Retrograde period – This is when a planet appears to be moving backwards in relationship to our view on earth. This creates a backwards feeling usually to slow down and clear something up. It can bring a period of  inwardness where you are finding something about yourself that you didnt know before. things usually do not work out in a direct manner or forward movement. If things get cleared it will take a longer time.


Shadow period - There is something called a shadow period when a planet starts a retrograde (appears to move backwards in the sky from our perspective) it begins at a specific degree and then goes backwards. When it goes direct (appears to move forward in the sky) it still needs to reach that degree it originally began the retrograde in. This movement of going direct to reaching the original point is called a shadow period. You planet Mercury has came out of retrograde and is coming out of its shadow period this week. This means the odd mental lapses (losing your phone, leaving things you need somewhere they are not suppose to be, entertaining odd thoughts that you would never think about normally) are ending.





















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