Eclipse and The Outer Planets research

5-Eclipse and The Outer Planets research

This one is bridging China and the Western United States in thoughts and deeds however let me do some explaining first. According to the talk from Bill Meridian ( who learned from Jayne and Johndro).  Another great solar eclipse researcher is Christine Arens ( ). An Eclipse is broken into Solar and Lunar Eclipse. A Lunar Eclipse is not as big a deal as the Solar ones. Still cool and important, but not for this discussion.A Solar Eclipse is when the moon comes across the sun at one point blocking out the sun for a period of 3-9 mins. 



The solar eclipse works as a course rectifier and tells you where you need to be as in yesterday. It says “Here NOW”. The idea is the eclipse leaves a shadow on the earth for a bit of time. There are 18 and 54 years cycles that are involved with a solar eclipse. Basically every 54 years the Eclipse extends its shadow in the same area of the world approximately activating the expansion. (Think nixon into china and now us 1958?/? dates of the eclipse may be wrong but its around there.This is important and creates a patterns we can watch for.This is where to look for change (picture). It does not always work, but often it does work very well. Eclipses were thought of as an ousting of monarchs and were based with countries expansions (from Firmicus Maternus).  I might be getting the technique wrong, but what I do know is these are prominent eclipse shadows

-Alexandra the great going from greece to India (the moment he reached the boundaries of the shadow his troops decided to turn around. You cannot extend past the shadow. At least it doesn’t happen.

- WW2 happened from mid russia to mid atlantic. they could not extend past the atlantic because they would get bombed like crazy, and they failed as they treaded into russia (again). Not to mention that both the allied forces and the Germans both used astrologers in their tactics and timing (who said this). Hitler was very into the occult, and read a lot about it (shantaes book) Not to mention that Ronald Reagan had his own astrologist (my skeptical astrology book). At least (skeptical book said his wife used it for timing of everything. they would not do deals or meet people on bad days. But  don’t kid yourself Regan used it to because it works, perhaps i should give obama some good astrologers names and numbers. wink wink. Christopher renstom is one of the best. Obama use the red phone huh? you would stop getting so much white in your hair. There is a quote that says astrologers are not for the common man or even millionaires; astrologers are for kings and billionaires

- He gave a couple of other examples. I believe that Chairman Mao was also in an eclipse path. When I type this up I will make sure I have the facts for the chairman Mao. I could be wrong on this particular one however…

Now we tie the Amazing research into outer planets that Roy Gillett(













and Richard Tarnas (





The basic idea is the 1957 and 1958 and 1960  is when pluto (primordial soup and the primordial scream of earth resembling the first chakra of survival and life and death issues. ) and Uranus : Fresh, Game changer, the Revolutionary, the  Unknown, Starry night, and its based out of the crown chakra. Aleksandar Imsiragric ( talked about Pluto being the 1st chackra and being linked to earth and Uranus being the 7th chackra and being linked to the heavens.

Uranus represents youth and the grandparent (Grandparents because they are far away from their grandchildren to strengthen the authentic identity of the child where the parents are somewhat blind to that most of the time. So grandparents can bring unexpected things that the parents cannot understand that transform the child’s life). We are focusing on the youth though however we need to remember that the youth should try to link to the older generation as that gives all parties unimaginable strength. So think back to the 1957 and 1958. The beatles were at its height

, and elvis was at his height.

The Intensity should be easy to spot. Especially midway in the Beatles Video. The girls are flinging themselves at the Beatles. It is nuts, and pure madness. The older generation and the parents hated them and did not understand the phenomenon. However, the teens didn’t care and just by passed the older generation as they changed the world without them. They could only go so far without them. That is a key point to remember. Everyone needs to be on the same page. Just look at some of the videos and you can see the Pluto primordial screaming coming out. We laugh at it, because we were not living through it. the 1960s the rolling stones begin. the beats were at its height. Howl was published, and Jack kerouac on the road again, and dharma bums ))(which was not as good as his first book from 60…just saying.(( was published. if you look at the beatles, elvis, and the stones the best canon of work comes before 30. there were a lot of author and musicians that died before they are 30 (grant help). Kierkegaard wrote his material before he was 30 and felt like he was bipolar (not his working) that he was possessed and had to write it.


Now we add China. David Railey  ( is the formost expert in Chinese Western Astrology explosion. Here is some information I heard from him. That is China currently the young people (18-40) are enjoying a rebirthing of western Astrology. He said this is akin to the explosion of astrology in the USA in the 1970’s. Tons of the youth are reading about and asking eachother what their sun signs are. David regularlly talks and teaches in China and speaks chinese fluently. He said this trend began around 5-7 years ago, and the youth are really not that into their traditional chinese astrlogy. This is a youth movement. His personal website (which to my knowldge has been around for 2 years-ish) has had over 35,000,000 million views. 5 million views a month. For the UAC 2012 confrence of astrology there was a live feed that had around 200,000 viewers daily.  David is also sponsoring people to go to china to do lectures if you are good enough. However there are strict guidlines you have to follow. No talk about Dali Lama, Tibet,politcal astrology, and many other taboo topics. If this interests you email him. He is so very nice. He brought 12-15 of his chinese students, and they were so nice. There english was better than mine and its their second language. The chinese youth is so smart and so hungry for knowledge. I believe that the next UAC will be in China, and I think it will function much like the Summer and Winter Olympics where the USA would hold it every 2 years and the chinese would hold it the other 2 years (both doing the same format of 4 years it just would rotate every 2 years).

This is important as we are heading into the 1st of 7 squares of Pluto and Uranus. this is the youth movement. the last square brought about the occupy movement, the arab spring, the Anonymous movement. This new movement will not fail. it cannot. there will be pushback but together we have the graces of the god to bring change. These squares go from (June until when). Ill add them all when i begin publishing this. You add this with this solar Eclipse that happened on May 20th where the shadow is joining China and The Western USA cutting through Utah going to AZ. Not to mention that the Venus Occultion of the Sun is happening in gemini at 15 degrees. Basically I believe we are in a game changing moment where the youth will shake things up. This will be a kin to the 1957 and 1958 and the 1960s. Our new music is remixes and lots of techno. The youth love it and the adults do not understand it for the most part.

There are cutting edge techniques being employed by RJD2

RJD2 “1976″ – leftchannel from leftchannel on Vimeo.


. There is amazing poetric rap by Kaboose (lyrics)that is spiritual in nature. Its just incredible.


Techno Jazz like Rob Dugan


Plus a lot of the pop music is doing things that is reinventing the genra of pop music. All you need to do is hear  Saleh’s  baracksdubs  meticulous remix  where oboma speaches are edited and cut to the song Call me maby by Carly Rae Jepsen. The mixing is impressive, with each word individually cut to match the instrumental, creating an outlandish and charming version of an already endearing track.

Read more @


This will just get stronger and more pronounced by the first square on June 24th going back and forth until 2014 (ill add exact dates when I jump more into this phenomenon. I thought it was interesting that the occupy moment said we will be back in June all the way back in November 2011. They are riding this energy without even being conscious of it.


There is this guy Bball1989 has this video :Why I hate religion, but love Jesus. He brings about this cutting poetry that shakes traditions to their cores. He brings in this youth movement that changes everything.


This is one video that shows the youth movement as it cuts traditions deep to separate ego, and reunite people under simplicity and spirituality.



Ohh we are planning a huge Flash mob to welcome this energy in of the squares in a funny we are not going to take it moment. I am planning to do a remix of some songs like revolution, I can’t get no satification, im too sex for my shirt, Imigine, the michael jackson song about the world together and another) we are planning to also use in the new femininity as we will have girls ripping the clothes off the men and we will all be in speedos. This will methophorically signify the stripping away of the old images of a male dominated society and replaing it with strong feminine power – showing their ascendion upward. We all will end up together dancing into a giant peace sign. More on this soon


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