10 Astrology Ideas That should be pursued

10 Astrology Ideas That should be pursued.


1 – There should be a complication of all the data on the planets. This could go in a couple different ways: The data (cold hard data only), the artistic interpretations (which we could just plot as data or we could take the average of the answers), Historical outlook (What the planets were like using history and perhaps the different styles like Hellenistic, Arab/Persian, Vedic, Traditional 7 planet Astrology, Modern Outer planets and such. This should be like a Google Doc or Wiki where people can edit it and take things out. This should also be based on being the sort term beneficial aspects, the long term benefits, how “good” it is in that it is easy to the person or how “bad” in the sense that it adds stress and pain to the person.


2 – Outer Planet Research: There are some very good outer planet researchers (who I sadly forgot their names :( Ill look it up soon ). How I want to see this done is data entry for each planet and sign for each planet. I would like to see if there is a residence or cycle for each time Pluto is in Capricorn, Uranus is in Gemini, and Neptune is in Leo or whatnot. Then I would like to see the conjunction, 1st squaring, opposing, end square to the conjunction for the outer planets like Pluto and Uranus. This goes like 100-150 years. For shorter or more precise timing you could do when the sun does its 1st beginning square, its 4th waning square and such. This should and could help us plan for our future by precisely understanding where we have been and the narrative that follows it.


3 – I particularly think that Nietzsche understood astrology on, at least, a moderate level. He traveled early on with the high class of Germany like Wagner ect. This was during a Romantic and Scientific age. Astrology was not only making a strong rebound but it was somewhat mainstream. Not only that is was the scientific and cutting edge. So he would have been seen astrology that way. He was also a professor of older Greek Literature. He was into Cult of Dionysus and some earlier Greek Astrologers. He would have been subjected to Hellenistic Astrology. Whether he understood the concepts as an Astrologer would is debatable, but he would have, at least, understood that the Gods were in fact spoken narrative of the planets Zeus being Jupiter and Mercury (possibility Athena) being Mercury. Nietzsche was one of the smartest people that have ever graced planet Earth so learning Astrology would not have been that difficult. That said his writing in Thus Spoke Zarathustra  is very metaphorical. However He has passage after passage where he talks about traits of planets and gods that Astrologers would know. Saturn being lead and a burden. The mole sitting on his back poring leaden thoughts into his ear. There are lots of places where I think he is taking us through the Astrological 12 houses. I wonder if Zarathustra is not in fact the Moon. Or if he is talking about the eternal return that is an Astrology chart.  He talks about high noon midnight that could be specific houses and timing placements of the Sun and outer planets. More on this as I data crunch, but this is very interesting to me. If Nietzsche was an Astrologer or Soothsayer than we should read him that way. Thus Spoke Zarathustra becomes much easier to read and understand… Just saying.


4 – There should be an agency that deals with composing info. Whether that is Data of companies becoming public, data of companies getting incorporated, data of countries, data of cities, data of mental illness. This is a must if we want to be taken serious. There are many places that are doing this on our own, but there should be a place like ISAR or AFAN that takes the reigns over this due to their financial abilities to fund research like that.

5 – Doing academic research. We need to do more research in Astrology. Psychology and Astrology were in the same place according to Alphee Lavoie from http://www.astroinvestigators.com/. He said in Connecticut (I believe this was the state) that the Astrologists and the Psychologists (primarily psychoanalysts and Jungian Psychology)  were being arrested in the 1970 for practicing the occult. Psychology changed and adapted and Astrology did not. Psychology compiled data and did a huge amount of research to legitimize their art and make it a soft science 40 years afterwards. So Astrology needs to get an aspect of data, number crunching, and research. The more the better. This is important. There should be one, three, or more rivalries companies. However there needs to be one place where a lot of the data is stored.


6 – There should be magazine like quarterly, annual, or bi annual research magazines. There are research magazines like ISAR, AFAN, and other blogs. The writing is not always academic and not always professionally written. There is a need for that style of writing, but there is a greater need to professional writing. Astrology should be legitimized because it works and this is one step in the right direction.


7 – If you are an Astrologer and a Professional full time or even successful part timer Astrologer there are things you cannot do or cannot say because of your image especially the more successful you are. I think one way to have them play with ideas or to do something that pushes the envelope of what is astrology. The use of pen names could be really useful. That way their ideas could be looked at and they would not get the backlash for really different ideas or ideas that would shake the foundation of Astrology.


8 – There should be more philosophical treaties and more really in depth exploration of Astrological ideas. Some areas could be planets and ethics, The Elements, the house taken on modern technology, houses and government, houses and warfare, Astrology and fate, ect.


9 – Astrology creed or ethical paper. There have been pretty good ones written especially by Firmicus Maternus. However I do not know how many are there now. Some things that could be covered: How to address death, how to address relationships especially if it does not look like it is going anywhere, how to talk about sex, ect.


10 – How to grow Astrology. Astrology is about the Astrologists. It is a business and such there are trade secrets, there are things professions do not what to do because it does not benefit them. There should be talk about where to take astrology. There could be Online meetings, it could be a convention, there could be a lot of things. Astrology is a kin to hoarding cats. Most Astrologers have their own things going and since there are not real “right” ways so it’s hard to them to play together since the perception is their is only a small market share and there is a lot of competition. I disagree with this especially if it gains more mainstream traction.



















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