is ment to give us a safe environment where we have anonymity if we desire it.

The website is is ment to give us a safe environment where we have anonymity if we desire it. The website is for anonymity, safety, and personal protection. All you need to do is read a little history of anything to know that new information is not treated very nicely. We kill our gurus in the west and then deify them afterwards. All you need to do is watch shows like prison break, lost, or even the history channel to know that there are nasty fractions that do not want to lose their power and will kill, shame, maim, destroy anything that is going against them. Look at Monsanto, Merck, pharmaceuticals, the 1%, our United states government and our lobbyists, and especially Lockheed martin that is an independent contractor of our military and gets like 95 % of the contracts. Talk about monopoly and tell me they do not run this country? honestly, the anonymity is realistically here to save your life, and in the long run your job or career. I am way more comfortable being out of the limelight as it just reminds me a another full time job. All you have to do is watch any entertainmnet like Hollywood, industry of movie stars, Soccer, NBA, and Football stars, and politicians. The limelight is a full time job and it reminds me of being a janitor fated to always clean up messes.

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