Weekly Astrology – August 8th to 15th 2011

Weekly Astrology – August 8th to 15th 2011


Aries – This may feel like the most important time of your life as you are now putting your mark on the world. This feels both heavy and exhilaration. The basic idea is you want to create something that lasts the tests of time. You want to make a difference, and making some money sounds nice also. You have a wonderful dream that you can actualize, but do be careful about how you go forward. There can be tendencies to dominate and control others because it is easier than having others get in your way. Also do not cut corners, and be ethical because if you do not karma will catch up with you. It is too easy to view others as sheep to be slaughtered with you holding the gun and the slaughter permits. Another possible outcome (that comes from not knowing yourself) is the feeling of being in a washing machine. The washing machine feels like your being thrown about wildly; your not sure what your suppose to be doing, but you know it is not what you are doing.  This can be very difficult and frustrating. The idea is after all this (around 2 -3 years) you will know what you are supposed to be doing. This week, in particular, may feel like any control that is put upon you is personal affront to you and your freedom, and you want to rebel against it. You will have your freedom, but not this week. You may want to watch out for any authority figures as this may become a combustible situation. This is not the week to throw your anger around, just think lots of gasoline and you being the lighter. Try to be either direct with conflict or don’t get involved this week.


Taurus – This is a good time to be a Taurus. Friends and close relationships are coming to you now for fun, to hear your opinions, and to get your advice. This is a great week for pleasures. Delights and joys are going to be hard to ignore. This should be a great week for internal digestion of information as you should be able to process large quantities of easily. Pull out though books and start reading. Creativity should be strong as you are close to your creative best. Self expression is a must at the moment, and if you do not express yourself you are liable to explode. You are feeling drawn to see the beauty around you, and may have a hard time seeing any disharmony. This can be a great thing as finding beauty will be fun, and it can be a not so good thing as you may miss something because you don’t want to see it. Finances should be looking up at the moment. Try to think of this week as the calm before the storm. The storm should not get super bad, but try to save your finances as there may be some unexpected things come up next week.


Gemini – Mental confusion is in the air. Thinking and communication are both more difficult than usually. It’s not as bad as past retrogrades (like last January 2011) This retrograde will likely affect your daily routine, your relationships, and it will ask for self introspection. You are being asked to revisit what you are comfortable with. Many of the comforts you cling to are holding you back, and this retrograde may force you out of your comfort zone. Some aspects this may address are: how you write out your to-do lists, how you do errands, what you are spending your time on, how you do your daily routine, and how you express yourself. Try to fix little daily things, but do not take on anything huge. You are being asked to revisit your relationships (partner more than likely) and to see if they fit in with who you are. Are you two going in different directions? Things will be more harmonious if you can just relax in each others company. Try not to get into arguments (especially because of the harsh energy that is around now). Just have fun together. Put off important relationship decisions for like two weeks. You may feel like you have to express yourself, do it to a friend not your lover. This should be a inward time. Take a break from conflicts. Just relax and focus on things you enjoy and that bring you delight. Go smell a flower and focus on yourself. That is the best outcome.


Cancer – You feel pulled in two directions. Just ride the wave, you are rebuilding yourself (it’s the perfect time) and like every good cycle there are downtimes and up times. You are housing both right now. Your relationship with others (especially partners and open enemies) is really in conflict now. You might be in the process of thinking about breaking up, in the process of breaking up, or cleaning up the wreckage of a break up. Bottom line is it’s a tough time. They will try and make you feel guilty, and they may be standing in the way of family security or comfort. Nothing will be solved quickly, you are in the trenches.  The good news is you are getting some help from your friends. They are bringing practical tangible philosophies to help you through this. I would listen because they see this as an observer and have your best interest in mind. They also bring tools and new methods for stress reduction, or stability. They might invite you to yoga or spot you some money, either way I would probably take them up on their offer. This might just be a tough week at the start, but the end of the week should feel easier. If drama occurs try to be the bigger person because things will work out better for you if you approach it this way. Try not to bate, hurt, or force anything because your opponents or enemies are prepared for that; instead kill them with kindness (joking I am not advocating killing). Take a new approach and show them love because they are hurting just as much as you are.


Leo – The harsh realities of life will have no place in your life this week. . You are feeling more comfortable in either work life or your health. If it’s your health things may seem to be healing very well or hurt less than before. If its work you are feeling more comfortable in the work role. You may be looked at as the boss or the one who makes things run smoothly. You are expanding this role and people are coming to you with the hard bottom line decisions. It feels nice to be so respected. Next week may not be as nice. So please take advantage of the beauty and ease this week will offer you. You are feeling strongly connected with your partner. Every time they are around you both brighten each others world. Getting on the same page might be an adjustment as you may be coming from opposite directions. Just listen and make sure you are actually hearing them right. There is a tendency to make assumptions this week about what they want. Just try not to get into deep discussions, and just enjoy each other company. Just keep things simple.


Virgo – Confusion is abound as communication will be misunderstood, and thoughts will be slower. This adds to the troubles because normal events and cues you would normally pick up on you are not able to notice this week. You most likely will misplace things like phones and Credit Card’s.  Be more careful than usual. You may come on too strong when expressing yourself this may put people off this week. Being fiery and independent will likely get you into some hot water this week. Anything that sounds too good to be true is, in fact, to good to be true at this time. It will be difficult to see the harsher qualities of life, so keeping a critical eye can protect you from being taking advantage of. Be careful about relationships now because they can consume you. Things may feel magical (and they are) but you might lose track of daily items that need to be done. You may forget meetings and events because your mind is preoccupied with love. Another thing to try to avoid is being the strong and silent type. People will not pick up on hints and they cannot read your mind (unless you’re around psychics all the time). It’s a tough spot for sure only 2 more weeks left of mercury retrograde.


Libra – Your friends and community is such a bright spot for you. You are feeling like you are rising to your best time. Attaining your desires is becoming easier this week going forward. Try to take some time out of your schedule to do some self expressing. Try doing art or something creative that is a bit out of the norm. You have found some strong aspects of yourself lately. Soak it in. You are feeling magnetic and your friends can see this in you. Keep your doubts at bay, you are important and you are strong. There are probably lots of struggles going on around you, and this time they are not happening to you. You can definitely help and the good news is you can be semi-objective about it. Your relationships (partner, close friends, or business) are going through some authority problems. There may be some openly hostility in the air from them. Just help them through this. Especially watch out for drama in the workplace, it may show up in the passive aggressive style. Just be direct or just let it go. It will end in about 2 weeks.


Scorpio – You are feeling quite satisfied with life at the moment. You have just reached a summit as you have accomplished some long term personal goals. It’s like you are back from a long journey (real or metaphorical) and you feel rejuvenated. This journey is probably something huge like a life check off list (climb Mount Everest, go to Sturgis, mediate in Tibet, those types of things). It was big and you enjoyed every minute of it. You are on the right track for your dream career and your life goals. Things are moving in the right direction and life seems effortless at the moment. More good news is you are very magnetic, and people are taking notice of you. They see you as someone who makes a personal difference. With all this positive news I might want to add that your relationships (partner and business folks) want you to succeed. They have your back and that is a great thing. They see potential in what you are peddling. They may be asking hard questions, but it is for the benefit of all. They may be doing some hard bottom line thinking, but it is necessary to the cause. Things are looking good. Do try not to get into power struggles as they can go very messy this week very quickly.


Sagittarius – There is enough money to go around. It may still feel tight, but there is enough now. If you are going through finance troubles there is a bottom to it this week. You will have good bounces and luck is on your side. You are feeling (and have been) like you want to hunker down, and save your finances. You also want to explore and go have fun. It’s a tough road and hard struggle. Just choose 2 to 3 things that you want to do for fun or write a list starting with “I want to do this the most” and “I want to do this almost as bad”. Rank your hobbies and try choosing that way. This is a revaluing time. You are going deeply inward to find your personal values you hold. You really want to share your journey with the world. You are still in the shake up mode, but it should not be as harsh as last month. You are finding use for your values and stopping the values that are now useless. You are being drawn to go to unfamiliar places to learn. New self expression and new adventures are calling you now. This week is a great time to learn new things from books, traveling, spiritual pursuits, or higher education. You are more than likely developing new friendships as your old friends may not give you everything you desire. This is both healthy and important. This is a perfect time to contemplate on new viewpoints as you are remaking your own. You want a new vantage point to look at your life from. Keep on keeping on.


Capricorn – You are feeling strong feelings of conflict about your relationships. This is probably about all your relationships (pick and choose) close friends are being too needy, your partner is too unstable, and/or you have open enemies who are starting drama with you. This will ease up around mid week next week, so be prepared for some more conflict heading your way. It will more than likely be passive aggressive maneuvers because they are feeling hurt and vulnerable. Try to see it that way because they might be out to wound. You better develop your boundaries. Tell them what you are comfortable with and what you are not. If you do not do this they will keep stepping over the line in the sand you keep drawing. Some aspect of your life is ending or dying. More than likely it will be a relationship; you might be able to be salvaged it later, but not right now. You do have a new love (person or activity) try to have fun with that. It is meshing with your core and it feels good.  Family commitments seem to be pulling you from what you want to do currently. They are taking up a lot of your precious time. It seems like this year something different keeps coming into your life and rocking your boat. This will keep happening till December so you might want to start to prepare for the unexpected. It is better to bend than break. You can always regain a better position later. Just one more week of heavy conflicts.


Aquarius – Relationships are a big deal now. You may feel hot and cold towards a lover. Super into them and then distant and detached. You will most likely feel torn between thinking of your partner as how they were in the past, and how they say they are now. It might also be an ex and a current lover. There is conflict over what was and how things are currently going. Right now however things are very good. You are enjoying their company and things feel like there is only upside. They are acting charismatic and charming. Just keep a critical eye open. Things may be more hidden than they seem. Communication with your partner might be tricky especially if you are disagreeing about things. Things may go from 0 to 60, nothing to explosions very quickly. There is a lot of combustible energy out right now. There is something that is triggering old memories of the past. You may get some glimpses of some of your skeletons in your closet. This may come up as compulsions, wanting to control things to much, or not wanting to change your routine to your own detriment. It may seem unbearable now, but it will pass give it about two weeks.


Pisces –This is a fantastic week for creativity and art. Any self expression would be a fantastic endeavor right now as you are feeling the love. People will take notice and it will feel good to share yourself in a new way. Giving help and service to those around might be a great way to use your free time. This is a great time to find beauty and to cultivate it. The horrors of the world just do not sound like too much fun now. This is a perfect time to start a new romantic love. You will be hard to keep the potential suitors away. This week is perfect for boosting your health. If you have any aliments this is a perfect two weeks for a rebound. Work should be a positive time now. People will be coming to you at work for help and advice. They know you make a personal difference. This is a great time to start new endeavors. New opportunities for both fun and new business deals should show up your way this week. Luck is on your side as you should be able to get the best deals this week. If you can get into your communities you might find some great yard sales especially near the end of the week.


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