Would Jesus bomb Bagdad?

Would Jesus bomb Bagdad?


Would Jesus bomb Bagdad?
Would Jesus hate the fag?
Would Jesus condemn the criminal and torture the terrorist?
Jesus is such a polarizing figure and a bipolar god?
This is because Jesus is a personification of ourselves migrating through society.
Jesus is more loving or more vengeful depending on whom is talking about Jesus.
Jesus becomes bipolar because we as humans are held to unattainable extremes and being  bipolar is the easiest way to manage the insanity. One aspect of Jesus is to show us the highest ideal in each of us.
Jesus asks us to love one another. Jesus asks us to forgive our assailants, our rapists, our captors so that we may be free without guilt.

This is too hard and too scary for most people that the opposite extreme comes forth as an easier solution.
The other side of Jesus gives a full range of punishments, and paints us the picture of eternal damnation.
Jesus knows that there are many sides, many problems to our existence; he asks us to choose the hardest most extreme path in life. A path that is the most satisfactory, the most enjoyable, the most purpose filled existence ever – Service to another person.

Jesus gives us a key to our personal salvation – Love.
This is such a radical suggestion, Such a radiant beauty that we hide our eyes.
We are too weak to follow the teaching of our wise master that we make an alter ego – We make a superhero to save us – Someone who will take away all our problems.
We made Jesus (whether he existed or not) because we are too afraid of our responsibility.
We need Jesus to do our laundry.  We need Jesus to condemn abortions. We need Jesus to tell us what to do. We need Jesus to sing, dance, and strip for our enjoyment.
We need Jesus to love us – Otherwise we would have to take responsibility for our entire life.
That is too Dangerous. That is to radical. That is too scary.
We need Jesus because we are scared of ourselves. Jesus save me…Jesus save me from myself.

So the question would Jesus bomb Bagdad depends entirely on the moral fiber and character of who is asking the question.


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