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Amber B. = Weekly Astrology March 5 to March 12 2012

“Rob thanks wish I wouldn’t have read it so late. I think you’re doin an amazing job please keep it up and again thanks for goin in depth with me. Helped me out a lot”.

Tala D. = Weekly Astrology November 28th to December 5th 2011

” Some of your other weekly astrology messages have been really general for me, but this last week’s was spot on. The different color is what I went through the rest is your writing”.

“You may feel a great deal of impatience with relationships at the beginning of the week. It is like your close partners are just not doing anything the right way, and it probably bugs you a lot I was frustrated with EVERYONE, for stupid reasons but it was just something internally wrong with me so then I was irritated with others.

“This can also bleed into your professional life as there are probably some conflicts with work (and health). You may feel stifled and feel an urge to do things differently, but you also are wondering if you have to jump through some necessary hoops to get what you want. I’ve been contemplating if I want to go the medical biology route or the environmental route with my career, and have just been frustrated with making decisions and going nowhere.
However, the last five or so days have been GREAT – relationship-wise and health-wise, which then translates into excellent mental health.
Alyssa W. = Weekly Astrology October 3 to October 10 2011
“these are dead on! and your writing style has really really improved! look at you go, I’m very impressed. (and guess what.. I didn’t read this till today, but I took the day off.. to rest/relax. I’ve been slacking on my rest so it al just.. happened. :) psychic..”
Kelli W = Weekly Astrology October 3 to October 10 2011
Here is the astrology feedback. Its the colored text. You are talented with this, Robby! Keep sharing your gifts ;-)

Libra -You may feel like you are wearing away slowly losing strength or feel somewhat impaired especially near the end of the week; feeling a little worn out with keeping faith that I would find a job that is satisfying and also provides.  Feeling physically a little low energy also. 
 You may feel like you are making a compromise with the devil. It is necessary but there are no winners here. It’s a hard choice and you are asking yourself did I seriously hurt myself in this compromise? Other folks well being are on your mind. Please make sure this is not a way to not think about yourself.  You really should simplify, and lose some of the responsibility that is heaped on your shoulders; the willingness to take on a certain roles that are very new to me. For example, my interaction with Ian’s children. New, rewarding, but definitely a responsibility to interact with my beloveds children. 

Or find an easier way to manage it all. You may feel your independence coming from the community and serving them.
Community activism may bring a fresh change and new voice from you that you didn’t know you had; excited about helping with our community space, and confident about ways in which I will serve in that venue. Also very inspired by those on wall street. Contemplating all of that…   Your friends are really helping bring the best from you although they may be a bit harsh or unyielding about the delivery. Just listen and take a mental note.Your friends may give you something to fight for and support and that will rejuvenate your essence. Get out of your house and go support something :p. you friends are looking out for you. Try to drop the relationship control a bit. Your partner needs to have their freedom and independence, and as much as that may suck that you get less time with them they really have things they need to address. There is a full moon in Aries at the end of the week. This should bring an intensity and unexpected twist to your close relationships especially lovers (business and otherwise). You may feel this as soon as Thursday.
Paris L = Weekly Astrology October 31 to November 7 2011
“I love it!!!  Thanks Robby!”
Ashlyn C. – Weekly Astrology December 12 to January 2 2012
Taurus –  Hey all, im taking a 3 week sabitical from my astrology horoscopes. If everything goes well I will be back by January 2nd. Im trying to get two to three weeks ahead so I no longer will get the horoscopes out any later than the Monday that starts the week. Thanks for understanding :)
(in response to the text above) “I will poison your drink Robby!!!!!! Nooooo!!!!!!!”
Tom M. = Weekly Astrology – August 22th to 29th 2011
“Just read this week’s, Robby. Really resonated. I’ll dip into some more tomorrow.  Thanks for sending me this.
See you soon, Tom”
Amber Butler (Virgo)- Robert always on spot. Really needed to see this.. this week. In New York and am having a tough time. Thanks!

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