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You Haven’t Seen Anything Yet!


Uranus in Aries – March 13, 2011 – March 6, 2019 (square Pluto in Capricorn July 2011 – Jan. 2016)



When I predicted in my book and newsletters that we would experience the second “American Revolution” in this time period, I had no idea that it would start in the ancient world, where the notions of modern civilization began.  What is so fascinating is that the Egyptian empire began between 5,000 and 6,000 years ago and the Mayan calendar long count (ending in Dec. 2012) is framed within a period of just under 5200 years.



The cycles of extreme climate change, increasing global tectonics (earthquakes and volcanic eruptions) all have corresponded with these great cycles, including the 26,000 period in Hindu traditions and the 2100 year cycle of the precession of the equinoxes we are now entering, commonly known as moving from the “Age of Pisces” to the “Age of Aquarius”.  As our solar system passes through certain regions of the universe, the earth and its people pass through regions of consciousness.  This is the basic tenant of the study of astrology; that as our astronomical region changes, our physical environment shifts, and the human experiences evolves.  Human systems and constructs that have served us in the past will fail and fall.  People and societies that fail to evolve will not survive.  In the last mini-ice age between the 12th and 19th centuries, nations that had depended upon warm weather crops had to switch to root vegetables and grains that could withstand the freeze.  Societies that refused to do this died out.



The last transit of Pluto in Capricorn inspired the American Revolution and the ideal of democracy – a government by and for “the people”.  The irony is that Thomas Jefferson’s fear that the American Revolution would fail when the government fell into the hands of banks and corporations, has finally transpired.  Another irony is that the nations in the Middle East are overthrowing their despots in favor of some form of democracy.  Will these revolutions help us to remember what our nation truly is?  Will we return to the “balance of powers” notion in which private enterprise and the government will keep each other in check?  Right now, the Plutocracy has bought out our presidents, our legislature, and our judicial system.  We have one political party; the party of Big Bucks in which most people in government made Faustian bargains with the Banksters and multi-national corporations who have financed their campaigns and retirements.  In that sense, corruption has run through our system like a virus.  These people are now trying to get rid of collective bargaining rights in Wisconsin, even though the unions have agreed to the cuts proposed by the governor.  The teachers and other employees of state government have been paying into their own retirements for years.  What are we seeing here?  The federal revenue that would come into our nation’s coffers by fairly taxing the super-rich was eliminated in December.  We are talking about people who make multi-millions and billions of dollars, much of which comes from the casino derivatives exchanges.  We are talking about people who have been outsourcing both factory pollution and jobs to virtual slave labor in other nations.  We are talking about oil companies who are on corporate welfare tax forgiveness and are the most profitable companies on earth.  We are talking about corporations who contract to a military complex currently engaged in a “black hole” war in Afghanistan, that is costing this nation an estimated 47% of its budget!



As the center of our energy complex, the Middle Easterners, are overthrowing their despotic rulers, I feel a revolution coming on right here, in America.  I sincerely hope we will not “go crazy” and shoot each other.   And I hope, most of all, it will be fair, persistent, and peaceful, as Uranus enters the sign of Aries and we come out of our collective coma.  With Saturn in Libra, the odds are pretty good.




The astrological chart for Libya, September 3, 1969, 6:30 AM EET, Tripoli, Libya, 013E11, 32N54, shows that this revolution has been fomenting for a long time.  At this point, their Solar Arc Saturn in the 10th House (rulers) has moved into a exact opposition to their Natal Mars in their 4th House (the people).  Transiting Saturn in their 2nd House of Finances shows poverty and deprivation.  The recent passage of Jupiter in Aries in their 8th House of collective assets and life/death crises opposing Uranus, Mercury and the Progressed Sun all paint a picture of the kind of revolution we are now seeing.  As Uranus goes into Aries this month and opposes their natal Uranus (revolution), the Gadhafi government will be overthrown.  As Uranus forms a sextile with their natal Moon and MC, between June and August, new leaders, more representative of the people, will be emerging.  Unfortunately, their economic crises will be ongoing as Pluto forms squares with their Mercury/Jupiter conjunction and Uranus opposes it next year.  Pluto will form a harmonious trine with their Saturn in the 9th House and they will receive help from other nations to keep the oil flowing.  Creating an economic infrastructure that works in this nation will be difficult.



Note:  All my astrological charts for nations are taken from “The Book of World Horoscopes” by Nicholas Campion, 1995 by Cinnabar Books (Second printing, revised 1996).   The astrological community owes Mr. Campion our undying gratitude for this enormous body of work.

The Economy:

I have been informed that in 2013, an agreement between the U.S. and Russia will expire.  This agreement, known as “HEU’LEU’ has been allowing us to convert 500 metric tons of Soviet-era warheads into uranium.  We have been using this designated uranium in our nuclear energy plants.  Technically, this comprises about 10% of our energy.  The Obama administration and the Dept. of Energy are lobbying congress for about $36 billion to address this crisis.  China is busy buying up uranium mines all over the world.  With oil prices (as has been predicted on this site) soaring, the American dollar falling in value, the world community looking for another global currency other than the dollar, uranium looks like a good buy.  I think that down the road, there will be a breakthrough in energy beyond fossil fuels.  But until we get to that point, nuclear energy will be more in demand than ever.

On March 4th, the transiting North Node goes in to Sagittarius where it will be until Aug. 30th 2012.  In certain parts of the country, the real estate market will improve since this transit, in the past, has corresponded with rising real estate values.  My take is that the banks that have been tragically non-compliant with the need to refinance real estate loans will begin to “mark to market” and make deals to refinance underwater loans.  Because this depression is serious and will not likely bottom until about 2020, I do not think this heralds another “boom”, but it could help to forge compromises that plugs up some holes in the sinking ship of real estate.  This month, however, with Mars transiting Pisces, and more financial scandals coming to the surface, things will get worse before they get better.

The transit of Mars in Pisces is running up inflation and the price of oil and gas.  Floods and climate extremes are causing food shortages.  The wet weather this month is also problematic.  The government’s economic indicators are confusing and seem to have no correspondence with reality.  The week of March 13th, Mercury is square Pluto and Mars is inconjunct Saturn, pointing to grave economic consequences.  Mars is square the Nodes the week of the 27th pointing to environmental crises, unstable tectonic events, and flooding.  All of this is not good for the economy.

I have predicted that there will be revolutions brewing in China.  This past week, there have been reports that preparations are being made by the Communist government there, to squelch rebellions.  I think that China will lose control over this in 2012 as Jupiter returns to its place when the 1989 revolution took place.  As the Chinese people develop a first rate economy, they are going to want democracy as their labor force is working for very little and their environment is a pollution disaster.  Thus, I think it is risky to invest in China at this point.

Gold and silver rose last month, as I had predicted.  Silver is on the rise just to catch up with nearly a decade of gold increasing in dollar values.  My opinion is that gold and silver are a safety play against the falling valuation of the dollar.  They are not an “investment” in the traditional sense of the word.  People will have to endure wild fluctuations in these prices as the world is increasingly unstable and currencies are increasingly unreliable. It may be time to put money into other more stable currencies like in Germany, Australia, Switzerland, and Canada, all of which are rising against the dollar.  I still think that energy and commodity related stocks are the way to go.  There will be a new technological product released between the 24th and 27th of this month.


Needless to say, as a government shutdown over the budget is threatened, this is pretty much a “cursed” month for politics in Washington and throughout the country.  I think they will pass a temporary extension in order to not shut down, but people are beginning to “wake up” to the nightmare and organize themselves into revolutionary bodies.  Mercury will go retrograde on the 30th (through April 23rd), delaying solutions.  I do not think that any kind of clarity will emerge until between May and June when planets transit into Taurus.

Global Tectonics:

On Feb. 21st, a 6.3 catastrophic earthquake struck in the heart of Christ Church, New Zealand.  A volcano, Mt. Bulusam is erupting in the Phillippines.  A series of earth “shakings” have been occurring in the area of famous New Madrid fault in Missouri.  Between the 14th and 30th of this month, I think there will be another significant event as Mercury is square Pluto and Mars is square the transiting lunar Nodes.  The comet Elenin is coming closest to earth on March 15th.  Last year, when it came close, the great earthquake in Chile occurred.  There could be massive floods, tsunamis, high winds all along coastal regions throughout the world.  As I have warned in the past, we need to be inland to places of elevation in communities that can survive on a localized basis.

Final Thoughts:

I think the single most important failure in American affairs is the corporate media.  When Charlie Sheen’s cracked-up brain, Lindsey Lohan’s court appearances, and a million inane product ads dominate radio and television at every turn, the greatest tool of all time is reduced to a kind of collective anesthesia.  Printed news and literature seems to be going down the tubes as Borders goes bankrupt, leading newspapers downsize or go out of business and journalistic integrity – the heart of effective democracy – is a species about to go extinct.  Reading about subjects that are profound, have depth of thinking involved, debate issues and themes of our times with a degree of intelligence, all seem to be disappearing.

Facebook and Twitter are not going to save us.  In fact, they may contribute to another cherished human right going extinct – privacy. Out of curiosity, I got onto Facebook and Twitter.  They have contributed nothing to my life, either positively or negatively.  Young people are wrecking their cars while texting, texting while eating lunch ignoring any human presence around them, and carrying their computers and their spawn around with them, their heads buried in websites, gaming sites, and emails.  On the positive side, online newsletters are among the greatest resources of real news; at least those that are not dependant upon corporate financing.  Of course, they struggle month to month to raise just enough money from their readers to keep going.  The loss of “internet equality” may make it too expensive for the best of these sites to continue.

Yet, amidst all of this, I have hope that, as Uranus goes into Aries marching toward its square with Pluto, we will demand more truth, more justice, more transparency.  As the framework for our societies dissolves and is exposed, we will be reminded of our responsibility to govern ourselves, and to create a new economic system that acts in concert with the living earth and in cooperation with one another.  Most of all, new frameworks of reality and consciousness will inspire us to change everything.  Thus, our amazing technologies may play a part in the greatest revolution of all; the human spirit.



Linda Schurman


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