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What is Organic and How is it defined? How can I shop Organic? Hemp: The Everything Plant Link to Hemp info ALTERNATIVE ENERGIES About Us: ” Hyperion Power Generation, Inc. (HPG) was formed to bring to market the unique Hyperion Power (formerly Comstar) small, modular, non-weapons grade nuclear power reactor invented by Dr. Otis “Pete”‘ [...]

Hemp – The Everything Plant

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HEMP Research done by Lovely Jeanne Woodliff Excerpts from Conversation with God Book 2 Within the context of what serves you, or dis-serves you, on your Path of Evolution, only you can decide that.  There is a board-based guideline, however, upon which most evolved beings have agreed. No action which causes hurt to another leads [...]

The New School Paradime

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These are different links and speakers about the New School Paradimes. We can make better schools and better Education Models to teach our kids and teens. These are some ideas. Lets Hear about yours. Different Schools Rudolf Steiner School   About this talk: John Hardy: My green school dream Link @ Join John Hardy [...]

What This Site Is About: How To Navigate The Website

I would like to explain my site layout so that you can know where to go for specific information and what types of things are on this site. If you are like me, you never know where to go on a site to find the information you want. I am planning to have a lot of information that will be constantly updated in specific tabs. This is a brain child and a place for me to store information that I am fond of. *** –Each Page has some links tab on the right side of the page so you can share this site or a page with your networking sites like : twitter, Facebook, emails, and others. the orange + has a ton of sites you can share with. you can also tweet things and like it on Facebook. –Each page also has a categories on the right side of the page which has all the posts in nice folders/ categories. There is also a black box with words and phrases flying about, these are all my Tags for my posts and Tags for my post categories (where the posts are stored). If you click on a word... 


10 Astrology Ideas That should be pursued

10 Astrology Ideas That should be pursued.   1 – There should be a complication of all the data on the planets. This could go in a couple different ways: The data (cold hard data only), the artistic interpretations (which we could just plot as data or we could take the average of the answers), Historical outlook (What the planets were like using history and perhaps the different styles like Hellenistic, Arab/Persian, Vedic, Traditional 7 planet Astrology, Modern Outer planets... 

Ten Things to research Based on “Choose Yourself” by James Altucher

Ten Things to research Based on “Choose Yourself” by James Altucher   1 – This is about Disappearing. I would Picture myself with a brand new identity. No responsibility, no kids, no family. Just a brand new life. This is a blank slate. No residue. No regrets. You can live how you want to live, or do something that you never would even dream of / dare to do. Perhaps this means living in Cuba and being a scuba instructor, being a horse rider in Mongolia, being a freedom... 

This is my First Daily Routine. This is 10 things that I could do everyday.

I want to cultivate a daily routine. I just read “Choose Yourself” by James Altucher from It’s a great book and really made a great impression on my life. The idea behind it is I am training my brain to be an idea machine. This is my way to make discipline and routine in my life and to come up with as many ideas as possible. Anyway here we go. 1- I could dedicate 10 mins. a day to mediate. I use to do Kunduli Yoga and it really made my day better... 

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