K-1 Attack Hybrid Supercar, By West Philly Hybrid X Team (high school students)




Based out of West Philadelphia high school, the West Philly Hybrid

X Team is making headlines for their impressive engineering ability in the creation of the K-1 Attack hybrid supercar. Designed and produced entirely within the walls of West Philadelphia High School’s Automotive Academy, the student-built K-1 Attack is an impressive demonstration in alternatively-fueled performance.

Equally impressive is the group itself, founded in 1998 by physics and math teacher, Simon Hauger, and responsible for giving inner-city students a valuable opportunity they otherwise might not have been afforded. In addition to offering a chance for West Philly students to demonstrate a mental acumen far beyond their years, the Philly Hybrid X Team also provides a unique preparatory course for a career in the automotive industry. Charged (no pun intended) with designing and executing an 100-mpg automobile, the Philly Hybrid X Team is vying for the prestigious Progressive Automotive X Prize and, despite the odds, are considered a Top 10 contender.

Hit the jump to check out exclusive video footage of the Hybrid X team, and the K-1 Attack, in action.

Video about the high school students talking about the car they built. Awesome. —


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