Weekly Astrology – August 1st to August 8th 2011

Weekly Astrology – August 1st to August 8th 2011


Mercury is going into retrograde this week. Mercury normally rules your mind and how you communicate. It is the god that can go anywhere heaven, hell, and the human realm and come back. It is known as the networking planet because he is interested in other people why they think and act the way they do. Mercury is fleet of foot and handles mental prowess and hand to eye dexterity. It also rules sibling stuff. When Mercury goes into retrograde it is a slowing down time and an inward experience. It went into retrograde on August 1st and will end August 25th.

Your mind is slowing down and thinking is a bit harder. Describing thing in language is more difficult. Your dexterity is slowing down. Tensions are abound and anxiety is in the air. Do be on the watch for thievery because mercury rules the shop keep and in a retrograde the shop lifter. Thieves come out in droves during this time. Do be careful where you leave your things especially because you may forget where you left it. Confusion is abound so do try not to sign contracts or negotiate and complex deals. Facts more than likely will not tell the whole truth as you may not understand all the circumstances.  These are the negative aspects. The positive aspects are it is a great time to slow down and focus on yourself again. This can be expressed as focusing on daily tasks like bills and appointments that need to be done and have been put off. It can be expressed as a strong need to organize your life in a better more efficient way. Which if you are focusing on this can be quite helpful and help spring board you forward for when the retrograde stops. The retrograde for the next 3 weeks is good for seeing people you have not seen in a very long time, and getting back in contact with old friends and acquaintances.

This week the retrograde is mixing with two energies one very combustible and one being a time of great enjoyment and beauty. This is either really messy or a fantastic time for personal growth. To keep it from being messy be careful over power struggles with authority (bosses, or police) as they can go from 0 to combust very quickly. This can become a standoff which neither party will win (think cold war). If things gets extreme you may just need to give up since it will be easier. You may have moments of rash impulsive behavior. This may come from holding onto these things that are not working. Try to release things. The other side is you may feel great pleasure in helping loved ones and partners. Try to stay positive and look for the beauty in everyday life. If you can foster a little bit of self discipline this can be a great week for fun and internal growth.

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