Weekly Horoscopes February 4 to February 11

Weekly Horoscopes February 4th to February 11th

Aries: Don’t push too hard this week. This is due to the nature of your ruling planet Mars. It’s in the solar 12th house of self undoing, hidden things, deep secrets including secret enemies, and unraveling of life to get glimpses into the mystical dimensions. Usually you can push through anything. Fighting and overcoming is huge strength of yours. However not this week. You need to be careful of how you approach things. You want to be careful of your tactics, and how you attack problems. You have an ability of doing a bit of damage to your reputation and of bringing unwanted attention to you. It’s similar to Adam Smith’s invisible hand – Except its guiding you through issues of the soul: like sorrow, loss, and making them a new strength. Due to the nature of your Mars you are somewhat more antagonistic. It’s nothing that you are doing its more of scent you’re giving off. People will just go at you during this time -try not to retaliate as it will make things worse. You just want to be extra careful during this time and remember that this too shall pass, roughly around when Mars goes into Aries in March 12th 2013. This should be a time for a bit of a hibernation and a lot of self reflection. It’s a week to retreat into your private domain and do some active soul searching – Just not too much as those activities can get very murky very quickly.

Taurus: Welcome to the most active time of the year for you; At least one of the most active times of the year. Basically your ruling planet Venus, The attractive essence that brings you what you desire, is at the top of the solar chart. This puts a glamour and an emphasis on everything you do. You are in the spotlight whether you like it or not. Everything you do will be scrutinized, weighed, and measured. You can barely go to the bathroom without someone asking where you are going. It really depends on what you do with this spotlight. You can really boost your career status and gain some great brownie points. Partnerships will be the top issue right now, and with that comes the element of trust. This will be important whether people are placing their trust in you and whether you can place your trust in them. You may get people doubting you during this time, just prove them wrong with your actions. Make sure you are patting yourself on the back and being grateful of where you are and how much effort it took to get there. Just give yourself some time to convey where you have come from. The vantage point does not get much higher than this.

Gemini: Jupiter went Direct January 30 2013. Jupiter is in your sign of Gemini right now. Jupiter is the planet of Beliefs, luck, and good fortune. It gives and takes away fortunes to test one’s faith. When Jupiter goes retrograded it generally says “Ok, so you belive in this and you say you have faith in your belief structure -Prove it to me as I’ll take away what has been sustaining your beliefs”. Since Jupiter went direct you can now move forward with issues that have been internally festering since October 4 2012. This is a freeing energy as you have been tested in areas of faith and finding purpose since October. The main issue this week is feeling of two minds about things. You are heading into new territory, and you are debating how much of your prior life you want to bring along. There’s been a lot of wisdom that you have picked up during this Jupiter transit. It is not always pretty, but the good news is what you do now will echo for eternity. Well at least 12 years. You are rebuilding your image in an ideal fashion. There are things you want to reach for. Things that you expect to happen – that you now have to make happen. Jupiter is really into Fake it until you Make it. This is uncomfortable for Geminis as we tend to like to think about the tangents and the loopholes that finding solid ground can be tricky. Gemini’s try to think about things from 10 different vantage points at the same time. Try walking and chewing gum with that much brain activity -Challenging to say the least. Tangents are not where you want to be right now. You really want to Fake it, and with this added luck and potential that is starting to move things in the right direction until June 26th when Jupiter leaves Gemini. You honestly have nowhere to go but UP. Take some risks and know that you are protected as the all mighty Zeus. He has your back.

Cancer: Dear Cancer this week brings out some of the hidden more uncomfortable areas of life. This is about the solar eighth house:Sex,death, other peoples money. This can deal with feelings of not owning things, being partnered to someone that holds all the resources and you have to play their game to get what is owed you. There can be an idea of making a deal with the devil this week. I would say that things are not as bad as they might appear. Puss has to come out before the healing starts. This happens to be one of those times. Sometimes things need to be messy so that you get motivated to change things. You are in a brave new world as the world has always been both old and brand new. This is due to the death and rebirth cycles. You are in a mini rebirth cycle. This particular cycle is about making hard choices about partners and what you desire. You may have to put off some goals and desires as they are unsustainable now. This is probably due to some unexpected setbacks that came from some hard choices. You had to choose one of two paths, and it has been really difficult. You might have felt like you had to give up too much. All things pass, and what is happening now is you are heading into unfamiliar territory. Its much better than it seems just let the fog clear – Things will get brighter soon, perhaps as early as February 19. That is when you realize you didn’t give up as much as you originally thought.

Leo: This week is really all about your relationship to others. There is a need to partner up this week. It can be slightly uncomfortable because you are in your opposite season, and it may not be altogether a comfortable position – having to rely on others. You feel that you make the personal difference, and that individuals are really important. This is not the case with Aquarius. You become a star in a sky of many many stars. The importance is on the community and how it affects people. Individuals come and go, but community and their living breathing consciousness remains and is stronger than a single person. This 180 degree opposition can make things very black or white – pushing things to a make or break point. Issues like joint resources and partner concerns are highlighted: things you need to work on or things that would make your intimate relationships feel better. This can come across as recreating why they are so important to you. Why they make you feel important. This can come across as the exact opposite. That someone is not what you wanted. If you explore this option be prepared for fireworks. There is an aspect of open conflicts that happen in this placement. The emphasis this week is to find what other people need from you. With the placements this week there is an aspect here of projection. I generally do not quote sites but ill make an exception. Psychological projection or projection bias is a psychological defense mechanism where a person subconsciously denies his or her own attributes, thoughts, and emotions, which are then ascribed to the outside world, usually to other people. Thus, projection involves imagining or projecting the belief that others originate those feelings (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psychological_projection). Basically this week you can really create stories about others with them taking no part in them at all. Try to not do that. This week can be very fun, just be careful is all I am saying.

Virgo: People need your help more than usual. You have to be clever this week because their situations will be throwing you a bit loopy. This week is really about work, health, and service. You might feel a bit like the errand boy/girl, but remember they would be in a lot of trouble without you. Just make sure you are not doing their work for them. You get to play to the role of good cop – bad cop, soldier in arms and the enemy that creates the catalyst of change. Basically you are doing everything, but honestly what is new? There is a tension between pursuing your personal dreams and fulfilling obligations and oaths you have taken towards business partners and intimate lovers. This tension swings a bit towards your career and dreams this week. You do need to pursue your destiny especially because Jupiter went direct in Gemini on January 30 2013. So that means that your faith in what you can accomplish and fulfilling your true destiny is big this week. When Jupiter goes retrograded it generally says “Ok, so you believe in this, and you say you have faith in your belief structure -Prove it to me as I take away what has been sustaining your beliefs”. Since Jupiter went direct you can now move forward with issues that have been internally festering since October 4 2012. You can take care of your duties and move forward with your future. It will be tricky, but without the struggle how could you master anything? We all know how well you do things; now the only change is you should be developing skills that benefit you and your new career possibilities.

Libra: Your partner is in your heart, and is your creative pursuit this week. Specifically they are bringing fun your way. They are in the business of providing delights to you; plus they have a strong doting quality this week. So make sure you take advantage of this time to really bring out the romance. It’s a great time to get out and find a partner if you do not have one. The bigger the event the better as potential mates will recognize you and be more attractive to you than normal. The romance should be steamy and very fun, but they will also offer many other things this week. They will be seeking to better themselves through knowledge and wisdom. So you may want to have some deeper conversations about life with them as they are amped to explore. Be prepared for some unexpected surprises as you are putting off some very attractive and energy at this time. You get to be the unique exotic one this week so take full advantage and glam up.

Scorpio: Things have been intense and will continue until Saturn Leaves Scorpio on December 23, 2014. Saturn is the bringer of tests and trials. It brings heaviness as it literally places the world and all it’s gravity on your shoulders. There really are not many signs that can take the pressure, but Scorpios sure can. In fact you might be shrugging the weight at the end of 2014. However, this week you need to pursue happiness. You need to clear your head from the heaviness and just let loose a bit. You should be doing things that are aesthetically pleasing and quite active so you can burn your excess energy such as: working out, going dancing, going to sporting events like hockey or Nba games, or some form of party where you can let your hair down. You should get out in a large group of friends and/or a community you are familiar to. The larger the better at the moment. Some other activities that will be important are issues regarding children and romance. There is not a better time to start to date someone, or to go on dates with your significant lover. Just do something unique or something that gets you out of the normal routine. Give your potential date or partner a mission. Tell them to plan the best night for you. Let them work out the details. They will be more than willing to please, and it should be quite fun for both of you.

Sagittarius: So things are getting back on track in a big way. Your ruling planet of Jupiter is now Direct. Jupiter went Direct January 30 2013. Jupiter is the planet of Beliefs, luck, and good fortune. It gives and takes away fortunes to test one’s faith. When Jupiter goes retrograded it generally says “Ok, so you belive in this and you say you have faith in your belief structure -Prove it to me as I’ll take away what has been sustaining your beliefs”. Since Jupiter went direct you can now move forward with issues that have been internally festering since October 4 2012. As for this week Life is going well. There is a rush to this week. That is because Jupiter woke up from its slumber in the 3rd house of communication, buying and selling, and just plain making lists and crossing them off -There is a hustle and bustle to this house. It’s time to get your ducks in a row. Life is busier, but you would not want it any other way because the backward momentum is ending so getting things moving smoothly will be very good. There is an element of recreating and reinterpreting your life. So get to it. Your protector and coach is back in your corner and definitely is looking out for you again.

Capricorn: This should be a good stabilizing week for you especially as you are doing things to take a bit more control over your life. You can really see your efforts manifest and grow in a big way now. This does not make it easier, or takes any of the load off. It does not make it manageable. If there was no struggle you wouldn’t get your trophies for being better than everyone else. It is your time now, honestly as you are in season. So everything you do will be easier and a bit more crisp. You can do more with less at this time of year. Try not to spread yourself too thin during this time, but try to maximize your potentials to get the most bang for your buck. Make sure to have some sort of nest egg for rainy funds. With this placement there may be some unexpected expenses that happen, but with a little bit of planning its nothing that you cannot handle.

Aquarius:The year gets easier from here on out. You are past the rough patch of the year around December 20th to January 20th 2012, and you are now into the self actualization part of the solar chart. It’s can be odd how so much of this week will be about relating to other people. The relating is all about how other people relate to you; how they fit into your plans. This week is really about you, and how tough it can be to assert your control in life. You are primarily an other person sign. It comes from being an Air sign. You are about the architecture of friends and the larger community. So choosing and focusing on yourself can be somewhat tricky. It should not be this week however; there should be an element of attracting what you desire to you whether that is about relationships or a new contact. They will have a hard time resisting you this week. So make the most of it. You go to be a bit active with this. It’s similar to fishing with the best bait. Life comes at people in funny ways, and with you in particular it’s more ski-wonkus. Life brings unconventional unexpected things your way. The good news is this week you are prepared for anything. This is primarily because you are in your season. It lets you do more with less effort. People will also recognize you more than usual, and may also expect more from you as well. You will easily rise to their standards and exceed them just as quickly this week.

Pisces: People are coming at you this week. They are asking your advice, mostly, although they might get a bit hostile and intense. Probably the best bet is to ask them to cool their jets; chances are you do not want to get into the ring with them. Either way they have turned a corner and are in a new situation that is so unknown to them. It’s challenging, and they know you have been here, or at least understand what they are going through. You are safe to them. Remember you are in control here and its up to you to decide if they are worth helping – It will take some effort. Besides this there is a very strong home kick this week. It’s about home life: mainly cleaning and decluttering. Home represents your foundation and you are in a perfect situation to make some upgrades to both. This is particularly the case because your ruling planet of Jupiter went Direct January 30 2013. So that means that your faith that has been tested will now be rewarded. When Jupiter goes retrograded it generally says “Ok, so you believe in this and you say you have faith in your belief structure -Prove it to me as I take away what has been sustaining your beliefs”. Since Jupiter went direct you can now move forward with issues that have been internally festering since October 4 2012. Get a move on – You deserve it.

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