10 Astrology Ideas That should be pursued

10 Astrology Ideas That should be pursued.   1 – There should be a complication of all the data on the planets. This could go in a couple different ways: The data (cold hard data only), the artistic interpretations (which we could just plot as data or we could take the average of the answers), Historical [...]

Jan Spiller — What 2011 will be like . . . A preview of the year ahead

Robby Comment -This is from the Wonderful Astrologer Jan Spiller. her website is @ http://janspiller.com/  What 2011 will be like . . . A preview of the year ahead   What are we learning along the way For each of us, life is filled with highs and lows. Yet amidst all the activity of outer [...]

What To Expect Astrologically Under Pluto In Capricorn by Isabelle Ghaneh

Link @ http://www.llewellyn.com/journal/article/1566 ShareThis Print this Article What To Expect Astrologically Under Pluto In Capricorn THIS ARTICLE WAS WRITTEN BY ISABELLE GHANEH  POSTED UNDER ASTROLOGY You always know when Pluto decides to stop by for a visit, since there is no mistaking his calling card; this applies whether he is considered by astronomers to be an official planet or [...]

Pluto in Capricorn to 2023 by Molly Hall

Link @ http://astrology.about.com/od/plutoincapricornto2023/qt/PlutoCap.htm  Pluto in Capricorn to 2023 Earth Transformed Link @ http://astrology.about.com/od/plutoincapricornto2023/qt/PlutoCap.htm   By Molly Hall, About.com Guide The transit of Pluto through Capricorn is such a long one, that it’s hard to fathom what life will be like in 2023, when it ends. Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign, making it the master of the physical realm, the lasting [...]

This year 2011 from Linda the Soothsayer

  THE SOOTHESAYER INTERNET NEWSLETTER link to Linda’s latest “Coast to Coast” interview with George Noory …Jan 2011     March 2011     You Haven’t Seen Anything Yet!   Uranus in Aries – March 13, 2011 – March 6, 2019 (square Pluto in Capricorn July 2011 – Jan. 2016)     When I predicted [...]

Astrology for Gemini’s 2011

Robby Comment – I like this and how it sounds. Its a bit simplistic however. I did not write this by the way Gemini Outlook for 2011 Gemini 5/21 – 6/21 Year 2011 Overview As the consummate social butterfly of the zodiac, you’ll be thrilled to hear that the major planetary emphasis takes place in your [...]

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