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My name is Anastansia and I am so old that the Lord laughs at me. I am married but it is worse than being a widow because he is too tired to work and just sits and stares at you all day. He always wants to eat but does not dig or prepare food. We live in a house with a big crack in the wall and five orphans. God works miracles, because somehow the school fees are always paid. To make money I buy extra paraffin or soap and sell it to my neighbors for a high price. Sometimes there is extra food from digging that I sell to them. We are all sick, but cannot afford medicine. The only thing that would make life better would be if God could provide more money to care for the orphans.

- We have 10 stories coming each with pictures. When I get them ill post them :)


This is from the President of, John, and his vision with these stories : The Story about the Stories from John

I am trying to help the organization by seeing if we can spread this message through different art galleries and shops around the USA. Ill give you locations when they come: Robby

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