How Beautiful You Are

You are radiant. So bright that i need to cover my eyes or else I will burn out my retinas. So Warm that my blood begins to boil creating spectacular warmth; easing my lonely shivering body. I need to revert my gaze, but I am held captured under your radiant orb – Spellbound by intrigue and reverence. Is this Real? It’s too surreal to be true, right? I am scared that I’ll wake up soon.


You Illuminates me with your essence. Just like the creator molding perfection in your image. So bright it Illuminates my vision. Shining Exploding in splendid exuberance. I shout back from the rooftops, through Fireworks, that shout my love to you. Did you hear? Did you see?


Such tenderness in your healing touch. So healing that You strip me naked in your glory leaving me in ruin – Charred ashes of egoistic restrain and lost identities. I am calcined, reborn through Alchemical law. Through the ashes I am free to envelope all of your love. Unhindered by psychological bullshit, Strangely Fulfilled and Utterly mad. I am drunk off your brilliance, And I have never been happier. All existence becomes sweeter and everything is brighter and more alive through your sweet love. All I can muster to explain my experience is – I LOVE YOU. I love you is So incomplete, and yet so perfectly captures everything.

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