My daily routine 06/29/2013

This is my First Daily Routine. This is 10 things that I could do everyday.

I want to cultivate a daily routine. I just read “Choose Yourself” by James Altucher from It’s a great book and really made a great impression on my life. The idea behind it is I am training my brain to be an idea machine. This is my way to make discipline and routine in my life and to come up with as many ideas as possible. Anyway here we go.

1- I could dedicate 10 mins. a day to mediate. I use to do Kunduli Yoga and it really made my day better as my mind was calmer and I was less self destructive. 10 mins a day is very doable. For whatever reason it is hard to maintain something as easy as closing your eyes and breathing. I think it goes down to self-sabotage or something.

2- I could write a gratitude journal. This is primarily to change my mindset. I have been a bit negative in my outlook. This is not conducive to having more friends and making a positive impact to other people. However if I write about the impact people, art, nature, and modern life has on me than ill be more positive.

3- I could focus on other people. I am not sure how I do this everyday. I am sure there are lots of other things I could do. I might focus on myself a bit much. I know that when I was depressed everything rotated around myself and my issues. This has really narrowed my perspective. I figure that if I swing it around the opposite direction that it will expand my vision. I can find one thing to make each of my friends life better. I could volunteer for a youth home or do some internship. Focusing on others would make me feel better.

4- I can tell my close friends, lovers, past lovers, and family that I love them. The more I tell people that I love them the better. It brightens my day and I think it makes them feel better. I love my family and friends.

5- I can write about things I want to learn about that I know nothing about. Some of the things I don’t know about are: Biology, Stocks, Technology, Photoshop, Excel, How to ship things overseas, Astrology, Astrophysics, Applied math, and other things.

6- I could make a pill of my life. The pillars should be about Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, and Spiritual world. Everyday I should bring these four things into my life. For Physical I could run, excercise, play soccer, or eat more veggies. For Mental I could listen to Ted Talks, NPR, I can write ideas to strengthen my brain and creativity. I can play more chess or buy Luminosity to work on thinking better. For Emotional I could write a journal expressing my darker and lighter sides. I would be honest about what I am feeling. Sometimes I try to gloss over things that cause conflict or that would cause me to be angry. I would not do that with my journal because those things are what make me unique and special and there is no way to get away from them. For Spirituality I would read things that inspire me, I would read blogs that uplift me and make me better. I would focus on things that nurture my life. This would include spiritual books and a daily practice that nurtures my soul like art, mediation, or soccer can take on a spiritual nature. It is my active church. The church of Footy.

7- I could read more. I think I would focus on finishing books that I have started. I think I would focus on 4 books at a time and read a chapter or two of them a day. This would be dedicating about 2 hours a day to reading. i do not know if there is a better use of two hours. I think I would read one astrology book, One Philosophy book, the other two could be a bit random. I think I should put in a novel just because I do not read enough fiction. It is generally written in a different style than non-fiction. That voice and style could be very good for me to learn. The third one should be something that I know nothing about that I would like to know.

8- I would like to play a game of chess a day. I think I should limit this so I do not play a huge amount of chess per day. I use it as a bit of procrastination. However Chess is very useful in my daily thinking. It helps to come up with different possible actions that I could play. I tend to play as what I could do to the opponent. I think I should try playing some games the other direction, What the opponent can do to me. That way I get in their head and try to disrupt their game. I have heard that is the better approach to play in high level chess games.

9- I can take a moment and see what is going on Astrologically. This is to follow the Moon around it’s two to three day cycle. I could write a daily aspect piece. I could write a retrograde piece. I could write about what it is doing to my life and my natal chart, or I could just observe it.

10- I could not do anything like I have been doing. I think that would be a bad idea because I would be doing the same thing that I have been doing. That is getting me what I do not want. Insanity is doing the same things and expecting different results. I can do this. Change is life.

11- I could do little things. This could include things like typing. I need to get faster. I type 41 per min. That is normal or a bit above it. It is not as fast as i would like. I can do better and a daily habit could help me life get better.

12- I could love and respect myself a bit more. Honestly this felt really good. It was challenging. I feel better. Day one out of the way. This is great.






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