What This Site Is About: How To Navigate The Website

I would like to explain my site layout so that you can know where to go for specific information and what types of things are on this site. If you are like me, you never know where to go on a site to find the information you want. I am planning to have a lot of information that will be constantly updated in specific tabs. This is a brain child and a place for me to store information that I am fond of.
–Each Page has some links tab on the right side of the page so you can share this site or a page with your networking sites like : twitter, Facebook, emails, and others. the orange + has a ton of sites you can share with. you can also tweet things and like it on Facebook.
–Each page also has a categories on the right side of the page which has all the posts in nice folders/ categories. There is also a black box with words and phrases flying about, these are all my Tags for my posts and Tags for my post categories (where the posts are stored). If you click on a word lets say “hope” then all the posts under hope will be brought up. Just click the individual posts to open them.  This is more of a Hobby and I am not being paid for my efforts so the website gets updated sporadically.
By Clicking The Logo or Home Tab: This will take you to the main page. This wont change. It has the Green Movement(which is devoted to green technology and green suggestions), Hemp (this has a history of Hemp and different uses for Hemp), and The New School Paradigm (has different educators who believe school should be fun and needs new methodology). It has on the right side some apps for adding this site to Facebook, Twitter or other networking sites.

Companies: I feel that certain Companies are corrupt and are only looking out for the bottom line. This is not a good thing for the most part. They destroy the planet, destroy other rival businesses, do not use better more progressive methods because it would affect their bottom line, They do not take responsibility for their actions, they constantly break the law, all in the name of greed. So the idea of this page is when I find a company that pursues wrongdoing that I put them in here with what they have done. Its basically  grass root watchdog.  I will have the companies Headquarters,  States they reside in, and city they are in. I will share some issues we have found with the company. It will have some darker things the company has done, and what the company says about it. You can look at the bottom of the page for similar blog posts for the company, lets say Monsanto, the bottom will have links to info about Monsanto. This also has some links to your senators so you can call them up and raise some of these issues with them. This is slit into two places the corporations of my trip and the Other Corporations that are Unethical/ Have Questionable Practices/ or Are Just Naughty. click on either to find out about them.

ASTROLOGY: This is where my weekly Horoscope section will be located. I also will add How I view astrology and my philosophical take on what Astrology is and how it functions; eventually Ill add arguments for Astrology. There is also a page on comments from people who said

Inspirations: This will be my main blog page. I have read the book: Choose Yourself by James Altucher. It is really good. One point he goes on about is creating a daily habit. He writes 10 things everyday about different research topics, different ways he can help people, different passions, things that make him feel better, ect. I have decided to do this.






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