I feel this is an important aspect of the trip. How does this trip get measured. How do I judge myself and the trip as a success or a failure. I think I measure the trip according to a couple criteria since its such a broad trip. This trip gets measured in a couple of ways: Individual impact, Group impact, Charity, Esoteric impact.

Individual: This I would measure two ways. The first way is my personal adventure of this whole trip. This is hard to measure externally, but one can see the change if one knew me before the trip to the end of the trip. This is more internal growth and personal change; as the trip continues I am sure I will notice how I evolve as a self and as a Robby. It will be fun to measure this myself and I probably will blog about the change if anyone is interested.
The second way is my personal impact on others on an individual basis. This may also be hard to measure. How do you measure giving other people hopes and tapping into their dreams? How do you measure personal connections and the positive changes that can occur the real relationships. Or how do you measure the snowball effect – how what you say can affect someone later down the road.  What I can measure is first and second impressions and how people to my message; whether its positive or negative, strong or weak. I can also share emails that share personal inspirations and reflections of my trip (of course if they are ok with me sharing it). I can also measure the aftermath of individual impacts, what happens because of a talk, or because of real connections lastly I measure how I have grown as a person through the connections.

Group efforts: I measure this by the things we do as a group. I would like to do a practical group activity where we help someone in need; for example, someone has a grandmother who needs her house painted and fence fixed. We would come in and fix up her house and fence. If someone could not do manual labor they could, clean, cook, sing, tell a story, or visit with the grandmother. I want to get a group/ groups that I talk to to set up one of these practical meetings once or twice a month or four time a year or something.  I also would measure how many come out to events like the walk or to the corporation prayer circles. My mission is to be in and out of a place and community, and hopefully something new is created that affects people. Or some dreams and visions get revisited and recreated. I hope I am a spring board to a lot of community action.

Local network: This is an important aspect of the trip. I measure the amount of local support and how many people’s companies I have that end up networking with like minded companies/ people hard to measure perhaps by emails and events that happens later on. I can measure how many and different types of site/ business  and such are on my love network. But really I look at that as more of a resource and tool than measurement. I hope I bring together religions  so they do a monthly meet up for prayer/ mediation for the future. I want religions to work together on public issues to pool money and group power to make a bigger impact at the local level. Many do this (on an ) individual level Lutherans or Sikhs; I measure myself and my message on how many groups come together to solve community issues and lessen the community isolation.

Charities: I measure this through how much I can raise for individual charities like or local charities. What I hope happens is awareness is spread and people who have not donated before or donated in a long time start donating.I would like individuals to start asking their work about giving  to charities, or about having direct deposit set up for them so the charity gets 10 dollars a month directly when their paycheck come. I would like to see business having; at least annually donation bi or quarterly charity drives for local chairities.

Esoteric measurements: This will be a huge part of my trip. How do you measure intention from prayer and mediation? How do you measure hopes and dreams? How do you measure group intentions.  These are some of the questions i would like to address. I feel like intention works like mass. when large quantities of mass congeals together it creates its own gravity that pulls in more mass. Which furthers its mass which furthers its gravity thus pulls more mass. We see this when suns are created or planets are created.  What a beautiful metaphor for what we will be doing. We are praying with our hearts and utilizing our full emotional states to a given avenue – compassionate change. When a lot of people’s thoughts and love come together it congeals together and gets its own gravity – just like physical mass. It may have a physical expression of gravity but i am more so talking about energetically gravity that expands to incorporate.  Spiritual prayers and mediation bring about more spiritual prayers and meditations whether anyone is aware of the effects or not. To follow the main idea, how would one measure the snowball effect of prayer? How could one measure how far prayer reaches and how many are effected by prayer? How could one measure personal effect prayer has on individual growth, aka how prayer bounces off the individual, how the AHH HA/ light-bulb effect is shaped by prayer, how sudden insights are shaped by prayer across continents. How do we measure these questions?
One idea I was thinking about is Gandhi. He did not spread violence. He created a boundary; saying NO to violence, saying no to current trends that were harmful and using love, prayer, mediation . On an individual level and on an external level he was a focal point for change. He created dreams for a better today and tomorrow. He rallied change through focused self betterment and prayer for a better future. It happened. I don’t know how one would measure what happened scientifically. One could, if one went back in time, measure his physical brain; they could measure his brain activity was when he was sharing his vision, when he was mediating, what chemicals were released, what we think the chemicals do when released, what portions of his brain was being activated. One could measure what people thought of him during and after his mediation, we could measure the physical impact he had on his Indian society and his local community. One could measure the impact he had on the British Society locally in India and far away in England. Someone could take data from supporters and Gandhi himself and get their thoughts and feelings. Someone could measure the electromagnetic field around Gandhi . Someone could measure the environmental field fluctuation around Gandhi .

This is a decent list of things we could measure, but by no means the entire list of physical things we could measure and observe – they are all somewhat observable and somewhat physical. What about the things we cannot measure: Hope, Desire, Will, Thoughts, Intentions, Intuitions, Internal emotional states, whats going on in folks heads, what Gandhi’s prayers do once prayed, how his supporters interact with his prayers and the internal effects (minis the physical things) of his prayers affect his supporters, how Gandhi’s prayers affect the British (the one’s Gandhi whats to change), the internal transformation of everyone effected by the prayers.

This is real stuff and happens everyday. We have no idea how much prayer and intention affects everyone. How new ideas and huge inspirations might be prayer or environmental wishes manifested as YOUR ideas. perhaps thoughts are just a cycle of others prayers and intentions. Its hard to tell, but even if this was the case “how would we measure this”? My feeling is we cannot measure prayers actions and influences, but that intentions affect everything on such a huge level. I do not measure the esoteric level, but I strongly believe that prayer changes the environment on such a massive level – Intention changes everything.

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