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A- we need to have our foundation that describes do’s and don’ts. As far as I understand it we dont have a lot of ethical guidelines for astrologers. the ones I know that have been talking about Ethics are :Firmicus Maternus- who to my knowledge is the only one written and  published and ethical guideline and that was over 1000 years ago;  Steffan Vanel who is working on publishing his Ethical Guideline. and John Marchesella who I believe is a clinical Psychologist. He has talked about the need to be smart in how they approach people. Christopher Renstrom has also talked extensively about the need to think before you tell someone anything along with teaching ethical astrology. To my knowledge he is not thinking about publishing an Ethical Treatius. I know they are talking about this, and are quite knowledgeable in the area.

B- We should have an outline that talks about what not to do as well as people reservations into why I should not bring it into the mainstream public. The wrong applications of astrology. The damage that astrologers can have on people. As well as some great examples where astrology shines aka Timing, navigating, life markers, tactics, ect.

Some examples are into should I date strictly using astrology, unfair advantage astrology gives, should I bet on sports, Should I make decisions only based on Astrological Data, should I tell someone they or a loved one will die, What if I am wrong am I guiding them from my ignorance, Can Astrology be a placebo or anti-placebo, Can Astrology be a self fulfilling prophecy and how do we use that information as readers, We need a strong revaluation of what fate specially so we can decide as readers how we view Fate vs Free Will (Glenn Perry has a very good talk about this and is a cutting edge researcher about Fate through the ages), we need more philosophical treatises into why astrology is not a science and more of a art that espouses personalized living myth. Why Astrology mirrors string Theory and the I-ching in the sense that it is all about possibility. Although subsequently the Gators (add page) are arguing the opposite that they want to see Astrology seen as a soft Science exactly like psychology is seen in modern academia.

As far as tactics this is an example of how it would work. I love soccer and have done a lot of research into Astrology and Soccer I will publish later. Anyway you can make soccer teams based on astrological strengths and have different strikers that will shine at different times of the year so you don’t get what happened to Chelsea football club – a strong beginning (scoring around 20 goals in the 1st 6 games), a huge ending (Winning the FA cup and the Champions League), and a horrible middle where they did take 6th place in the English league standing as well as missing the Champion League football (if they did not win the Champian League final. This is because they had 3x pisces strikers same year which had the same strong periods and the same barren spells: Nicolas Anelka,Didier DrogbaFernando Torres (All Pisces). Then we had Daniel Sturridge who came on strong during August, Spetember, and eased off around November. He is a Virgo and was strong when the other Pisces strikers were weak, and extremely inefficiency when the other Pisces strikers were strong – This is because they inhabit opposite seasons and are opposite signs from each other; Then we have Salomon Kalou (Leo) very constant and pretty good when he as used. Then we have two players who are both the sun sign of Taurus who were reinvigorated this season because of their consistent play in Juan Mata and  Mikel. Anyway it’s a great tactical tool, and through it you could time the hard times of your team and buy players that would shine during the difficult periods, not to mention to sell surplus players who play similar and have similar strong and weak periods.

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