commentary about the Dhamma Brothers documentary about mediation successes in prisons

Link @ Comment from Andre Hurlburt Time: February 14, 2010, 12:10 pm I was so moved by the documentary film: The Dhamma Brothers that I enrolled in a 10-day Vipassana course. If these men could endure life in a maximum-security prison frought with violence and hopelessness…. then surely I could meditate for 10days. It [...]

Meditation class helps lower violence at Alabama prison

Mediation is amazing.  Mediation is about slowing the mind so that you are in control of your actions instead of some mind chatter. It works in prisons to help lower violence at AL prison. great story  Meditation class helps lower violence at Alabama prison LINK @ and LInk @ Feb. 2, 2011 07:14 [...]

The truth about psychiatry ( * a branch of scientology:the best thing to come from scientology in forever

1-800-869-2247 Order Language Contact ABOUT US  VIDEOS    TRUTH ABOUT PSYCHIATRY    ALTERNATIVES   TAKE ACTION    ORDER The Citizen’s Commission on Human Rights was originally formed in 1969 as a global watchdog committed to investigating and exposing human rights violations in the field of mental health. From its headquarters in Los Angeles, [...]

Accomplishments of the Citizens Commission on Human Rights Bringing Psychiatry to Justice for More than Four Decades

Accomplishments of the   Citizens Commission on Human Rights Bringing Psychiatry to Justice for More than Four Decades The Citizens Commision Commission on Human Rights has been on the front lines of mental health reform since 1969. Acknowledged by the Special Rapporteur to the United Nations Human Rights Commission as responsible for “many great reforms” [...]

Message from the President * ( a branch of scientology) ( a branch of scientology) must be one of the best things to come out of scientology in forever.      Message from the President Jan Eastgate President CCHR Most people today have difficulty understanding the destructive impact psychiatry has on communities around the world. For far too many, the lesson is learned only after [...]

Effect of ‘God’ on the Brain

Coast to coast March 12 2011 Link @   Effect of ‘God’ on the Brain Date: 03-12-11 Host: Ian Punnett Guests: Dr. Andrew Newberg, Patrick Hammer,James Chiles Ian Punnett welcomed neuroscientist Andrew Newberg for a discussion on how contemplating ‘God’, whatever that may mean to a given individual, affects brain activity. Several different parts of the brain [...]

Functional fixedness story. I like it

David Roel to meditation-8-a. show details 7:34 AM (9 hours ago)         “Functional fixedness” is a term in psychology. An illustration:A woman cut the ends off of her roast before cooking it. For years she did this, and then one day her daughter asked her, “Why? Does it make the meat juicier?” “Because [...]

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