but are completely unaware of how to integrate this into their business. Many believe that sustainability is incompatible with their current business practices. This is the first of a multiple [...]

Great site for environment architecture and green tech

Great site for environment architecture and green tech the site link and the main site is VeruTEK’s Got the Green Nano-Clean for Toxic Dumps from Green Options by Tina Casey Cleaning up a toxic dump the conventional way is a messy business, and VeruTEK Technologies, Inc. is one company that offers a more sustainable path to remediation.  Instead [...]

Jay Leno Drives The Aptera Electric

Jay Leno Drives The Aptera Electric by Alex Kierstein | May 20th, 2009 |

Alternative fuels from

  Link @ Link @     GOODBYE 2000′s: The Ten Cars That Defined The Decade Now that the calendar reads ’2009′ and summer is upon us, we can already begin shutting the book on the first decade of the new millenia. All the cars that will be produced have either [...]

More green biofuel and other things

Will Saab Become the Green Brand? Links @ and @   Baard Eker, designer and 49 percent owner of Koenigsegg, spoke briefly about the future of the brand Born From Jets. “Saab has to refine their quality level, their soul and spirit and we believe that this is something we can help with. [...]

IC community/ off the grid folks

IC Directory/off the grid communities throughout the USA

HTML Code: Intentional Communities Website: provides information on the intentional communities movement including a searchable Communities Directory and hundreds of articles on community. Published by the FIC.

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