Individual Stories from across America about Life and Spirituality

These are individual stories from across America. I like to do a loose interview style so that people have a minimal time to think about these questions. I give them the rough questions before we shoot and then I let them go. For me this opens up a real, raw interview because it is so spur of the moment a lot of walls come down and we get genuine thoughts and feelings not just the rehearsed lines we tell everyone who asks. I am sorry about the videos that are flipped sideways. I just found out my camera phone has to be sideways to have a straight filming. So its a problem I am working on. It just takes like 3-4 hours to rotate a video and the quality is not as good. I am working on it for sure. thanks for understanding.


Dr. John Shavers – About IHA and how it started and about his life. He, and others, run an organization called for more information about that click here.  Their mission statement is - Provide humanitarian assistance and promote grassroots self-sustaining industry in orphanages, schools and among womens groups in Uganda. Its a wonderful organization check them out.


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