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Main Blog and I am doing a project 365 (where I do a picture blog for 365 days)
My intentions and goals for this trip:
1. Co-creating a mass movement.  The trips name and purpose is A PEACEFUL SOLUTION –
2. That intention shapes reality.
3.    Reuniting communities throughout America through understanding and cooperation.
4. Bringing back power to the human individual.
5. That change is an individual endeavor that spreads from the inside to the outside – internal
peace creates external peace.
6. I intend to spread positive ideas and solutions that breed community and individual actions.
7. Show my dreams and hopes to people in an attempt to strengthen their dreams, focus their
hopes, connect their desires, and unlock their potentials.
8. I intend to have giving to charity become a normal easy action that does not burden people.
The charities will create fantastic infrastructures for people who need it, but it does not
create reliance on the charity.  It creates self reliance that spreads throughout their
9. I intend to show that peace is not just a wish but also an everyday action.
10.  I intend that we go away from competition and ownership and instead focus on a model
that breeds cooperation, compassion, empathy, peace, and love.
11.  I intend that GRATITUDE becomes an everyday word in our vocabulary and that we open
our meetings, events, prayers and whatever we do with gratitude.
12.  I intend to live in a world where bottom line isn’t bottom line, where ethics and the well
being of the planet and of the people are put above unadulterated growth and profit at all
13.  I intend to see communities bring back “buy local and think global.”  Where easy, cheap
solutions replace inefficiency and compliancy.
14.  I intend that our younger generation have dreams and visions of a peaceful tomorrow.  Not
to be afraid to voice their views, to question inequalities, to be individuals, and to care about
and be activists for the downtrodden.
15.  I intend to have a journal for each location where people can write about their hopes,
dreams, values, wishes, intentions, loves and joys.  One day I would like to show these
journals in a gallery like 1001




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