Weekly Horoscopes March 27 to April 2 2012

Weekly Horoscopes March 27 to April 2 2012


Aries – You have to fight for what you want. Do you have what it takes to climb the huge mountain, and once at the top maintain your position there? You want more clout, more power, more influence, but are you prepared for the consequences of your endeavor? You know you have to step on some toes to get ahead. They are not big toes, but if you step on enough you can destroy all the bridges you have created. So you better be sure you can handle the pressures, and that the risk reward is worth it. Do you have the foresight to deal with the competition? You can see the big picture, but can you materialize it and create it? Can you keep up the pace? Perhaps it is better to wait, and really sharpen up all your skills so when you make the power move you are prepared to win.


Taurus – You will get some breaks this week primarily midweek around the 29th. This will be a big opportunity that can give you a push towards your end goals. Basically someone messed up, and you can take over their position or extend your realm of influence. The occasion will come through a network of friends or collages, and has a chance to expand your horizons giving you more possibilities of career advancement or at a minimum more enjoyment to your life. The planets are behind you giving you momentum, but ultimately how far you get is up to you.  You have to pursue the opportunity. So by all means be curious, be professional, and keep up with the latest water cooler gossip. Talk with your skills, workmanship, and put your best foot forward because you never know who is watching.


Gemini – This is the last week of the Mercury retrograde. This retrograde has been slightly uncomfortable, but compared to other retrogrades it was not so bad. This retrograde was a chance to revisit career aspirations and  to strengthening your connections. You are deciding what you want from your career. Where you want to go and how you want to do it. You are getting some opportunities from your friends and colleges. You better use your friend’s advice and pursue the leads they give you because there is quite an opportunity available to you this week. The caveat being you have to follow their trail and leads. You have to describe your wants and dreams to other people so that they can help you. It is up to you to follow up on the opportunities, and to do the necessary actions to get the pot of gold at the end of the tunnel.


Cancer – This does not seem to be a particularly easy week. This seems to be a week of conflict as partners and bosses, basically people in power positions, are expecting a lot from you. You are driven and have high expectations for yourself, but they are pushing you very hard. Use it as motivational energy because they expect a lot from you, and they are grooming you for a better position. They see so a lot of potential growth. You just have to hang in there, and work hard. I guess you can ask yourself if you want their growth opportunities, or if you would rather be somewhere else. This is a very dynamic question as it shapes your relationship with them. It serves you to figure this out otherwise you will have a lot of pressure put on your shoulders for something you only kind of want.


Leo – You might feel a little reckless early on this week especially because of the willful forceful Aries energy that is surrounding you. This fire can cause you to act before you think or fully comprehend a situation. However this energy moves stuff, and will cause you to look at and clear any issues that you are having. The main issue is how can you have your perfect career because currently you feel somewhat akin to an indentured servant. You are working, and are not getting a lot of reward back. You are working so hard to extend your brand name and reputation of efficiency. Part of the difficulty of the week is bridging the gap between wanting to go in a new direction, and working with the responsibilities that you have. You might be able to pair down some of your duties, but some are there to stay for a while. So you have some rearranging, reordering, and  reworking that has to be done to materialize your dreams.


Virgo – This is a challenging week primarily with relationships, but with every challenge there are opportunities available. This is not an exception. It seems like an important close relationship is ending, or that there are conflicts that are changing your relationship dynamics. The other person needed to be more independent, and you were the catalyst for that shift. Being a catalyst does not always feel good, but always gets things moving. Just ask the oil in a car how it feels when it explodes to give the car momentum. They need some introspecting, and they will not get it if they are coddled. Sometimes the best form of love is letting them make their mistakes by themselves. This is the last week of the Mercury retrograde. Next week it goes direct. This is good for you. As a reminder do not sign contracts, no not make oaths or promises, or get into negotiations unless you absolutely need to.


Libra – This week you are in charge. Everything this week comes through your ruling planet Venus. This means you have a lot of strength, stability, and are in a great position in to dictate terms that benefit you in any partnership. This will not be a “I am large and in charge” thing. It is going to be more subtle. People will be more presentable to what you are saying and how you are saying it. whatever you say to them will sit with them this week. This does not give you an out to wait for things to come to you; chances are you are going to have to put in some real effort to get your rewards. If you are waiting for something to come in like a payout or some money from a real estate venture it will either come in this week or the next probable window will be the end of June.


Scorpio – You probably have a friend or friends that are having some troubles. It seems to be health related or they are being taken advantage of by a coworker or friend. Regardless they are in a difficult spot. They want to hear your advice, and their problem is similar to something that you have gone through in the past; they want to hear about how you got through your issue. You do not mind helping them out, but you sure are busy. Try to make some time for them because it will make you feel pretty good to help them through their trying time. Remember a good deed never gets unnoticed and you never know what opportunities you may get back from being so nice. Just make sure they really want to change something up otherwise they are just wasting your time and energy.


Sagittarius – You are outfitting yourself with the necessary components to reach your personal ambition. An outfit is usually something you can take on or off that you wear for a specific event. This is very similar to what is going on now with different areas of your life. You want to expand your career turf or realm of your personal ambition. To do this you need to try something new. So by all means try some new “outfits” on. You can try on new methods for running your business, try on a new mental picture or where you want your career to be, or look at ways of running it simpler and more efficient. You are also figuring out new health “outfits” you want to try on. You may want to double up on your workouts, take more vitamins, eat healthier, or find a new personal trainer. Either way make sure you are enjoying yourself. You need to choose to bring more enjoyment into of your life.


Capricorn – Home life and family issues are being highlighted this week. Your family is teaching you lessons in conflict management. Chances are they are being overbearing, and are getting involved in areas that you don’t want them in. They have there reasons. Perhaps give their view a second thought before you jettison away. Part of your family’s role, at the moment, is to shake you up to give you new revelations. They are currently turning your life on its head. You can get very intense and changing things seems to be a huge burden. Perhaps you do have to change something up. You have to get rid of something that you feel you cannot do without. When you lose something that you cannot picture yourself without you find something that is better to replaces it. The only way things get better is after you let go of the hardship. Remember “What does not kill you makes you stronger” Nietzsche.


Aquarius – What you know about your life is changing, and you are having trouble adjusting to all the change. Part of this comes from your occasional way you can keep a kung-fu strangle grip on your life. There are things that you do not want to change or let go of. By doing this you are holding your past and your future hostage. The best thing you can do is to embrace the change. It is easier if you go with the flow than fighting it. Change is your friend at the moment. It will seem hard if impossible, but the change is coming to you from your ruling planet of Uranus. Uranus will turn everything upside down for different reasons. Currently Uranus is looking out for your best interests. So if you are stuck in a “should I change or should I maintain the status quo” mindset definitely lean towards changing.


Pisces – You are a modern day aficionado of creative efficiency. You just get things done. It is almost effortless. This is a good thing, and you have a lot of people that are interested in how you do this. There are people who are coming to you for advice and to figure out your secrets. This is a week where you can share some of your skills with your peeps. You can trade your advice for something you would like. Treat your advice like a currency that you can trade. Perhaps you would like an ice cream or a coffee, or just some company. Any way you spin it you have some wiggle room. One thing to look forward to is when you get chatting interesting things will come up. There should be a couple of lucky breaks and opportunities available for your great advice.

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