The American Dream

The American Dream

Today children we learn about the  Americian Dream. Anyone can get it, if they but try.
It’s as easy as 123. 123

One- gotta find me a wife and a house
Two- gotta climb the ladder where I’m sure to shine
Three-  retire around 70 and live easy
It’s as easy as 123, 123

What about the nuances? The pains of responsibility? The debilitating prison of stability? What will i do for MY american dream?
It’s as easy as 123. 123

Children raising children. Mortgages collapsing. Longing for a brighter day. Yearning for a better way. We are in it for the kids, but I want to taste that pie. No, We are in it together; we signed a contact after all. Well Perhaps one slice because Pie tastes better when you’re lonely.


It’s as easy as 123, 123
Modern warfare, sounds nice to me. I’m a Corporate hitmen – I make this easy (pronounce slow and drawn out). Stab and kiss.
Flatter and strive. Father of five. Its easy as long as I got the drive.

It’s as easy as 123. 123…123.

Wait…what about my dreams…

Can I afford to ask that question.

Do I want this endless responsibility?

Where’s my american dream?


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