Am I Alone

Am I Alone

As I wallow in the abysmal cavern of my soul, shivering and quivering
Screaming for someone to hold me and whisper sweet music in my ears.
I am Alone
I start clawing my face, the depression sinks in further
I am Alone
So Lonely
What is Loneliness?
What the hell does this mean?
Its Chemicals !!!
Reactions !!!
What the hell are facts for? !!!?
Do they stop the pain?
No… Still there
“Pain comes from my recesses”, I say as I start climbing out of the trenches
No more mind tricks
I am loved, and I guess that matters…
The love starts reverberating, the panic lessens.
Am I ever truly alone?
I always have my imagination.
I guess that’s something.
The glaciers begins to melt, the quivering begins to stop.
It’s a choice…
A freaking CHOICE!!!
Responsibility hits me like a ton of bricks.
Responsibility so liberating, so enduring, so Horrible…


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