Weekly Horoscopes March 19 to March 26 2012

Weekly Horoscopes March 19 to March 26 2012


Aries – Spring is upon us. Spring begins with the spring equinox this Monday at 10:15pm. The sun leaves the sign Pisces goes into your sign of Aries to hang out for 30 days. . It is your season of the year. You should feel rejuvenated and reinvigorated because the sun moved into your sign of Aries. This brings a new phrase of life into focus – You. Not that you were not there, but you will put a little more emphasis into feeling good, put a little more effort in stepping up your “A” game. Not to mention you will be recognized more now than before. This spotlight can be both good and bad depending on your actions. Everything seems to be magnified. This is not all roses and daisies, and in fact it snowed today. This is a beginning. Spring cleaning came early this year, but there is still plenty left to be done. Good thing you have a lot of energy to make things happen for yourself.


Taurus –  this should be a comfortable week especially from Thursday onward. This is an emotionally stable week. You are feeling pretty bullet proof, and this can be a real issue if left unchecked. You should really be careful this week. The sun went into Aries, and there is a mercury retrograde going on along with some other things. With this much fire and passion this can give you a hot head. A lot of this fire is happening in a hidden house so you should really avoid controversial issues especially around coworkers. What can happen with these aspects is you can say something that really offends someone, but they will not tell you. They will just slander your name, and talk lots of crap until you become aware of it later on. All I am saying is you can really rock some people this week. Just be carful. Also be prepared for the unexpected delay, and the odd technological issue.  If you keep a clear head this can be another fantastic week. There is plenty of hard work, and plenty of playtime available. You are up for both at the moment.


Gemini – This is a bipolar week. On one hand you can do things by yourself and on the hand you need some help. The first front deals with you knowing where you want to be. You know where you want your goals to take you. It is very clear, but you need the help of your friends and acquaintances to reach it. You need their advice, protection, and/or connections. You have a large network to choose from. So start networking. The second front is home, roots, family. Chances are family issues are critical currently. It is about breaking free to become more self-sufficient and independent. You are not leaving your family. It is about distancing yourself from them. It is a bit harsh, but you are creating a stronger more independent You. They also need to be a bit more independent too. This is good all around. There may be some decent drama going on, but like all things this too shall pass.


Cancer – You are career focused and know what you want. You know where you want to go. The problem is you thought you were ready to start another life chapter, but life can be trixy because you have to move backwards to move forward. You have had some unexpected setbacks. This has its good sides because there were some loose ends that you have to deal with that you would not have seen or noticed if the setbacks didn’t test you. You might need more training, or more research in specific areas to further your interests. This is an active time. A time where you are putting your mark on the world. It will just take a little bit longer than you expected. At least you know what you want.


Leo – The Sun is going into the sign of Aries from the sign of Pisces. It is here to stay for thirty days starting Tuesday. This strengthens your will power. This rejuvenates you, and gives you more energy that you need at this time. Just as spring begins to wake the woodland creatures as they stretch and yawn from their winter slumber. You are mirroring spring, and are ready for brighter and warmer days ahead. This becomes an active time for you. This week also brings moral issues your way. You might be in some strange power situations where you get to decide what is right and wrong and get to dictate the terms of repentance. You are the moral high ground. Please rule nicely.


Virgo –  This is a week of contracts and treaties. You get to negotiate with a sibling, child, or someone whom is against your position. You need to wheel and deal to get an adequate solution to a joint resource issue. Joint resources is any combination of more than one person’s capital as you try and grow it or cut ties with it. It is probably financially, but if it is not than you will be dealing with other people baggage; and what they feel they own. They may have pulled you into their drama, and you have to negotiate your way out of it. This is not that different than a hostage situation. You are not in the strongest position so try not to pull many power moves. Just try to think about solutions that benefit the greater picture, and that hopefully serves your ends.


Libra – This is a partner focused week. There is a lot of beauty and nice feelings to go around. However this is also your opposite season of the year. This makes this week a dynamic period where you are going to get extremes. Things will be really good then really difficult. Things are more dynamic and in your face now. People are more independent, and do not want to partner up or create intimate spaces you like because they are so busy. This also means that when you have to negotiate with other people they are going to be in better jostling position. They are exerting more control (or at least they think they are). You just remember the bigger picture, and let them think they are in control as you are still pulling the strings.


Scorpio –This is not your season of the year since it is spring and you reside in fall; however, the sun is in Aries. This is good thing for you because Aries and Scorpio share a ruling planet of Mars. This week gives you more strength and will. It is a reinvigorating time, and adds more passion to your bones. You are more powerful this week than last week. As you are more awesome you may ruffle some feathers. As a scorpio you are familiar that when you are doing fantastic someone seems to want to rain on your parade. This may be the case this week. You will be wheeling and dealing just to stay afloat. Well not afloat as you should be fairly well off financially, but communicating and selling will be important. Just be prepared for the unexpected in the area of work and friends/community. Just be prepared for weird and odd things to happen. These can be both good and bad, but they will totally catch you off guard.


Sagittarius – The sun is going into Aries. This is a good thing for you because it adds strength to your character. You are strong, determined, and bright this week. This is good because without your will and strength of character you might have been heading for a losing venture. So use this burst of energy to keep up the good work because you are being tested by those that matter (bosses, clients, ect) to see if you can handle the pressures and responsibilities. You have so much to do, to solve, to create. The more you can personally do the better. There are times to rely on others, but this is not one of those times. This is a do it yourself, tighten your belt, and flex your muscles time. With this abundance of energy it is time to make things happen.


Capricorn – You are moving towards a conflict between your home and family desires and your personal plans. This is a tough one as you feel an intensity to further your career plans and work towards your aspirations; however, your home and family do not want you to go in the direction you are choosing. They are making things tough, and are saying that they have your best intention in mind. Since this is your family and your home life this is not something you can walk away from. Things are uncomfortable right now, and you are able to survive with your balancing act. You better figure out some way of bridging these two areas, or prepare for some difficulties. You may have to make a stand soon. Figure out where you want to be, and move forward with your decision.


Aquarius – This is a week to focus on yourself. Do not make commitments with other people, or with your time. If it doesn’t feel right, or feels a bit forced then definitely wait or reschedule for another week. This week should give you an added boost of energy. Good thing you have a lot of energy because your to-do lists are piling up. There is so much stuff to do. Try to spend a lot of time by yourself working on your errands, and if you happen to be around other people just be careful with how you are communicating. There can be some very unexpected consequences if you lose your head and get angry. Everything is being shaken, and things are changing dramatically. Try to have a mix of flexibility while not compromising your ideals. You are on a short journey. Things will even out, and get better. Just be prepared to wait.


Pisces – Chances are your finances, and your stuff are on your mind and in focus now. You have had some of bad luck with things breaking, things needing fixing, or just finances in general. Try to stay ahead of these things because this area of your stuff and your finances is very combustible. The less risk you have the better. You are also around some people that are just having a hard time taking care of themselves. They seem to be on a decent track to turning their life around, but it is very slow. This affects you because you are reliant on them and their words. You have your doubts whether they can play ball, and can be reliant.  I would give them about two weeks and they should be on the up and up. If they are not perhaps this is a game changer. You might need to make some backup plans, or negotiate better terms with them.








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