Senators, Representatives Put on Notice About Severe Abuse of Public Official Power by CIA designate Leon Panetta

Senators, Representatives Put on Notice About Severe Abuse of Public Official Power by CIA designate Leon Panetta

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Investigative work by Badger Flats Gazette sent by mail with priority to California delegation, to be emailed to every member of Congress.

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Receipt from mail sent to US Senator Barbara Boxer

(PR NewsChannel) / January 24, 2009 / Monterey, Calif. / Members of the California congressional delegation as well as the entire US Congress will soon see first-hand the investigative work of reporter Gene Forte of the Badger Flats Gazette showing Leon Panetta, CIA Director-designate, participated in covering up rampant abuse of public official power in Monterey, Calif., the magazine reported today.

“We have sent our work via priority mail to the offices of judges, senators, and representatives in California,” says investigative reporter Gene Forte and one time candidate for Governor of California ( “Soon, we will email every member of Congress with the same material.  We want to make sure no stone is left unturned when it comes to getting this message out…there will be no plausible deniability.”

Forte says the documents show Panetta participated in covering up abuse of public official power in connection with his son’s law firm. Forte has requested that the documents be presented to President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden.

“This is not an indictment but certainly should be seen as a call to action for our new administration,” says Forte. “I leave it to an honest panel of people to find the public official guilty or innocent. My job is simply to bring it to people’s attention and it seems like no one else is writing about this so my efforts must ramp up to make sure the right people know about this corruption.”

Forte, who is an investigative journalist with the Badger Flats Gazette, gained national recognition when McClatchy Newspapers credited him for breaking the story of Los Banos Mayor Tommy Jones violating California’s Fair Political Practices Commission Disclosure laws by failing to disclose loans from a local, powerful real estate developer.

The evidence provided by The Badger Flats to Congress should provide material for questions and demand answers during confirmation hearings.

“The bottom line is that Panetta regretfully got caught up in covering up for the Fenton & Keller Law Firm that his son, Mr. Christopher Panetta, works ( for fixing a real estate trial with judges on the Monterey Superior Court bench,” says Forte.

Forte says he personally told Panetta of the incriminating evidence against his son’s law firm in a conversation on Oct. 10, 2003.

He says the fact that Panetta, who heads The Panetta Institute (, a non partisan center for the study of public policy that espouses the virtues of being an honest public servant, would engage in the cover up of politicians and hometown public officials, makes him unqualified to be CIA director.

Forte says that the documentation reveals Panetta has betrayed what he claims to be every American’s “oath to a sacred covenant to America (” Forte lays out the evidence in the pages of The Badger Flats Gazette which is all available online at  Calls to Panetta seeking comment were not returned prior to this release.

“Panetta’s appointment, in lieu of the overwhelming evidence being brought forward to top public officials of Panetta participating in covering up rampant abuse of public official power would pose a threat to the National Security as touted by the FBI (,” says Forte. “The members of Congress are on notice…and they will not be able to say they didn’t hear about this.  Now, it’s up to them as to what happens from here.”

About The Badger Flats Gazette: The Badger Flats Gazette, a paper dedicated to taking on public official corruption.  It always comes out when the Good ol’ Boys least expect it, and discusses issues such as unethical attorneys, unscrupulous public officials and other unsavory types skimming money off the top of projects intended for the public good.

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