Mercury Retrograde and Shadow Period

Mercury is going into retrograde this week. Mercury normally rules your mind and how you communicate. It is the god that can go anywhere heaven, hell, and the human realm and come back. It is known as the networking planet because he is interested in other people why they think and act the way they do. Mercury is fleet of foot and handles mental prowess and hand to eye dexterity. It also rules sibling stuff like rivalries and how you relate to siblings. When Mercury goes into retrograde it is a slowing down time and an inward experience. Mercury the actual planet never goes backwards. It seems that way from our perspective on Earth. Things in your life will slow down: the things that are normally easy will get more challenging, communication will get more difficult, and thinking will feel off and will be harder to do. Describing thing in language is more difficult. Your dexterity is also a bit slower. You probably feel somewhat dumb or feel like you have a foggy mental state.  Tensions are abound and anxiety is in the air. Do be on the watch for thievery because Mercury rules the shop keep and short transactions, and in a retrograde this can bring out the shop lifter and pick pocket. Thieves come out in droves during this time.  I don’t think this has to be a horrible time, hard time, or nasty time if you are constantly diligent. Just watch out for easily lost objects like phones, purses, and backpacks. I personally have had a car stolen during one Mercury retrograde, and another year I got a snowboard taken. I have lost
bunches of phones during Mercury ( I happen to be a Gemini so it tends to affect me a little harder than the non Mercury ruled signs). Do be careful where you leave your things especially because you may forget where you left it. Confusion is abound so do try not to sign contracts or negotiate and complex deals. Facts more than likely will not tell the whole truth as you may not understand all the circumstances.  These are the negative aspects.

Now for the positive aspects. Some positive aspects are it is a great time to slow down and focus on yourself again. Sometimes we get so focused on the future or so busy that we hardly have time to eat much less slow down and ponder. This can be expressed as focusing on daily tasks like bills and appointments that need to be done and have been put off. It definitely asks why you are doing things the way you are doing them. It adds some curiosity and some questioning to most of your activities. It can be expressed as a strong need to organize your life in a better more efficient way. Which if you are focusing on this can be quite helpful to spring board you forward when the retrograde stops. This is a great time for seeing and talking to people you have not seen in a very long time, and getting back in contact with old friends and acquaintances.

Get all your ducks in a row. Do not start any new projects. Work on fixing current projects and current issues. If you can imagine something going wrong try and fix it during this tie because if you do not there is a strong chance that it will go wrong. Tie up any loose ends.


Mercury Retrograde usually lasts around 2 weeks. Afterwards there is a thing called a shadow period. Ever retrograde has a shadow period and is not a Mercury thing. The shadow period means Mercury was at a particular point  or particular degree when it began to go retrograde. When Mercury begins to go forward (from our vantage point of earth) it has to reach the original point in which the retrograde began to be done with the shadow period. It usually takes another two weeks to do this. I find that the shadow period packs a stronger punch than the actual retrograde. If you are careful than the retrograde is not so bad, however the shadow period always seems to smack you harder with the stuff you didn’t accomplish during the retrograde. The retrograde is about giving you enough time to catch up on past projects. This is a hard time, but it can be a great springboard into the next couple of months if used correctly.

Do not, I repeat do not start any new projects now. Use this time to slow down and ponder on different issues. It’s a fixing time, and when you are forced to fix something it can take on unpleasant tastes.  This is less of a navel staring time, and a time to finish older projects or things you have put off for a couple of months. It is a clearing energy.




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