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Gemini –I am very sorry to say that I have decided to stop doing weekly horoscopes. This has been a hard decision for me. I have started and stopped for too long and will not do it again as it is not fair to anyone who reads my column. I wanted to thank you all for suffering through my early writing and for all the wonderful feedback you have given me as I learned the craft. I sadly have had some personal aspects that I have been neglecting due to the time constraint. I am going back to school and plan on taking a strong work load in August 2013. I would probably have to stop during that time. So during the next year I will work on researching Astrology and reading a lot. That way I am much better when I start up again in about a year. I plan to get paid the next time I start J Plus I want to publish some of my articles before School. I have tried to write the Horoscope and do articles and I sadly cannot do both at this time. Again I want to thank you all who read and enjoyed the Weekly Horoscopes. I hope that it was helpful and was a guiding path at times.

I am doing a once a month Astrology group. Ill make a group next paycheck. It will be Friday 22 at Crones Hollow in SLC Ut 6:30PM-9PM. It will be a fun time as we chat about all things Astrology. More to follow. Ill make a Facebook event and a page on the later today 03/11/2013.

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