Ten Things to research Based on “Choose Yourself” by James Altucher

Ten Things to research Based on “Choose Yourself” by James Altucher


1 – This is about Disappearing. I would Picture myself with a brand new identity. No responsibility, no kids, no family. Just a brand new life. This is a blank slate. No residue. No regrets. You can live how you want to live, or do something that you never would even dream of / dare to do. Perhaps this means living in Cuba and being a scuba instructor, being a horse rider in Mongolia, being a freedom fighter in Iraq, or lighting oneself on fire in India. I could do 10 different visualization each of a new lifestyle, each unique and each typed out.


2 – James Altucher was talking about Spirituality and what it means to him. He was saying that Spirituality is a denial of physical reality. So his idea is to live a spiritual life you get things as simple as possible. Streamline your life by letting go of desire. So the exercise becomes to think about 10 things I can get rid of whether it is physical, mental, emotional, or even spiritual.


3 – What is the bullshit that I am clinging to. I can choose 10 different things I believe in Justified or not previously Justified that I research. Through this research I find out if other people think it is wacky or crazy to hold my view. I see if it is possible to rationalize my view. I see if there is a conscientious following my belief. I see if my belief can only be accessed through the leap of faith and I see if I call bullshit on it or not. I will brainstorm about my Beliefs that are my foundation, or that I build my life around and decide if I should keep them or let them go.


4 – Research positive thinking. What are some current and past scientific studies about this. I read in “Choose Yourself” a story about a guy on death row. He wanted to kill himself. He said he turned his life around just by telling himself over and over again that he loved himself. I could do a 30 day challenge on this simple concept. It should change everything as it changes and expands my perceptive through rewiring my brain. My mental blinders go from being negative to being optimistic and positive just by this simple act of self love.


5 – I will Research the statement of “NO”. No is power. It puts you at the center of a situation or question, and you are the one holding other peoples captivation. What will you say? You are God for that moment that encapsulates the Yes and No. No is like an immovable object. It will not falter nor be swayed if used correctly. Thus the exercise is what can I say No to. This stream lines my life and makes me only do things that I really want to do. So I would technically only bring in things that I want, or that will benefit myself or people I care about.


6 – Who can I be grateful for, and how can I show my gratitude and love for them? For an example I got a job through a temp staffing agency in Utah. I went to four of them before I found my job. To show my gratitude I sent each agency a card that I personally wrote to thank them. What are the little things I can do to show my loved ones how much they mean to me?


7 – Research into Hemp – Especially Hemp lobbying. Who currently lobbies for hemp industrial and personal use of hemp? Who lobbies against Hemp? The research would tracks down the money trail and the organization trail of the lobbyists. Who is being paid who is paying the payee, ect. As far as the local scene, my backyard in Utah, I will try and raise awareness of hemp and how it is not pot. I will Bring my finding and hopefully find organizations that will support or do support Hemp and bring it to state legalization. We / I will get the word out of the benefits of Hemp.


8 – I will research how to research? This is an important skill to have. Everyone can be better at it. With the internet, learning how to research efficiently will mean everything, or at least will be very important skill to learn no matter what you go into.


9 – I want to learn Photoshop. I will research free classes or classes that I can pay for  or that are free that will teach me how to Photoshop efficiently. I will find different places like Harvard online or coursera.com and share them.


10 – I want to research where I can internship and then act on it. I want to do marketing and such I would research different marketing agencies. After that I would email and call them about internship opportunities. This way I can decide if it is something I would like to do. This is free and on my time as I probably would not be getting paid for it.











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