Weekly Horoscopes February 25 to March 04 2013

Weekly Horoscopes February 25 to March 04 2013

Aries: This week can bring out some of the worst in you. This is because people are challenging you, and you job efficiency. They probably are trying to motivate you, but it might just piss you off. Part of this is you feel a bit immobilized. this is because of the Mercury retrograde and all the murkiness this week holds. This murkiness is churning a lot of your pent up emotion. This will hit at soft spots where you have stuffed and repressed things. This should become more apparent next week. This may make you feel unsure of yourself. This is a temporary setback. Next week Mars your ruling planet will go into your sign Aries on March 12th. This will bring a mini rebirth as you will feel more charged and raring to go.

Taurus: Material concerns will be highlighted now. You’re not in trouble its just to get your guard up as you might need to get another revenue stream going, and / or cut away some of the resources you do not need. This week Venus goes into Pisces. This is a very good thing. Venus is exalted in Pisces which means it is at its highest potential and at its most omnipotent. However this week you kind of get carried away in the nebulous waters of Pisces as there are 5 planets in Pisces each pulling at you. This week might trigger some older wounds in yourself and others. You definitely will be playing shrink to friends this week so prepare for some long talks. All the water will not let you off the hook with a smart practical answer. they want to whine and unload, and you are there for them to do it. Perhaps try giving them a time frame? Next week will be all about showcasing your magic and attractive quality as only a Venus can offer.

Gemini: This is an up and down week. This week houses some very high highs and some low lows. It is this very peak and valleys that this retrograde is acting in. This week however is not the most pleasant week for you. This week will be very circular. In the sense that past hurts and older memories of lack are stiring your unconscious waters. This is actually a good thing as you have an opportunity to wash away the unhealthy deep recesses. This week will also be a bit murky and nebulous, and there is not a whole lot to make it more clear. Next week will give you a focal point in which you can push forward in.

Cancer: This week starts off with a Full Moon in Virgo. A full moon is a good thing for you. It’s when you’re peaking. You are in control as everyone else feels a bit overwhelmed. You are in your element. However, the moon this week is in opposition to 5 planets and a Mercury Retrograde. The Moon ends with a Square to the same stuff on Sunday. What this means is this will be a challenging week for you. The Virgo Full Moon can bring body questions and body image questions to light. The best of this would be you start a health kick, and start taking supplements and vitamins. The worse could make you feeling gross and could bring a sickness either mentally or physically. Try to take it easy on yourself. You might want to ask your friends and loved ones how they see you. They will tell you the truth that you are in fact beautiful and wonderful. These intense feelings will begin to end on Wednesday then Sunday will bring a kind of nebulous feeling of not knowing what you need to do. Sunday will bring an us against them feeling and will make you want to be anywhere but where you are at. Next week should be a bit easier and more manageable for you.

Leo: You are cresting the wave. You had a big opportunity fall into your lap last week. This opportunity came out of the blue. It is very similar to a test run. You are very much playing with the big fish now. You need to be a bit more dominate and show other people that you are not one to be messed with. Just remember slow and steady this week. You do not want to move to fast as you are heading into unfamiliar territory. Just be observant and let everyone else make the mistakes around you, and more than likely they will unravel around you.

Virgo: The beginning of the week until Wednesday could be a challenging. This is due to a Full Moon in your sign Virgo. This is a challenging Moon as it is opposite 5 planets and the retrograde in Pisces. Needless to say Last Saturday until about Wednesday will be intense. There could be issues with the bosses and authority in your life second guessing you. The retrograde will also scramble your thinking making normal tasks longer and more arduous. However it will probably affect your body. You may get a small head cold or minor aches. This should end mid week.  This week the Pisces stellium (3 or more planets in one sign) is in the house of partner and open enemies. This may make it a bit challenging to get on the same page with your partner. But honestly I don’t think partners will be the issue this week. This week open enemies can run rampant. meaning if you say the wrong thing, drop the ball, or do not do what you promised you will get more animosity and ire than usual. So you need to slow down and focus. This week will probably be the worst of the retrograde for you, honestly. Next week will get a bit better. Just an FYI the ending of this week should begin the dangling of two options. You can only choose one, but both will be tempting. Do take your time to choose.

Libra: This should be a very good week for you. Your ruling planet of Venus is going into Pisces. This is a wondrous time. You are so much stronger. You fulfill all sorts of fantasies. People will be attracted to what you have. Whether you are selling products, selling your romance, or just working. You will be irresistible. You have a pull that quite literally will stir the unconscious emotional depths of other. This is because Pisces is the strongest and most active place for Venus to be. You will also be 4 moves ahead of other peoples power plays. They will get sloppy during this Mercury retrograde time and you will get more collected and more powerful every day. The beginning of the week and the end will be the strongest times. Its not all roses, but some weeks things are good until other people predominantly Gemini’s and Aries come knocking around. This is due to the placement of their planets.

Scorpio: There is very much the idea of fighting for your personal rights. You have been in positions of being the strength for others and inspiring them. This is because they see you as such massive source of inspiration much like a mother or father. You are in an authority position over a lot of your friends. The issue is you may have begun second guessing their opinions of you. You are very much redefining yourself, but you can’t exactly show this uneasiness to other people. It is a very interesting conundrum you have found yourself in. The good news is you have a very large support system that is there for you. You can let your guard down a bit around them, they can also inspire you to get to the core of yourself. There is a need to create that is screaming to come out. This week is really about finding better coping skills and seeing if you can find better ways to let off steam. There is very much the idea of love finding you. You may not be ready for it. One never is. It is nice to know that someone can love you so deeply even if they are tied up with other things. There is a lot of romance that this week can offer. This week also asks you to be more dominate. You are reasserting your strength. There may be many cases where you may need to sit on a child, tell a spouse that you have your own activities you would rather pursue, or tell a dog to sit for the millionth time. This need of reasserting your personal power will be very strong at the beginning of the week. The romance will be strongest from Thursday through the weekend. There is a big idea of being lost to sea. Things will get much clearer the weekend especially Monday March 4th onward.

Sagittarius: This is very much a mulligan or do over to this week. You have been in a similar position of raising your standards. Of building your foundation. You have been here before. The last time you did not save and reinforce yourself enough. You went too hard and too fast. So you got what you wanted only to lose it in a an uncomfortable fashion. There is a pent up hurt, a wound that has not healed. This can very much be a physical condition, but it is linked to your mental states. There is a frailty that has stated that as soon as you really get going strongly something comes and derails your momentum. Well this is no longer the case. What needs to happen is for you to focus more on sustainability. This is a time to edit what you want and really focus on what you need. It’s a building time. You will want to speed thing along – Don’t. Steady is what you are looking for. There will be plenty of change coming your direction. It can be as soulful climb upward. This week things seem pretty sporadic and a bit nebulous. Let it. Things will start sorting themselves out next week starting March 3rd and 4th. This week take the nebulous mysterious and a bit murky feelings and sit with them. Take this time to focus on what you did wrong before so that you can fix them and really rise with the tide. There is a lot of unknown that this retrograde brings. let them sort themselves out. Utilize a little faith and start treading in the deep waters as you will figure out which island paradise you want to land on only by swimming with the waves.

Capricorn: There is not enough time to do what you need to do this week. Things are a bit hectic. However there is an easing that comes with this week. You can see where all your hard work is taking you. Plus you get to share your thoughts and intentions with people that need to hear your message. This should also be a week of enjoyment – So definitely love it while it lasts. All this does not help the work load, but if you didn’t have something to build around then life would be boring and a bit pointless. There is the idea of really going to your depths and seeing where you want to be. This is akin to literally seeing a wish bloom up around you. This week you should get to let off some steam; not to mention it should give you some time to reflect on where you have come from.

Aquarius: There is a need to assert personal control over your life. Things are sort of everywhere, and this week you will need to reign things in. There is a disrupting force that is threatening to take your stuff away. This is more of a doubt or urge to keep you pushing forward hard. There is really nothing major that will affect you. If anything it’s your essence that is rocking the boat. People are not prepared for your skills especially when you exert your presence as you will be amped to do; you are normally so cool and collected on the exterior that many people will not understand the sudden change. You are up to anything this week throws at you. You are like a boxer weaving and bobbing dodging the haymakers. To hit a right hook of your own. Sure there might be a bit of melancholy, but nothing too serious. This week you should get to let off some steam; not to mention it should give you some time to reflect on where you have come from.

Pisces: You are in your season and time of year. This means that things are easier and you can do more with less. Venus the planet of love and beauty is heading into your sign. This brings a sensual magnetism to you. You are even more attractive than normal, and if you want something to happen chances are you can push it through now. This week does begin with a Full Moon in Virgo. What this does is start the week with some intensity. It is powerful and is opposite from you. It brings a make or break element your way. What can happen is people can come at your fairly hard. They may be upset with some aspect of you. This is nothing to do with what you are doing. It’s more you are a mirror or reflection of their issues. This week will be mostly a good week although it will be an emotional twister. It’s like a hose that was kinked, building pressure, as the water will spill out. It’s mostly going to be in your favor. Just play it off you are in season after all. No one can really touch you now as you are larger than life.

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