– Vision and How it could Work


1- Pen Name and Website

My vision and dream is to have a giant metaphysical collaboration of the Young Astrologers and Young Alchemists. I would like to see a strong cohesion from anyone who considers themselves young at heart. That is all I mean by Young Astrologers and Alchemists. I would love to see, and be part of, the creation of a community that has a safe environment where we can all be on the cutting edge of research and ideas.   Anyone who is interested in spirituality and would like to bring their ideas forward is welcomed. I have added a tab for the non-Alchemy and non-Astrology among us. This is not an exclusive dream.

Link @

The website is Alquology.comis ment to give us a safe environment where we have anonymity if we desire it. The website is for anonymity, safety, and personal protection. All you need to do is read a little history of anything to know that new information is not treated very nicely. We kill our gurus in the west and then deify them afterwards. All you need to do is watch shows like prison break, lost, or even the history channel to know that there are nasty fractions that do not want to lose their power and will kill, shame, maim, destroy anything that is going against them. Look at Monsanto, Merck, pharmaceuticals, the 1%, our United states government and our lobbyists, and especially Lockheed martin that is an independent contractor of our military and gets like 95 % of the contracts. Talk about monopoly and tell me they do not run this country? honestly, the anonymity is realistically here to save your life, and in the long run your job or career. I am way more comfortable being out of the limelight as it just reminds me a another full time job. All you have to do is watch any entertainmnet like Hollywood, industry of movie stars, Soccer, NBA, and Football stars, and politicians. The limelight is a full time job and it reminds me of being a janitor fated to always clean up messes. is a safe place to publish research and to throw out ideas that might be controversial or really unorthodox. The shocking craziness would not come back to us as the alter egos are writing it. So teachers dont think its coming from 18-25 year olds, but form 70 year old alchemists and astrologers who have been compiling their data for years and years (many of our lifetimes if you’re into reincarnation).

This is because the concept is based around Secret Pen Names and Sudo Names. We can also reference our pen names and begin to pursue degrees while publishing things that would not get published before because we are not the authors are alter egos are. Plus we can do what my friend and I have been doing already.  we post and article and he talks about it using Alchemy and then I explain what he is talking bout using Astrology then He explains what I just said using Alchemy, so on and so forth. We are only doing academia and we stumbled into the Astrology and alchemy thing – which we can provide definitions for :)

Another reason is the Pen Name is lifeless and Ageless. So it has its own life that is separate than you. It gets life through its personalized myth that can actually interact and morph as it interacts with other people.

I will not give out my personal Pen Name but I will be adding some information into How I made my secret Identy plus some different ways to hide your IP address or have your IP address come from Zurich Switzerland or Thailand.  More on this to come. –Below is from

If you have put some considerate thought into your ideas than they are welcomed and we will have a space for it.  The is a place to do this with little to no personal concenquence or backlash if you do it anonymous. Where we can be creative and bring ideas to the table without having to worry about the consequences of retaliation of : traditional practitioners, the church of reason and academic minions, and any other organization or fraction that would not want us talking and disseminating this information.I want a community that loves one another; One  that is not afraid to disagree, but knows that after a strong disagreement of passions and ideas that we can be friends again (and that not being friends was never in question). I want a community where the information is free and the uploading of information is free as long as you have something worthwhile to say. Everyone will be on an equal footing, and structure will based on the merit of the information they want to put forward and how strong their understanding of their material is. I want to have forums through Facebook, Google + live chats. So Let’s lets drop our fears of speaking, writing, and publishing our truth, and lets get people communicating and Sharing information. is so we can be on the cutting edge of research without worry of blowback. Some areas/ Tabs I was thinking about is : Mission Statement- than these subjects Ethics/ Music/ Art/ philosophy/ psychology/ history/ sociology/ math / Political Science/ Astrology and Alchelmy Methodology/ as well as a tab called –Other– that would work as a catch-all tab for whatever. I also want to split this into Begining/ Intermediate/ and Advanced. This is so that a begginer does not have to slog through some advanced treatise and vice verce. The Research will be Linked to Facebook Pages and Google + (hopefully Ill link the pages into the website at a live feed. I think I know how to do that). Any Ideas would be appreciated. And online help is also appricated. Lol I can do it but I do have some online Limitations. Ill be using wordpress and the site will be up by this Saturday.

2 -

I would like to have both the Alchemists and Astrologers on the same page because I know for a matter of fact that we need each other to move forward. Astrologers are weak in Alchemical practices and in grounding Astrology into somethings that can be utilized in daily life (unless they are Vedic then the problem becomes a thing of speaking a non-modern lingo that is hard to understand and being a tad bit too metaphysical for most people). Alchemy is weak in Astrological practices except for their lab practices; which is very different than modern Astrology and could be seen by some people to be fairly sloppy). If we combine these two practices like they use to be combined ( link to unified theory of Astrology and Alchelmy) ))))(()() then there is nothing we cannot accomplish. Honestly, we would move mountains. If we stay seperate than we should at least work together. Aka: Alchelmists (Primarily the Young Alchelmists: who are forming together with Phoenix Aurelius ((his FB page), Tom Waters (FB page) Grant, Robert Allen Barlett and Karen Bartlett) could create their own journal which they would publish cutting edge material and the Young Astrologers are currently working on creating their own journal with which to publish cutting edge material. Both groups if they do not come together could use the as a place to test out their ideas and see how they are responded to before they publish it to the more prestigious journals. They could also use it as a way get more links and to hear other peoples take on it to get a more rounded article or stronger research piece. You could also use the surname aspect and the transparency that comes with that. Not to mention that some of our research and especially the transparency that we are aiming for will drive some of our Gurus, teachers, and older more traditional friends crazy. Alchelmy and Astrology has been doing the same practices for 1000′s of years and changing that delicate foundation is a tricky thing that will have backlash unless you have sur-names. Not to mention we might be pissing off the powers to be in our governments, special interest groups, and darker groups that run our government. Honestly the founding fathers had the right idea when they bound the 13 colonies  together. The Native people (mostly the Iroquois nation) came in with 13 arrows nd said try and break this. You cannot snap it as it unbreakable,  but you can easily snap one arrow. The story comes from (Spontaneous Evolution by Bruce Lipton ((link to his website)) and Steve Bhaerman ((link to his website)). The really funny thing is the Iroquois Nation  is where the idea of America came from. The Iroquois had a functioning set up before we did. Their government was like a more ideal form of America (the crack article about this is below It is amazing and will make you laugh because many had not heard this through our public education, while you are crying). The native culture was one of the highest ideal images of living alchemy through their life. They thought and saw the world as astrologers and alchemists do. this was incompatible the white racist/ rapist mentality, and the epic greed that our ancestors had so it was destroyed.

My basic question to the Young Astrologers and The Young Alchelmists is where do we want to go and what do we want to do. Here are some suggestions: 2x month google chat room where one time we talk about strictly NEW FRESH research and methods,marketing and business doldrum that generally we might have closed to the public because it would bore the crap out of them. The 2nd talk is where we can be creative AKA podcast, taking live questions from the audience, doing hip spicy sexy astrology, talking about our store of (hip merchandise stickers, shirts, books, longer podcasts, or whatever else we are doing). I think we should keep up the google group (from the young Astrologers) and Make  google group for both the Young Alchelmists (again young at heart not age) and then make a google group for a joint collerbration of the Young Alstrolgers and the Young Alchelmists. We also should do a google chat together perhaps once per month/ once per 2 months/ or once quarterly.

The Google groups could just add specific people as they came along. It would be more so for funny comments and for the working dynamics like buisness ideas and such that we would want to be more private. I would like to see a youtube group or whatever where we ask questions to each other and can respond when we want to. Also It would be fun to have the audience or other people to be able to ask questions that we could answer (individually/or/ have multiple answers from individuals /or/ my favorite have a group environment where we answer the questions together. We could record all of it for future research or to sell depending on how we want to handle it. We also might want to check out the current data compling and research that the GATORS are doing (

3- Ethics

A- we need to have our foundation that describes do’s and don’ts. As far as I understand it we dont have a lot of ethical guidelines for astrologers. the ones I know that have been talking about Ethics are : Firmicus Maternus- who to my knowledge is the only one written and  published and ethical guideline and that was over 1000 years ago;  Steffan Vanel who is working on publishing his Ethical Guideline. and John Marchesella who I believe is a clinical Psychologist. He has talked about the need to be smart in how they approach people. Christopher Renstrom has also talked extensively about the need to think before you tell someone anything along with teaching ethical astrology. To my knowledge he is not thinking about publishing an Ethical Treatius. I know they are talking about this, and are quite knowledgeable in the area.

B- We should have an outline that talks about what not to do as well as people reservations into why I should not bring it into the mainstream public. The wrong applications of astrology. The damage that astrologers can have on people. As well as some great examples where astrology shines aka Timing, navigating, life markers, tactics, ect.

Some examples are into should I date strictly using astrology, unfair advantage astrology gives, should I bet on sports, Should I make decisions only based on Astrological Data, should I tell someone they or a loved one will die, What if I am wrong am I guiding them from my ignorance, Can Astrology be a placebo or anti-placebo, Can Astrology be a self fulfilling prophecy and how do we use that information as readers, We need a strong revaluation of what fate specially so we can decide as readers how we view Fate vs Free Will (Glenn Perry has a very good talk about this and is a cutting edge researcher about Fate through the ages), we need more philosophical treatises into why astrology is not a science and more of a art that espouses personalized living myth. Why Astrology mirrors string Theory and the I-ching in the sense that it is all about possibility. Although subsequently the Gators ( are arguing the opposite that they want to see Astrology seen as a soft Science exactly like psychology is seen in modern academia.

As far as tactics this is an example of how it would work. I love soccer and have done a lot of research into Astrology and Soccer I will publish later. Anyway you can make soccer teams based on astrological strengths and have different strikers that will shine at different times of the year so you don’t get what happened to Chelsea football club – a strong beginning (scoring around 20 goals in the 1st 6 games), a huge ending (Winning the FA cup and the Champions League), and a horrible middle where they did take 6th place in the English league standing as well as missing the Champion League football (if they did not win the Champian League final. This is because they had 3x pisces strikers same year which had the same strong periods and the same barren spells: Nicolas Anelka,Didier Drogba, Fernando Torres (All Pisces). Then we had Daniel Sturridge who came on strong during August, Spetember, and eased off around November. He is a Virgo and was strong when the other Pisces strikers were weak, and extremely inefficiency when the other Pisces strikers were strong – This is because they inhabit opposite seasons and are opposite signs from each other; Then we have Salomon Kalou (Leo) very constant and pretty good when he as used. Then we have two players who are both the sun sign of Taurus who were reinvigorated this season because of their consistent play in Juan Mata and  Mikel. Anyway it’s a great tactical tool, and through it you could time the hard times of your team and buy players that would shine during the difficult periods, not to mention to sell surplus players who play similar and have similar strong and weak periods.

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