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Native Rights: I am pretty emeshed into Native Rights. I have 3 main ideas for this. One is personal stories of Native Americans so they have their voice and can be heard, the second is to link up native issues and solution of issues ( a this works here and this is how we did it). This would include newspapers, blogs, and native activism by Native people and by everyone else. Send me info and I will post it. The last one is individual BIO’s of folks who are making a difference and what they are doing and their visions of the future.  A lot of this will be for a later trip or later event, but i want to do as much as i can .

I am disturbed at how a lot of Native Americans are treated, in many cases, especially on their Reservations. Some cases are the Native Americans own the Reservation Lands but not the mineral content under their land, the huge unemployment rate sometimes as high as 70%, the hopelessness see on some reservations.  My vision for this is to share some ideas from people, to share links to native news and issues and to raise awareness about what is good and what is not so good. I want to split this into different areas: links, personal and others peoples ideas/ visions, and models that have worked at some Reservations; also sharing the folks that have helped recreate the reservation to something that helps the folks living there have better lives, but at the same time let them live their lives without pushing our values and our way of life onto them.

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Olga’s note- this is an interesting article about how our chemical environment is affecting our kids.


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