These Definitions are from  Larousse Encyclopedia of Astrology. If you are interested in Astrology you got to get this book. It is amazing. I am going to Italic the information I do not think should go to Pluto. The bold is what I put on Pluto most of which I got from Christopher Renstrom from


Pluto – (Definition from Larousse Encyclopedia of Astrology, pages 295-296)The attributes of the modern planets (Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto) have been deduced by careful observation, over a period of time, of cultural trends that appeared around the time of their discovery. Some of the most important events of the 1930’s (when it is discovered) were the rise of Nazism and fascism inEurope; the discovery of atomic energy; the laboratory perfection of television equipment and the rise of mass media; the growing public acceptance of psychoanalysis; and the sudden prevalence of cancer. Astrologers are beginning to associate Pluto with a subtle but (extremely) powerful underground force that lies dormant within various collective systems and bursts forth volcanically at a given moment; the power of the masses and the collective unconscious; the invisible power of the atom; the power of the unconscious, forcing to the surface repressed memories locked within the cells; the dark, proliferating force of cancer that works insidiously within the body until it is diagnosed.


Pluto’s qualities of power, elimination, latency, eruption, annihilation, transformation, renewal, regeneration. Pluto rules lifes ordeals and the transformation that occurs, reincarnation, rebirth, transcendence of death – immortality,  atomic, cellular, and collective phenomena; the masses, mass movements, the media especially television; networks, chains; the collective unconscious, mob psychology, anonymity, crowds, gangs, terrorism, fascism, holocaust, genocide, cataclysms, volcanoes, land mines, submarines, atomic energy; nuclear fission, cell division, physics, chemistry, power, synthetics, plastics, cancer, birth, death, rebirth, sexuality, the orgasm, kunduli energy, psychic energy, the chi, healing, purging, cleansing, recycling, the return of the repressed, repression, therapy bioenergetic therapy, psychic healing, the occult, and ESP (which ones do I agree with?)

Some bad or hard qualities of Pluto are compulsion, drive for power, need for control, intense anger, huge “volcanic” outbursts of rage, violence.

Pluto in Scorpio (1735/36-1746/47): excavation of Herculaneum(sister city of Pompeii); first successful appendectomy (1736). Contributions of the generation:  inventors James Watt and Joseph Guillotin, astronomer William Herschel, revolutionaries Patrick Henry and Thomas Paine.


Pluto in Sagittarius (1746/47-1762): the sckeptical philosophy of David Hume reduces all cognition to ideas and impressions and undermines the notion of causality. Contributions of this generation: the candid naturalism of Goya; the anti-rationalism of Goethe and Blake, precursors of the Romantic movement.


Pluto in Capricorn (1762-1778): Rouseau’s “Social Contract” underminds the authority of the state; British trade laws stir Americian colonists to rebellion. Contributions of this generation: Malthus’s law of population and scarcity; John Dalton’s understanding of the atomic structure underlying nature.


Pluto in Aquarius (1778-1797/98): French Revolution; Industrial Revolution underway in Britain; first steam engine; Thomas Paine’s “Rights of Man”; Kant’s philosophy lends validity to scientific observation. Contributions of this generation: Shelly’s atheism; Michael Faraday’s work on electromagnetism; Samuel Morse’s invention of the first magnetic telegraph.


Pluto in Pisces (1797/98-1822/23) Romantic movement challenges Age of Reason; invention of the steam boat.Contributions of this generation: transcendentalists Alcott, Emerson an Thoreau; the tragic vision of Pushkin; the humanity of Victor Hugo; the melancholy of Poe; the renunciation of Kierkegaard; the dark romanticism of the Brontes; the morbid sensibility of Baudelaire.


Pluto in Aries (1822/23-1851/53): first railroad; Greek War of Independence from the Netherlands; social reforms in Britain. Contributions of this generation: rebels such as Ulysses S. Grant, Henrik Ibsen, Leo Tolstoi, Emily Dickenson, Emile Zola.


Pluto in Taurus (1851/53-1882/84): prosperity; Realpolitik; skepticism, materialism, rise of Marxism; building of the first subway; discovery of petroleum; agrarian reform. Contributions of this generation: the Curies and the radioactivity decay of matter; Max Planck and the confusion between matter and energy.


Pluto in Gemini (1882/84-1912/14): breakthroughs in communication; development of aircraft; development of psychoanalysis; discovery of X rays; explicit sex in literature. Contributions of this generation: James Joyce and D. H. Lawrence and the exploration of the psyche in the novel.


Pluto in Cancer (1912/14-1937/39): rise of new dictators who stress glory for the homeland; isolation of the nuclear family; female suffrage; bottle feeding Contributions of this generation: high respect for the “establishment”; deep unconscious ties to home, mother, and country; sexual guilt, breast fetishism, nationalism; drive to accumulate material things as an expression of emotional insecurity.


Pluto in Leo (1937/39-1956/58): collapse of the British and French colonial empires; rise of new station states; growth of the entertainment industry; introduction of television to the market Contributions of this generation: the “hippies”; the pleasure principle, “be here now” philosophy; Woodstock nation, drugs, sexual freedom, sanctity of the individual, life as theater; the beatles, Bob Dylan, and the renaissance in popular music.


Pluto in Virgo (1956/58-1971/72): resumption of diplomatic relations between the USA and China; birth control, rape, and abortion legislation; euthanasia legislation; radical changes in marriage and relations between the sexes, consciousness-raising groups; Equal Rights Amendment, equal opportunity laws, the gay right movement, encounter and dialogue therapies.



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