Beauty…What is beauty?
When we define it we miss it.
When we force beauty, it eludes us.
When we talk about beauty we lose it.
Beauty is fleeting when we search for it and everywhere when we stop looking.
Beauty comes when we welcome it, it illuminates when we are not prepared for it, showing us beautiful glances; windows to the every-present soul.
When we are in a receptive state beauty surrounds us, envelops us.
Beauty is there to give us a hug on a bad day when we need it so.
Beauty is more than something we see or hear;
Beauty is around every corner waving at us.
Beauty becomes who we are.
Beauty is how we see.

Beauty is how we act.
It’s a state of grace.

The question becomes not where is beauty, but when do we stop seeing ugliness and begin being Beauty?
Everything is better, clearer, brighter when we realise that beauty comes from our perception.
I create beauty by enveloping it and walking its path.

Art is of course seen in the eye of the perceiver

What a Beautiful responsibility we each get. Lets stop trying to give it away . 

We are each beauty personified.

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