Weekly Horoscopes 2011

I began my Weekly Horoscopes in 2011. This was after two years studying from my Astrology Mentor Christopher Renstrom from Rulingplanets.com. At the beginning this was an experiment to see if I would have enough discipline to do it. It was a way for me to rewire my brain, and really work on clarifing what I actually wanted to say. Christopher is an amazing teacher who holds classes and gives lectures at a national level. He has made his home in Salt Lake City which I am so grateful for. He has helped me express my love of Astrology and love of helping other into a cohesive package that is getting better each week. My original work is pretty bad, but I think it is fun to see where I came from. My newer work is better, more clear, and a higher quality than my older work. It also has a 150 word limit. Lord knows my mind could use some focus, and and the 150 words helps foster focus to my Astrology Column along with my everyday life.


Weekly Astrology – May 30th to June 6th 2011


Weekly Astrology – June 6 to June 13 2011


Weekly Astrology – June 13 to June 20th 2011


Weekly Astrology -  June 20 to June 27th 2011


Weekly Astrology – June 27 to July 4th 2011


Weekly Astrology – July 4th to July 11th 2011


Weekly Astrology – July 11th to July 18th 2011


Weekly Astrology – July 18th to July 25th 2011


Weekly Astrology – July 25th to August 1st 2011


Weekly Astrology – August 1st to August 8th 2011


Weekly Astrology -  August 8th to 15th 2011

Weekly Astrology – August 15th to 22th 2011


Weekly Astrology – August 22th to 29th 2011


 Weekly Astrology – August 29th to September 5th


 Weekly Astrology September 5 to September 12 – 2011


 Weekly Astrology September 12 to September 19 2011


Weekly Astrology September 19 to 26 of September  2011


Weekly Astrology September 26 to October 3 2011

Weekly Astrology October 3 to October 10 2011

Weekly Astrology October 10 to October 17 2011

Weekly Astrology October 17 to October 24 2011

Weekly Astrology October 24 to October 31 2011

Weekly Astrology October 31 to November 7 2011

 Weekly Astrology November 7 to November 14 2011

Weekly Astrology November 14 to November 21 2011

 Weekly Astrology November 21 to November 28 2011

 Weekly Astrology November 28 to December 5 2011

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