Jupiter Retrograde

Jupiter – Now starting the August 26th 2011. Jupiter is going retrograde (it retrogrades every two years for about 6 months) which means from the earths perspective Jupiter will appear to go backwards (to us on earth) until December 25th of this year. The jovial adventurous planet changes and starts to do a backwards slide. It has different effects depending on the signs it is in and how it interacts with your natal chart, but here are some general symptoms of the retrograde. I needed a little help on this one so I found two astrologers to help me out Martin Bulgerin and Lynn Koiner. To summarize Martin Bulgerin, when Jupiter is in retrograde support tends to dry up, and we are left to our own accord (this is not loneliness but people are focusing on themselves and not on you). Luck begins to leave us. You have to be your own “best” resource. This retrograde takes away any “petty issues” and leaves only “real” and important issues. Your foundation is being tested. Any current vision you have of the future will expand to be bigger and better. The only thing is you have to release your expectations (and beliefs) of it and just have faith it will work out – the only way the vision materialize and last is if you have a stronger foundation. Thus the retrograde makes sure you have a strong foundation (which is not always easy). To summarize Lynn Koiner the retrograde is “a good time to restore any project or relationship that is failing” or cut it out of your life. She makes the idea that the more effort you put out during this time will multiply the reward. She also says you may get help from old “seeds” of people or investments you “planted” in the past.


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