The Gators- Modern Astrological Research

The Gators- Modern Astrological Research ( to their Site of www….)))

The Gators are an astrological research group. One of the gators Alphee Lavoie ( lived in Connecticut and how astrologers and psychologists were both arrested in the 1970s for practicing occult information. Psychologist were smart and used data to validate their study creating such advanced tools as the roschak and the MMPI. The MMPI to my knowledge is a test of like 500 questions where you individually are referenced to a huge pool (which is always growing) of other candidates and how they filled out the MMPI. So bipolar people fill it out similarly. They basically are a set of things 15-40  or so that if you have them you are 100% more likely than the average person to be bi-polor, schizophrenic, or whatever. This is exactly what the gators are doing. They are inferring 15 to 100 things like moon square mars, sun sextile the ascendent, and such and if you have 15 of the you are 100% likely to be a millionaire, stripper, artist, killer, or what have you. They are doing actual data. their people load is quite small and currently have a normal base of around 5000 or whatever. They also just choose the top 1% of artist, musicians, and so forth. They also have a graph where they compiled data and made a prediction (a month ahead i believe) where they were only off by 2-8 degrees for a 2 week period. I believe the time range is right. Regardless the graph is on their site (graph picture). So this begins our venture to bring astrology to academia and to do way more research.Also this is a way to test theories and practices of astrologers to see what actually work on a much wider scale. It is our check and balance system. Its really cool.  More on this to follow later.

The World is becoming smaller and through the shrinking of nations and boundaries we begin to understand our primal and basic roots. Astrology and Alchemy is built into us, and I aim to prove it. New Technology makes visiting the past easier and the technological advances begin to come from the past as rocket fuel to build our future. They are mutually receptive and they cannot function alone. Through the new technology like data compiling, chart calculations, Modern ephemerides, and the ability to talk to each other. Not to mention google, facebook, twitter, youtube, and video projection programs like skype and our modern phones and tablets. We also have translation programs make it easier to revisit the past and to map out the heavens in our living room and watch them move for hundreds of years going in either direction. This is crazy as most astrologers including me don’t know how to read the modern sky often cited as  the major argument made by astronomers. Not to mention that most astrologers would have a hard time creating a chart from scratch. They did it all by hand by seeing the external world move. Venus planet on the horizon for instance. simply mind blowing for me. And we treat our ancestors like they are idiots. Completely wrong if you ask me. If you read or heard that anchient people are not as smart as we are you are quite mistaken. They are brillant and in many cases way smarter than modern man. I am piggybacking on the shoulders of giants. Technology makes it possible for a unified Astrology theory to happen and it also pushes modern science past its limitations by passing the murkiness, battle arena, and limiting sphere that academia can hold. We can move around it for the first time. It can no longer treat us like step children especially since all their information came from astrologers and alchemists. Lots of scientists forget their their DNA of science comes from Astrologers and Alchemists. We are now free souls who will reinvigorate and shake up the dying Dragon that is eating its own tail. We will teach the dragon to fly again yet.

I leave you with a quote from Christopher Renstrom from “The unwritten rule of Astrology is that people begin to form constellations through their collective gravity coming together for specific reasons.  Carl Jung called them synchronicities, but we have the audacity and the ability to call it what it actually is Astrology”.

(research example coming soon// Astrology Slam cite).



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 This is the other pamphlet they gave out. Its incredible.


This one below me is the other side of Astrology can be proven Scientifically. The Bottom page is just a close up of the moon activities.










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