My Mystery

My Mystery

She stands there watching, perceiving; My enigma. Confounding and maddening. The cool demeanor; the sly smile. What are you thinking?  She licks her lips – the tiger going in for the kill. She has a paralizing stare that stops my heart. She is so strong – yet I know she can be  so fragile. How do I express how I feel. Would it do her justice? Words seem to fail, my mouth dries as the fear rises.

The dazzling beauty dances and twirls across my vision. An alluring knockout with hopelessly dark features who is  brilliant and alluringly daring. I want to explore every curve. Follow every pathway. Savor every moment. She is a treasure – A cave of wonder that I yearn to delve into the depths with reckless abandonment.

Do I dare – Should I be afraid? How do I approach it? What do I say? I work out the variables as she walks away…perhaps for the best.

I ask sleep to help me find her, again. She becomes my fantasy; a lingering thought that perpetually grows stronger and brighter with every breath. I dream of melding my essence with an angel. The pleasure of sharing my experiences with someone who understands and accepts me – pure ecstasy. I reach out and she touches my hand. My vision excites me and give me hope for a better tomorrow.
Realistic? Probally not as there is only so high one can reach. Sustainable – not likely as there is only so much radiance one can take; ickerious taught us this in his glorious combustion. Perhaps, perhaps embraces me. Hope keeps us going when nothing else does…Occasionally miracles happen; occasionally schmucks gets lucky. Dwelling on my conviction, I ponder combustion – it doesn’t seem so bad…

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