Astrology Research

Astrology Research.

This is still under construction. This will house my personal observations, my beliefs about astrology,  and personal research.

I will also add fantastic Astrologers and their links to their amazing research.

retrogrades and shadow periods



—This is for Astrology Charts and there are some professional charts like Soccer stars and Philosophers.


Some signs attract and receive  (venus signs )others repulse (Saturn signs) others get and receive the attraction (mars)



Exaltation - Exaltation is the best highest form of the planet. It is most efficient and happiest in these sign.

Fall - Fall is suppose to be the lowest form of the planet. It is the least effective and lest happy in these signs. It has to work harder to get things done.

Ruled - Each planet rules a specific sign/s.

Sun- Leo


Mercury – Gemini and Virgo

Venus – Taurus and Libra

Mars – Aries and Scorpio

Jupiter – Sagittarius and Pisces

Saturn – Capricorn and Aquarius

Uranus – Aquarius (Aquarius has two rulers the other is Saturn)

Neptune – Pisces (Pisces has two rulers the other is Jupiter)

Pluto – Scorpio (Scorpio has two rulers the other is Mars)

Detriment -

No one is sure on the exaltation of the modern planets (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto)… these are educated guesses from the astrology community.


Exalted – Sun – Aries          Fall – Libra

Ruled – Sun – Leo                  Detriment – Sun – Aquarius


Exalted – Moon – Taurus         Fall – Moon –Scorpio

Ruled – Moon – Cancer              Detriment – Moon – Capricorn


Exalted – Mercury – Aquarius and Virgo  Fall – Mercury – Leo and Pisces

Ruled – Mercury – Gemini and Virgo           Detriment – Mercury – Sagittarius and Pisces


Exalted – Venus – Pisces                          Fall – Venus – Virgo

Ruled – Venus  – Taurus and Libra       Detriment – Venus – Scorpio and Aries


Exalted – Mars – Capricorn                  Fall – Mars – Cancer

Ruled – Mars – Aries and Scorpio      Detriment – Mars – Libra and Taurus


Exalted – Jupiter – Cancer                                     Fall – Jupiter – Capricorn

Ruled – Jupiter – Sagittarius and Pisces           Detriment – Jupiter – Gemini and Virgo


Exalted – Saturn – Libra                                           Fall – Saturn- Aries

Ruled – Saturn – Capricorn and Aquarius         Detriment – Saturn – Cancer and Leo


Exalting – Uranus – (I think Gemini however if it’s a higher octive of mercury than it may hold 2 exaltings just like mercury???all 12 would be used then…) Scorpio

Fall – Uranus – Taurus          Ruled – Uranus – Aquarius       Detriment – Uranus – Leo


Exalting – Neptune – Leo     Fall – Neptune– Aquarius

Ruled – Neptune -Pisces          Detriment – Neptune– Virgo


Exalted – Pluto – (I think Sagittarius as said below) Aquarius or Aries

Fall – Pluto – Leo or Libra       Ruled – Pluto – Scorpio  Detriment – Pluto – Taurus



Pluto – Sagittarius – no matter what happens if it has a moral end than all the suffering is worth it.No one will do more for their beliefs than a Sagittarius with a purpose and a moral high ground. Pluto is the planet of ordeals and after the ordeals there is a transform that happens afterwards. The phoenix rises from the ashes- talk about optimism. Saggittarians are great at research and the best research comes with the Pluto compulsionary delving into subjects. Looking behind the shadows in the ground. Sags look for the overall grand universal  pattern and with Pluto detective quality they.both suit eachother.–

–Uranus – Gemini… seems like an Odd choice I know but it works Short term immediate information mixed with the universal truths uranus holds. Air signs are great about seeing patterns. Quick patterns and long term patterns combine into and amazing patten person.The revolution goes to the most adaptable and gemini is the most adaptable sign.Revalation must be explored, gemini is the sign of curiosity and playfulness plus you can’t choose a better sign to communicate the insights.Uranus is freedom for the masses and gemini is about you. They are both air signs and astrologers talk about uranus being a higher octive of mercury, what sign is better for the ideal mercury knowledge than the universal student and mercury ruled sign gemini.

Now if we do this then all the signs have exactly 1 Exaltation List below:


Aries exalted from the Sun

Taurus exalted from the Moon

Gemini exalted from Uranus

Cancer exalted from Jupiter

Leo exalted from Neptune

Virgo exalted from Mercury

Libra exalted from Saturn

Scorpio exalted from Uranus

Sagittarius exalted from Pluto

Capricorn exalted from Mars

Aquarius exalted from Mercury

Pisces exalted from Venus




 History through the modern Planets Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. 

Ephemeris for 6000 years from a resource. This is amazing. thank you so much for this resource. Give them a donation @ 



From Pluto 1735 to 1972, Uranus 1897 to 1981, Neptune 1820 to 1874 I got from the Larousse-Encyclopedia of Astrology. This is such an amazing book. Totally buy it or donate to them. You can buy it @

1553 (1552) to Pluto in Aquarius


1578 (1577) to 1552 Pluto in Pisces


1607 (1580) to 1578 Pluto in Aries


1639 to (1638) to (1608) 1607 Pluto in Taurus


1670 (1669) to (1640) 1639 Pluto in Gemini


1693 (1992) to 1669 Pluto in Cancer


1711 (1710) to 1793 (1792) Pluto in Leo


1725 (1724) to 1711 Pluto in Virgo


1736 to 1725 (1724) Pluto in Libra


Pluto in Scorpio (1735/36-1746/47): excavation of Herculaneum(sister city of Pompeii); first successful appendectomy (1736). Contributions of the generation:  inventors James Watt and Joseph Guillotin, astronomer William Herschel, revolutionaries Patrick Henry and Thomas Paine.


Pluto in Sagittarius (1746/47-1762): the skeptical philosophy of David Hume reduces all cognition to ideas and impressions and undermines the notion of causality. Contributions of this generation: the candid naturalism of Goya; the anti-rationalism of Goethe and Blake, precursors of the Romantic movement.


Pluto in Capricorn (1762-1778): Rouseau’s “Social Contract” undermines the authority of the state; British trade laws stir American colonists to rebellion. Contributions of this generation: Malthus’s law of population and scarcity; John Dalton’s understanding of the atomic structure underlying nature.


Pluto in Aquarius (1778-1797/98): French Revolution; Industrial Revolution underway in Britain; first steam engine; Thomas Paine’s “Rights of Man”; Kant’s philosophy lends validity to scientific observation. Contributions of this generation: Shelly’s atheism; Michael Faraday’s work on electromagnetism; Samuel Morse’s invention of the first magnetic telegraph.


Pluto in Pisces (1797/98-1822/23) Romantic movement challenges Age of Reason; invention of the steam boat. Contributions of this generation: transcendentalists Alcott, Emerson an Thoreau; the tragic vision of Pushkin; the humanity of Victor Hugo; the melancholy of Poe; the renunciation of Kierkegaard; the dark romanticism of the Brontes; the morbid sensibility of Baudelaire.


Uranus in Sagittarius (1897/98-1904): first Zeppelins, Wright brothers; William James’s “the Varieties of Religious Experience”; John Dewey and modern education; founding of Shintoism; founding of anthroposophy. Contributions of this generation: breakdown of ethnocentrism, intellectual freedom (Margaret Mead, George Orwell).


Neptunein Capricorn  (1820-1834): Metternich conservatism, political reaction; Mormonism; Hegal’s glorification of the state. Contributions of this generation: Herbert Spencer’s social Darwinismm; belief in authority and tradition.


Pluto in Aries (1822/23-1851/53): first railroad; Greek War of Independence from the Netherlands; social reforms in Britain. Contributions of this generation: rebels such as Ulysses S. Grant, Henrik Ibsen, Leo Tolstoi, Emily Dickenson, Emile Zola.


Neptunein Aquarius (1834-1847/48): discovery of anesthesia; spread of hypnotism; first scientific attempt to understand the aura; beginning of socialism and communism; antislavery movement; first electric telegraph. Contributions of this generation: William James’s pragmatism; Emile Zola’s humanitarianism; Paul Verlaine’s revolution in poetic expression.



Pluto in Taurus (1851/53-1882/84): prosperity; Realpolitik; skepticism, materialism, rise of Marxism; building of the first subway; discovery of petroleum; agrarian reform. Contributions of this generation: the Curies and the radioactivity decay of matter; Max Planck and the confusion between matter and energy.


Neptune in Pisces (1847/48-1861/62): end of serfdom in central Europe, abolitionist movement in America; first undersea cable; rise of spiritualism (first séance, written about, at Fox Farm in 1848); literary transcendentalism. Contributions of this generation: Henri Bergson and the “élan vital”, an anti-materialistic philosophy; the impressionists.


Neptunein Aries (1861/62-1874/75): the Red Cross; the Geneva Convention; the Salvation Army; the founding of the Theosophical Society. Contributions of this generation: religious leaders and mystics, such as Sri Aurobindo, Mohandas Gandhi, Swami Vivenkananda.



Neptunein Taurus (1874/75-1887/89): idealism about the distribution of wealth: rise of philanthropy, socialism, syndicalism; Christian Science; founding of the English Society of the Psychical Research (1882). Contributions of this generation: Albert Einstein, Harlow Shapley, Arthur S. Eddington, and the physical understanding of space, time, and the heavens; Keynesian economics.


Pluto in Gemini (1882/84-1912/14): breakthroughs in communication; development of aircraft; development of psychoanalysis; discovery of X rays; explicit sex in literature. Contributions of this generation: James Joyce and D. H. Lawrence and the exploration of

the psyche in the novel.


Neptunein Gemini (1887/1889- 1901/02): imaginative leaps in science: quantum theory, relativity; experiments in telepathy; symbolist poetry with its emphasis on suggestion imagination, and free verse. Contributions of this generation: Hitler and the use of propaganda; William Faulkner’s elliptical style.


Uranus in Capricorn (1904-1912): Einstein and Rutherford revolutionize concepts of structure of matter and space-time; behaviorism; cubism Contributions of this generation: B. F. Skinner, Simone de Beauvoir, Jean-Paul Sartre, Marshall McLuhan.


Neptunein Cancer (1901/02-1914/16): Freud’s exploration of the unconscious, Jung’s search for the collective unconscious; the revival of popular astrology; the work of Edgar Cayce. Contributions of this generation: idealization of home and tradition, ultra-nationalism.


Uranus in Pisces (1919/20-1927): Prohibition, rise of radio and cinema, invention of TV. Contributions of this generation: idealism (Judy Garland, Robert F. Kennedy, Pete Seeger, George McGovern).




Uranus in Aquarius (1912-1919/20): Bolshevik Revolution, woman’s suffrage, development of world federalism, IWW. Contributions of this generation: reformers, humanitarians (Eugene McCarthy, J. F Kennedy, Indira Gandhi).


Pluto in Cancer (1912/14-1937/39): rise of new dictators who stress glory for the homeland; isolation of the nuclear family; female suffrage; bottle feeding Contributions of this generation: high respect for the “establishment”; deep unconscious ties to home, mother, and country; sexual guilt, breast fetishism, nationalism; drive to accumulate material things as an expression of emotional insecurity.


Neptunein Leo (1914/15-1928/29): the roaring twenties, wild speculation; exploration of the unconscious in art: Proust, Joyce, and stream of consciousness; rise of cinema, jazz, radio, invention of TV. Contributions of this generation: idealization of individualism; Norman Mailer, Timothy Leary, and Henry Kissinger.


Uranus in Aries (1927-1934/35): pioneering in technology, including first digital computer, cyclotron, Charles Lindbergh’s flight. Contributions of this generation: nonconformism (Jacqueline Onassis, Andy Warhol, Yoko Ono, Gunter Grass).




Uranus in Taurus (1934/35-1941/42): the New Deal, rise of socialism and communism; invention of nylon. Contributions of this generation: revolution in values, rejection of materialism (Jane Fonda, Joan Baez, Ken Kesey).


Neptunein Virgo (1928/29-1942/43): the Great Depression; rise of communism (“the religion of the working class”); discovery of penicillin, rise of chemotherapy and chemical adulteration of foods. Contributions of this generation: materialism, skepticism, idealization of work and duty, obsession with cleanliness, Andy Warhol (pop art), Ralph Nader (consumer protection), Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, and the Beatles (integration of folk music and rhythm and blues).


Uranus in Gemini (1941/42-1948/49): splitting of the atom, computer technology, phototypesetting, transistor. Contributions of this generation: revolution in values, rejection of materialism (Jane Fonda, Joan Baez, Ken Kesley).


Neptune in Libra (1942/43-1955/57): establishment of the United  Nations; decline of marriage and the rise of divorce; interest in Zen Buddhism; birth of rock and roll.  Contributions of this generation: “flower children”, internationalism, belief in racial and sexual equality.


Uranus in Cancer (1948/49-1955/56): TV invades the home; the pill; liberation of woman in Communist China; frozen foods. This generation has not been heard from (written in 1977), but they seem to have new ideas about intimacy, question the nuclear family and other establishment values, and are drawn to psychic research.


Pluto in Leo (1937/39-1956/58): collapse of the British and French colonial empires; rise of new station states; growth of the entertainment industry; introduction of television to the market Contributions of this generation: the “hippies”; the pleasure principle, “be here now” philosophy; Woodstock nation, drugs, sexual freedom, sanctity of the individual, life as theater; the beatles, Bob Dylan, and the renaissance in popular music.




Uranus in Leo (1955/56-1961/62): Beatnicks; rise of rock and roll, happenings, sexual permissiveness; individualism and eccentricity.


Pluto in Virgo (1956/58-1971/72): resumption of diplomatic relations between the USA and China; birth control, rape, and abortion legislation; euthanasia legislation; radical changes in marriage and relations between the sexes, consciousness-raising groups; Equal Rights Amendment, equal opportunity laws, the gay right movement, encounter and dialogue therapies.


Uranus in Virgo (1961/62-1968/69): student rebellions, civil rights movements; health food movement; awakening about pollution.


Neptune in Scorpio (1955/57-1970): Emergence of the Beat generation with the publication of “On the road” (1957); breakdown of sexual taboos, explicit sex in films; widespread use of hallucinogenic drugs; renewed interest in the occult, spiritual teachings, reincarnation; hard rock and hippies; sex changes. This generation has not been heard from yet (written in 1977), but many of its members seem to lack the traditional attitudes towards sex and death and are drawn to the investigation of mysterious and psychic phenomena.



Pluto in Libra (1971/72- 1983/84):


Uranus in Libra (1968/69-1974/75): woman’s movement, increase in divorce, coeducational dormitories, introduction of ERA, abortion reform.


Neptunein Sagittarius (1970-1984): breakdown of national boundaries by increased foreign travel; spread of Oriental religions in the West, rise of religious cults and gurus; teaching of mediation, astrology, and parapsychology in universities; social reform.


Uranus in Scorpio (1974/75-1981): sexual revolution, new attitudes towards death and dying; particle theory in physics; DNA; exposing scandals in government; renaissance of the occult; new discoveries about psychic phenomena and life after death.


(got this from The New Americian Ephemeris for the 21st and 20th Century by Rique Pottenger based on the eariler work of Neil F. Michelsen.  Buy this Ephemeris or donate to his cause. Its awesome amazing work. You can also donate money to Rique Pottenger For 2000-2100 go to and for 1900-2000 go to

Uranus in Sagittarius (1981 -1988/89):

Pluto in Scorpio (1983/84-1995):

Neptune in Capricorn (1984-1998):

Uranus in Capricorn (1988/89-1995/96):

Pluto in Sagittarius (1995-2008/09):

Uranus in Aquarius (1995/96-2003):

Neptune in Aquarius (1998-2011/2012):

Uranus in Pisces (2003-2010/2011):

Pluto in Capricorn (2008/09-2023/24):

Uranus in Aries (2010/2011-2018/19):

Neptune in Pisces (2011/2012-2025/26):

Uranus in Taurus (2018/19-2025/26):

Pluto in Aquarius (2023/24- 2043):

Uranus in Gemini (2025/26-2032/33):

Neptune in Aries (2025/26-2038/39):

Neptune in Taurus (2038/39-2051/52):

Uranus in Leo (2038/39-2045/46):

Pluto in Pisces (2043-2066/67):

Uranus in Virgo (2045/46-2051/52):

Neptune in Gemini (2051/52-2065/66):

Uranus in Libra (2051/52-2058/59):

Uranus in Scorpio (2058/59-2065):

Neptune in Cancer (2065/66-2078/79):

Pluto in Aries (2066/67-2096/97):

Uranus in Sagittarius (2065-2072):

Neptune in Leo (2078/79-2092/93):

Uranus in Capricorn (2072-2079):

Uranus in Aquarius (2079-2087):

Uranus in Pisces (2087-2094/95):

Neptune in Virgo (2092/93-???

Uranus in Aries (2094/95-???

Pluto in Taurus (2096/97-???




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