Weekly Horoscope March 04 to March 11 2013

Weekly Horoscope March 04 to March 11 2013


So I am sorry. I have been sick since last Sunday. I have not been this sick in like 10 years. 

So this week will not be complete as I spent most of the week on my bed sleeping.

Sun conjoins Mercury Monday, and then Mercury conjoins Venus on Thursday the 7th.
That the Mercury Retrograde finally has a narrative. Something will become apparent: a memory, something a sibling says will hit home, or you will get a dream that feels so right. Regardless how it happens it is divinely inspired. The Sun shines light and illuminates truth, and it is coming towards Mercury the planet of the Mind, thinking, and of expressing what is on your mind. So chances are you need to re-express admiration for a partner or gratitude for something in your life. There is probably something that is hitting your heart that needs to be addressed and this is the best week for that. Then
Venus the planet of partnerships and love conjoins Mercury on the 7th. This would be the best day to communicate anything difficult especially any relationship building or fixing things. It is the best day to talk to a partner. There need to be rethinking how you attract and what you are attracting. So keep an eye on these dates because the pattern or cycle will repeat at least one other time during the retrograde.

So watch out for these dates. This is a releasing week. It is like a release valve. Pressure should build and build releasing as soon as Mars goes into Aries on Saturday. You’ll feel re-energized and really good once that happens.

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