Weekly Horoscopes February 11 to February 18 2013

Weekly Horoscopes February 11 to February 18

Aries: The one constant this week is that you cannot control how you are perceived. Everything you do will be lumped together with all sorts of ulterior motives. Due to the placement of Mars, your ruling planet in the house of slavery, self undoing, addiction, and secret enemies among other things. This will cause people to  project all sorts of things unto you. Just focus on being your best, and try to ignore the silly antics of other people during this time. It will be a better use of your energy than playing detective and getting involved into other peoples drama. Also take this time to deal with any inner demons and fears. There is not a better time to wrestle free of past limitations. Mars cuts and drives, and there is a lot of momentum for self betterment. This way when you begin moving forward there will not be anything clinging onto your back dragging you back from whence you came. In a sense you can be a tabula rasa next month – You can be clean and clear once spring hits.

Taurus:There is no let up this week. Just the constant relentlessness; showing up is just not good enough.
It’s a Venus square Saturn thing – This creates a struggle that you cannot walk away from. There is a struggle between wanting to be comfortable and secure in your ability and being the shining star – the beacon and example for others to aspire to.  It may not be that extreme, but plenty of people are seeing your accomplishments and saying they want more from you. Not to mention that you’re “Good Enough” measuring gauge has skyrocketed. This may include your personal “Is my work good enough” gauge, but more likely it by the bosses, the authority, and pretty much anyone who is important in your life deciding that your work is not good enough or that you can do much better. They are prodding you, agitating you, pushing you towards the best you can be. Little do they know that this is the wrong method to get you to do anything. In fact, if it were not for the necessity that this week holds you would put the brakes on this whole ordeal. I don’t know many things that bug you more than people telling you what to do by telling you how wrong you are doing them. The spotlight eases up next week; just make it there and you can begin getting back to the way things should be – You doing what you need to how you want to without everyone being in your business.

Gemini: There is a duality that this week holds. It is like you are holding yourself back while wanting the best future you can have. You are not all in on anything. You are like the dreamer who is scared to really dream big, or like the poet who is afraid to write. There are plenty of reasons for this anxiety – A good 2-2 1/2 years of setback after setback for starters. However, you cannot let past hurts bound you to an unhappy tentatively dull future. You have the option of being truly happy, utterly fulfilled, and building a career and life that holds this wonderful quality in its DNA. However you have to envision it before hands. Flying by the seat of your pants will not work. Next week you will begin the descent into your soul that will forced you to really dream and soul search for what you could get out of life. You might as well start now. It will be easier as the Mercury Retrograde that begins on the 23rd and will begin its backwards decent that will force you to rethink and revisit your destiny. It will makes you go there blindly if you don’t begin to look with your eyes open now. I like to have an idea of where I am going – I feel it makes things easier…So make sure things are solid now before the slowing begins. Get your ducks in a row this week you will be glad you did next week.

Cancer: You need to be imagining, exploring, daydreaming. You have not been doing enough of that, and  more than likely How can you follow your dreams if you do not have solid narrative for how it should go? Well good news there is a Mercury Retrograde that will actually do wonders for your temperament and your story. It will get you to revisit these private dreams and yearnings. You will reemerge with a cornucopia of wealth and memories that will guide your path. Part of this exploration has to be active. You have to be doing something to really tap into the part of you that has the answers. Doing something mindless or based on your muscle memory will free your mind and soul to dance with the cosmos. If you are pent up not during this upcoming retrograde this time will be brutal. Journaling or some activity that forces critical thought can also be a good idea. You need to put yourself in unfamiliar situations that will force you to expand and grow. The more scary and unfamiliar the better during this time. This will also unlock some of your hidden potential. This week acts as a catalyst on many levels for you. Let it do its job, and get out of the way through some activity that holds your fancy.

Leo: This is a Watery week. Feelings and memories will dominate this week. Your memories will be less reflections and more fresh and alive. They will ache for your energy, and make small things seem more intense as they join the ride. Think of your memories and feelings like you would a third wheel on a date. They will likely make this week a bit awkward. If you cry during dinner or talk back to the TV during a favorite drama – think nothing of it. This is especially the case as you have things that needs to end. This is something private, and may be some sort of addictive quality attached to this week. It can deal with coping skills of yours that are time wasting or not productive. Any thing that makes you feel icky and a bit like a slave to a habit is what we are looking to end. It may be in regards to a partnership, intimate friendship, and oaths to another need to end. The other side of it is, you can very much be the catalyst of ending. Thus the addictiveness and private feelings may be based on or about you. You may have to pull the plug to an old fling, or odd friend who is not on the same page about your friendship. During this week you are like a lightning bolt: shocking and surprising. There can be a need to rock the boat just to shake things up. But the best use of this ability is correctionary. You can readjust the fool and knock an egotistical maniac off their high horse with your expedient one liners and revolutionary advice. Just know that the power and truth that you wield now can make some strong enemies. Try watching for that.

Virgo: This should be a pleasant week. There will be a lot of hard work, but that is not unheard of. I think you like a good days work – The better the sweat and the workout the better the day. I think you should reward yourself as your health should be optimum. Try to be grateful for your body because we can take it for granted especially when it is being good and healthy. Besides that I would get your things ready and get you life into as much order as possible. This is Mercuries last week before the Mercury Retrograde of next week begins on the 23rd. You may start feeling it as early as Tuesday 19th or Wednesday 20th of next week. So if possible you want to push through all the negotiations, and try to sign contracts before the 23rd – do it. The longer you wait the more likely it will get convoluted and messy. Also look for this week to begin to slow down especially from Friday onward into next week. The pace of life is going to take a breather is all. Just watch out for unexpected events happening at work. This will predominantly be about co workers and workers under you as they keep messing up things. It’s nothing that can not be fixed, but it may keep you on your toes. I think you will get a lot of people asking you to play clean up. Just make sure you are getting something for it. Your amazing work ethic can be taken advantage of, especially with a placement like this.

Libra:There is a test brewing this week. It has reared its head for the last time last week. This struggle is between Saturn in Scorpio and Venus in Aquarius. Saturn is the authoritarian, heavy handed energy that pushes you and prods you to be yours best by tests and trials that brings one out of pubenency into adulthood through rites of passage. Venus in Aquarius is all about relating to society. What are the principles and guidelines that run through each society. What is the grand architecture that keeps things moving. With Venus in Aquarius the individual is but a spot of dust in a cosmo of cogs and rules. Finding the beauty is easy finding the individual is the hard part with this placement. This test can bleed over to over areas like your finances. It can ask the question of what you really own, including your finances vs you wanting to have fun with your partner no matter the price tag.  Another take is you are fighting for control vs your children’s/ partner’s need to express their voice. They are fighting your voice of reason, and you may need to put on the iron glove to maintain the order. Part of this might be the feeling of being beholden to other people and needing to needing to express your heart even if you need shock people into listen. This is not the week for being timid as you may be needed to be the mover and shaker. It feels like someone is taking advantage of your hospitality, and they need to know that justice holds no one above truth. That breaking rules and oaths have consequences and you are the person to show them this.

Scorpio: Home is both secure and it’s a place to regain your strength. If you’re not as out and about as you would like, its fine. Sometimes we have to regain our strength strength especially since you are going through so many changes. What is going on is akin to shedding of an old identity. This is similar to how a snake sheds its skin or even how we humans lose and regrow our skin every 7 years. Just plan to get out at least 1 or 2 days this week to do something you enjoy. It will help. Although the new identy is tough as metormisises always take a dieing and a recombining that is truly brutal – Just ask a butterfly as its entire essence melts down into liquid only to reform as a butterfly. Your change is not that extreme yet. So keep up the fun and adventuring of last week. You need some more glorified unadulterated fun and enjoyment to go with the bitterness.

Sagittarius:  You are of two minds this week. One mind that is rising and very optimistic, and the other descending with doubts and fears. In June your backslide will be over. Its hard to imagine as the past 2 years have had change after change each moment of stability seemed to be built on iffy ground. This is over. Optimism is really the best medicine this week. Try not to let your past guide your future actions. Next week there is a Mercury Retrograde that will force you to revisit issues that are foundational to where you’re going. Your core is being strengthened; just like abs every rep is painful, but the its is pain builds a toned body that lets you do so much. Take this week before the retrograde to make a bucket list of things you want to / need to change. Choose what aspects of your life needs to end. The key is you need to find issues that are conflicts that are emotional and raw. Something that takes a lot of your conscious energy that needs to be cut and should be broken. Something that is so near ending, but feels like you never escape its clutch. That is always the key to something that is about to end – Pure unadulterated dread that it will never end. Start writing a list or brainstorming. It will make the next 3 weeks much more manageable.

Capricorn: Your troubled set of friends, the ones that say they need your advice and then fail to use it, are really ready to listen to reason right now. They are confused and you can light the way out of their dilemmas. People and friends are more willing to listen to common sense during this time. Harp on things that need to change for their life to get better. They will understand not having enough and needing to make sacrifices this week. They honestly will listen. You really want to decide how much energy you are willing to give to their drama. You do not have much left from all your errands and the hustle and bustle of things this week. You are busy. Work is pushing you, and there is not really a let off at home. You need all of your mental dexterity to maintain the steady rise. You have a good mess to organise and there already is not enough time. Perhaps you can give them a 30 minute window if they are really important to you. Make sure you give them a limit otherwise you can be lost in their ocean pulled out into sea by their intense riptides.

Aquarius: This week is all about Venus Rising – Venus is the Goddess of Love and Beauty and she attracts desire and is often the object of longing. This idea of being wanted is definitely out there this week. The attraction should be mostly positive, but some of the attraction will be about doubts and  fears. People wondering if you can do what you say. People wondering if they can trust you. People are just a bit cautious of you in general because they don’t know what to make of you – You’re a wild card and that can be unnerving. It’s really nothing you did, and more an uneasy feeling that they are going through. Besides that there is also the idea of a makeover. You are in the process of getting your glam on. You need to become more sexy and this week should spur you on with that, because it is not only feel right, but the positive reactions will be quite immediate.

Pisces: This week you hold an emotional resonance and enchantment that holds sway on everyone you come in contact with. It’s like you are unlock a distant memory, unconscious fantasy, or you become a fantasy for someone else. Your attraction level is very high. I would say that everyone you come in contact with will go in two directions: slightly aggravated and elevated tempers or you become a beacon for those around you – Raising their feelings. You will either take them higher or you will drag them down by tell them enough is enough. The tricky situation is you are not in charge of how they perceive you, or how the event will unfold. To make it a bit more complicated Mars the planet of aggression and conflict is putting a flammatory energy into the mix. Other people can take a harsh or dark to their projections onto you. It’s like you are reminding someone of when they were wronged or stifled. What you can control is your response: Will you be forgiving or swift and decisive. It’s really one of those either or weeks. So prepare yourself for both sides of the coin this week, and decide what you want you game plan to be.

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